The skies at night

So I am wondering if this is just me or if this has been happening to anyone else lately.

I’ve been working daily on opening my senses and I think it is going well, but lately at night when I go out side I have been seeing more going on in the sky’s at night. 3 out of the 4 last nights I’ve seen 3 shooting stars and one of them seemed very close.

One night I saw a star appear and then a second one behind it a little bigger and then a third bigger yet. They stayed there for a minute and then disappeared. And they did it again. One another night I’m looking up at the stars and I see 2 together. I turn away for a minute to see what my dog is up to and when I look back 1 of the stars is gone.

So is this me opening up or a coincidence of me being there at the right time. Third option would be I’m going nuts but going with one of the first 2.


I’ve noticed that when I look up at the sky on a clear night (light pollution not withstanding), it can take a bit before I start seeing more of the stars. If I look away then I won’t see a bunch of them anymore unless I relax my gaze and look for awhile again.

Either my eyesights gotten worse or the light pollution has cuz I don’t see as many as good as I used to even a couple of years ago.

Probably it’s your eyes adjusting and letting you see more stars.


It could be that you have a connection to the stars or a celestial trying to contact you.

I myself see the moon as a dragons eye often


Time for me to start listening

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@Vahanna This could, literally, have been taken word for word from my diaries. What shocked me more was the coincidental


I turn away for a minute to see what my dog is up to and when I look back 1 of the stars is gone.

That is no coincidence! I’ve experienced it again and again! The longer you spend out there opening up to it, the stranger things will become. I eventually found that when I opened up to it more that it began to manifest in other ways. Through dream alkemy and also physically in this realm.

In the book Dream Alchemy by Ted Andrews there is instructions on creating a mandela, I urge you to give it a try. I did and experienced what is still the most incredible alkemykal awakening yet. Most notably, for me at least, is what happened with my night time sightings after I created my own personal mandela for ‘dream’ work.

Nothing with regards to those sightings are coincidental and I’m sure for you, just as with me, things will get a lot more interesting.

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I’ve had similar experiences. I live out in the country where the sky is dark and have seen shooting stars before I became interested in the occult. They usually appear after midnight in a certain part of the sky. After working with spirits, I would sit outside and talk to them while gazing at the sky. I’ve seen flashes of light that don’t fall but move parallel to the ground. Once I saw a purple fire ball. It was below the tree line.

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Interesting. In astrology the North Node of the Moon is traditionally called Caput Draconis (Head of the Dragon) and the South Node Cauda Draconis (Tail of the Dragon)

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Similar to Rahu (head) and Ketu (tail) in Hindu lore!

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That looks very interesting. I’m going to give that a try. Thanks

what you see in the sky at night depends on where you live. I have seen 10 times as many stars parked in western arizona than I ever saw in the mountains by Los Angeles.

Shooting stars is something that takes place a few times a night. And 2-3 times a years is a big event of shooting stars.

There are also satelites which are fun to spot, and maybe boring to watch.

They say if you can afford a night vision camera you get to see a whole lot more than airplanes :nerd_face: ( dont have that)

You can see some weird stuff if you are close to a military base. (testing stuff in the CA desert and Nellis)

and there is also space trash. Everytime they launch a satelite pieces fall off. More than 50,000 pieces of trash flying around the earth.

whether it is mundane or related to what you are working on there is a lot to see at night :hugs: