The Slenderman, or the Man of the Hat (serious about it)

Yep, I was surfing yesterday at home and saw some photos. As mages/wizards/yogis, what do you think of it?

The monstruosity of his figure (a tall man with tentacle limbs around) caught my atention and remembered me of goetia’s

Have any one you meet this guy in the astral or anyone alike (like the man of the hat)?

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not slenderman, but an entity that was slender XD tho it was completely black and used weird hypnotic power to get you paralized in bed, and I’m not refering to sleep paralisis, I mean at the moment you’re in SP and you can move your astral body, at that moment, I encountered the entity comming out from the bath of my old apparment and casting some wierd frequencies that a made e stay still, it was also scary.

the hat man, a favorite around here, many friends, my father and nowdays a cousin an his girlfriend see that guy, they call them “tall man” because is very tall… I have only felt his presence and saw him in my astral vision… I used to be afraid of it but no so long ago after I went to sleep the night of halloween he came (or I’m sure he was) and I remember I chanted Azazel song (Itz rel Itz rel Azazel) and asked for his help and well… he helped me man, the coll thing was when I chanted the song, the room tho it was black became very dense and before me the air started to get almost as a portal it was thickening and everything, it took me right into rapture but I didn’t wanted to continue cause I was not alone, didn’t wanted to be see doing weird shit in bed… (I mean, magickal lol)

fuck, that man always gives me the chills… I think its kind of a “robotic” entity… like if you have seen the oddly godparents… the pixies?? but not a kid version… like very archonic and so… “standar”, they’re like robots for me

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Slenderman : Dark One : Nyarlathotep