The Sorcerer's Secrets

I am on my third book by Jason Miller. It’s called The Sorcerer’s Secrets. What an amazing book chalked full of useful information. This guy’s stuff is the missing key I’ve been looking for regarding how to blend folk magick and ceremonial magick. He also has a view of magick that I think demonstrates how atheist and theist magicians can both get results: The atheists have learned to tap into their own latent abilities. The theists have learned how to also tap into the power of the very real entities that exist. These two approaches can both produce powerful results. The analogy I make is this: An off road truck can get you to the top of a desert mountain and so can a dirt bike. They are just using different modes.


Great fucking book.

I love the elemental ritual he gives.

it’s like the Middle Pillar ritual but utilizing the elements.