The slipery slops of substance use and spirituality

Some think that you can’t percieve the spiritual with alcohol or other recreational substances other think they increase the potenency of such events I personaly believe its a bit like standing on a razors edge when you start getting a bit tipsey your less influenced by the everyday ego, and the I can’t mentality, but take it too far and you become little more than delutional.

Like take my life for exaple I’m not a heavy indulger I like a shot or two every once and a while, but I’ve been feeling a bit muted and I haven’t had a drop of alcohol for 4 months till today and indulging alittle like today helps me kinda jumpstart my creative and philosophical mindset but take it to far and I cant keep track of one thought or the other its just a blur.


That’s really the problem. Knowing what is an effective dosage of what.

I take pain killers for some chronic pain and I find at just the right dose it helps me with trance and the vision state. Taken too far, even a little too far and my visions become muddy and too jumbled to make sense.

I just said hell with it actually and decided to learn how to do both without the painkillers because I didn’t want to have to rely on a crutch. Now if I take them once in awhile it’s a time saving tool.

I’m not recommending people take pain killers or anything else not prescribed by a doctor. I’m not a doctor so I have no opinion on what anybody should take.

I’m just sharing my experience and that I agree it can be a slippery slope.
Interesting to note also when learning trance techniques I’ve learned to minimize the pain to the point I barely need the meds anymore. That’s pretty cool I thought


I can definately relate I have lower back from past work injury and a heel spur and try avoid pain meds unless its necessary, I just like a shot or two of alcohol every once and a while for personal enjoyment and to relax the mind.


I once started to try trance and decided to stay awake rather than sleep, so took my medications as usual, holy hell, I could barely stand.
So, I agree in part. I think some drugs can help induce a person to trance and provided they can keep their intent together, then it might be a win.
Otherwise you’re better off just going to sleep with your party meds.

My humble opinion,


Hello Fuego, I’m not sure what drugs you speak of but from my personal experience I have very spiritual and even occult in nature teachings that come to me when I experience a high of most kinds but I find from my personal experience that when I try to recreate or even abuse a substance for that experience it very quickly disappears.


Thats why I deem certain substances as spiritual use only, and some as recreational only. There is very minor overlap between recreation and spiritual, and no overlap between spiritual and recreational.

THC is medicinal and recreational for me, with it only playing a very small part in ritual, and only rarely, for instance.

Amanita Muscaria is purely spiritual use for me, and I will not use it at all outside of spiritual context.

I find that setting those personal boundaries helps not only regulate myself, but strengthen the connection I have with the chemicals and plants.


Yes, I agree.


I like that alot :love_you_gesture: