The Skull Spirit

In my sleep last night, I dreamt of something very odd but interesting. It stood out to me and I’m still thinking about its meaning. In the dream there was this spirit that was sent to me by an unknown sender. I remember that it was sent to me at 1 am and in my dream it was Halloween already, which we know is months away from now. The spirit looked like a floating skull with fire surrounding it, almost like its hair as well. I remember it giving me this questioning look and it told me, “you’re the fourth, aren’t you?” I answered with a yes but the real me was confused and unsure deep down inside. The spirit wasn’t malevolent in any way. He was pretty chill. I asked him how he knows about this and he revealed to me that a demon that I once knew (I won’t say who) told him some time ago. This honestly feels more than just a dream to me. I’m able to tell the difference between a dream that is random and one that’s more of a message or something similar to that. Now I’m just trying to figure out what this spirit meant.