The Sound of Spirits

So, I called Astaroth last night for some workings. I performed my classic procedure for calling entities, which consists of opening the sigil, saying an incantation and calling the spirit while at the same time using energy to pull them towards me (I got bored using circles and tools and wanted more intimate relationship with my allies).

After calling Astaroth, the sigil not only opened quickly, and the environment changed drastically. But my astral hearing appears to have increased tenfold, to the extent that I can hear physical things now. Astaroth came to me in whispers ar first, but after a while of focusing on the voice, it became distinctive and physical, which had its own sound. So I got the idea to start a thread about what different spirits sounds like voice wise, see if we have some shared experieces: (heres some to get going)

Astaroth: Low, horse voice with a scaley-ness to his words. Speaks almost like a serpent.
Asmodeus: Deep, old, but somehow slightly playful -almost sadistic, taking pleasure in what he does.

Raphael: Calm, like an older aristocrat. Speaks with an average tone, had a kind of british accent for me.
Michael: Fierce but fair. Reserved and gentle, speaking softly and peacfully unless provoked where he will echo thunder in his voice.

Isis; Mothering, middle eastern accent, gentle but also gives the impression she holds something back.
Anubis: Deep, almost sterotypical monster voice, but at the same time doesnt shout or speak in a gruff voice, instead its more like a deep, old man’s voice.


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