The smell of liver is enough don’t make me eat it

So this may seem random but I’ve searched and am drawing a blank…another’s perspective Is welcomed.

So I astro projected, not planned, I was stressed out beforehand…decided to meditate then next thing I know I was in an old building with a white archway, I could hear my guide tell me “he’s coming, he can smell you”
Ok so at this point I was a little freaked out as my guide seemed on edge like we shouldn’t of been there.

Then a male being who was actually on fire, it engulfed his body. i have to say at no point I felt in danger although I felt his anger, his emotions.
He said your not scared, my guide said he likes liver he can smell liver… yep a bit freaky I know.

He reached out to me with his right arm, again I didn’t feel he wanted to cause harm, so out of Curiosity (I’m strange like that) I reached out to him and took his hand, I could feel the burn on my arm at first but the pain faded, his persona then changed.

The flames calmed and nearly completely disappeared, then I could smell and taste liver, he then communicated with me awhile not once saying his name.

Then my guide took me away, when I came back to my body I could feel the burning Sensation on my arm…

I’ve tried researching but nothing yet, I’m normally pretty good at figuring this stuff out but I’m left puzzled with this experience.
I guess I’m asking if anyone knows who this might be and if you’ve had a similar experience?

Thanks for reading :blush:


Perhaps you intruded on someone’s domain?


If I did he didn’t mind :wink: he was surprised…but I never sensed negativity towards me…


I guess it is a kind of mystical experience then. But when it comes to symbols, it would be hard for someone else to explain the symbolism of your personal experience, because these things may mean something very different to you than it would to someone else. So spend some time thinking what each individual thing means to you, like the fire, the burning, white archway etc.
To me, the fire could represent spiritual ascent here, and the white archway is the gateway to your ascent to spiritual purity (although, I don’t mean purity in the Christian moralistic sense). But with the flames consuming your guide, I could also interpret it to mean your desires are getting in the way of your spiritual ascent, you aren’t fully allowing your guide to guide you because your emotions have too much sway over your life.


I’ll try to give a new perspective for you towards this, as requested.

  • you’ve visited an white Archway there.
    I assume it’s not just “white” as in paper white, but more like the archway being made out of light.

In this case, the Archway could be something like: the Bifrost (light connection between the 9 worlds of ygdrassil - the line between the spheres on the tree of life -).

Other Options: “starway towards heaven”, with the Petrus Gate at the end of the Archway.

“Narvignialia” - sorry, don’t know the human word for it, it’s similar to the stairway to heaven, but elven. a specific area of the Astral Realm - we call it the weave, where the weave is dense enough to be “solid”.
In this area the weave is basically a sheer, dense clutter of energy, which is building a structure itself, which theoretically a physical being could even walk on, like walking on a frozen lake.

  • Seems reasonable, if it’s one of the places mentioned above, or a similar kind of place.

Well, to stick with the concept of what i consider reasonable, i think “Petrus” may have been the flame engulfed man, but it could also just be someone who’s been cast from heaven into the lake of fire, in which case the burning would have been damnation fire.

Liver is full of Iron, body internal fat made from sugars, and it’s the organ of heat. so his desire for liver might also be a sign of him being something else, shapeshifters (wherewolf while in human form) kind of makes sense for it aswell. Wherewolf isn’t exactly correct, since there’s different animahybrids which make sense, but werewolfs are just more known for their taste in eating flesh, especially abdomen organs, and it could fit the requirements of his own body, since the shifting of form is abusing higher amounts of specific chemicals in the body.

Growing into a different form means countless cells have to be created and die extremely fast,
which does consume higher amounts of specific chemicals, and iron, is one of them, since it’s necessary for the oxygen conversions in the body.

at least from the reading perspective that makes the Shapeshifter wherewolf idea kind of stick out more.

Yet another Case where the intense amount of Liver is being used for food is Sea-travelers. Pirates and normal ship travel.
The Scorbut / nutriant depression of being away from any fresh foods forces those people to eat more more of those things like liver (from fish) more, to keep their body in functioning.

Note, i’m not saying that’s clearly the correct interpretation,
but those things do make sense and line up with what you described.

If it’s a wolf creature, you should have noticed some woody smell along with the liver,
for the sea traveler theory a salty sea smell should have been there.

You don’t mention any of that, and i assume you’ve focused on the Liver bit,
because that’s the one the conversation back than expressed aloud.

But those side smells could help determine it more precisely.



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