The sight of Demons and Spirits

Many Magicians
Are saying that Spirits Demons have a particular Form of manifestations and they can Take a Form on that you perceive them but theire intelligence and councessnes is different .


I was like i dont have any concepts or ideas how demons should look or act i let them be how they want to be or are.

And what i saw in my ecperience is that they are without any taken form pure energy Shiny beautyfull orb like enegys the more so called lesser ones .

The higher ones like Lucifer has a humanly statur whole Body just shining Gold and emiting Gold light .

I let him Manifest how he is.
Beautyfull !

Spirits on the other Hand are like Misty orb like without a Form when they acted for something they take on that Misty orb Form.

As Example:

I Buy some heavy metal albums bloody sabbath and stuff got out of building and across the street i saw some jehova whitness
I saw and felt a orb get out of my bag where the cds resided like a litle bigger than a tennis ball the center like litle red center (visualize ut like light red rosa is poured in water and a litle stired with not that much color) and the buble is light white like watery Glas.

They jehowys stood under a tree and this particular spirit ratled a litle log where pinecones hanged. And one of them came very fast down and nearly hited one of them their head.

Then i crossed and they sad with a face expression that was worryed and a dont feel gud Face "Lets go home " and they left fast.

What was your experience :slight_smile:

I am curious to know

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Interesting. I am very familiar with the Jehovah’s Witnesses

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Really ^ _ ^

Would you mind to tell me or in wich way ? :upside_down_face:

Most the beings I work with I prefer they present themselves in their true forms, unless they are elementals or the primordial deities then any form is fine since their true forms is usually just a mass of energy in a shape or humanly shape.


Ea says to see a spirit’s true form, you should evoke them then soul travel to them at the same time before they come to you.

That’s a whole lot of not true, that’s one unnecessarily long way to do it but not the only way. You can see it with your clairs on this plane which is evoking them, or you can project to them and meet them.


He says when spirits come to you, they come in the form that the collective consciousness sees them as.

Yeah that’s not true, they come in their true forms, however they can manipulate the person’s perception to make themselves appear in a more calming way so the practitioner doesn’t get scared, or the practitioners perception covers up what they actually appear as.


I’m not sure how terrifying a spirit’s actual form would be. Anything new and surprising can make you jump but you can get used to some things over time (like being nose blind).


Well people i am glad for your Information.:hugs:

Something i wanna ask is like when you die i have a feeling that your chakras are they being compressed to the energy Center as one to soular plexus ?

Or that they are how they are?

I remember asking some spirits to reveal their true form and feeling like I couldn’t understand it and it broke my brain. but yeah i wouldn’t say it was scary just a lot more effort. I think them appearing in the form they do is kind of like réification, a french cinematic term meaning to represent abstract ideas with concrete things

What do you mean by this?

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I felt that they might meld into your consciousness and appear what’s most pleasing to you or that advances you most in ascension. Sure, pain, suffering, obstacles etc can make you grow but too much too soon can snuff you out or your desires to where you abandon it completely. But that could b e a test I suppose.

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I mean like where will your chakras go?

Like will they be present in your ghostly Form or will they be some molded super mass or compromised as one energy center to control and change your ghostly figure as your will because the soul is Associated with will and Persona Ego your very being The Core The God in you if you will.

in My opinion your chakras are part of the soul, and while I don’t believe it’ll be a ghostly form so to speak your body is still a body just not a body of this plane. If that makes sense.

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Yes it does makes sense Velenos.

I thank You!