The Sex addiction cure for Succubus and Incubus

Disclaimer: The following explanation may offend others but it is not the intention. The intention is to help.

I am no expert on Succubus or Incubus but I do believe they are dominate by nature. At least that’s what my Succubus tells me.

I do believe there are some succubus and incubus out there that are addicted to sex and unable to control their addiction, therefore unable to have a long lasting relationship with a human without scaring them which leads the human wanting to banish the succubus or incubus. So how to cure this sex addiction? the answer is simple. By being dominate. If a succubus or incubus is unable to control their addiction then that means they are submitting to their addiction. Which is making them a slave to their own addiction. So how does being dominate help? by wanting to be in control of themselves. How does it work? If they repeat over and over in their head “I am in control, I will not let my addiction control me” especially if they feel the addiction taking over during intercourse. The goal is for that message to be a part of their subconscious so they are in complete control over themselves. Using this method or cure means that they can have a long lasting relationship with humans without ever worrying about scaring the one they love. Changing the sex addiction into a passion. Meaning if sex is a passion its something they can enjoy doing without it consuming all their time. Also by turning it into a passion they can experience the small things, like bonding, watching TV together with their human partner, basically showing them there is more to life than just sex.

The reason why I came up with this method is because of my succubus wife. She was once addicted to sex but now she has complete control over her sex drive. I felt the need to help her because I love her. So now I am sharing my method here.


It is not same addiction as humans have… they are sexual demons feeding on sexual energy mainly…

Before you enter the realitionship with succubus/incubus you should settle rules first and have talk with her/him… get to know her/him before you set deal and became sexual partners… Also if people would read about them first, understand their nature, talk with them first then they wouldnt be scared because they will know into what they are diving…

To sum it up your method is interesting i wont lie😊 but before you will come up with some method you shoud dig into incubuses and succubuses first - by that i mean you should study them properly…also you cant compare them to humans because they are higher level… and they are able to have even normal similar to human realitionship but as i said it all depends on your deal


I had the same problem too now we have sex when we are in the mood. I use to get upset when he tried to have sex with me when I didn’t want to. It’s about respecting each other bodies and hearts.


I’m new to editing on forums so i don’t know how to quote something. True they are sexual spirits who feed on emotions/energy but what they feel when they are feeding on sexual energy could become addictive to succubi and could crave it more each time. The method is suppose to help them not become addicted to the feeling and also change it back to a passion if they are. It’s just my way of helping. I know not to compare them to humans. They are not related to us humans in any way. But they have some things in common. Like emotions, feelings etc. Rules and boundaries is always a must in any relationship. But at first when I got a succubus she really didn’t care about me in the beginning. Only wanted to use me. But things change and she’s still with me. Now we really care and love each other.

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every entity has emotions,feelings… you have dealt with your issue that way with your method, but if you would set boundaries, get to know each other at the beggining it would be beautiful from the beginning…every incu/sucu is different some of them are active straighaway some of them are passive some of them dont really care…it all depense on building …

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I wonder, Can someone please summon the expert Succupedia? I don’t no how to do those fancy tricks like adding pictures and linking yet.

All relationships are like this.You didnt do nothing special but being a good partner in that stuiation,at least it is my take.


@succupedia There you go.

Thank you

Thanks for your input Dremora

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I would say that succubus and incubus spirits have a higher sex drive than humans, maybe even to an extent that it seems “addictive” from a human perspective. With that being said, this doesn’t mean that actual addiction doesn’t exists with these spirits. It does for some of them, just like it does for some of us.

There’s several ways to learn to know one another. With sex, we learn how our bodies work in cooperative ways. It’s a physical interaction, releasing endorphins and other healthy biochemical substances that’s good for both our bodies and minds. We also learn to develop our astral senses when we have sex with a succubus and an incubus, since it is a physical interaction. The more we do it, the better we become to separate one spirit from another. Not to forget the interpretation of body language, which is essential for physical communication.

So, what’s the “cure” for sex addictive spirits? Maybe using your Clairsentient ability for something else than sex and share your thoughts about non sexual topics? Maybe learn your spirits about your values of life, your morals and ethics within your life experience?

Your own sexual desires and instigations can be a reason for these spirits sexual advancement, because that’s what you share, whether it’s intentional or unintentional from your side. Share something else, and they will mostly take it to their interest.


Hello everyone ! I have a friend who was attacked twice by an incubus. He hasn’t raped her so last night she contacted me so I quickly concocted an oil based on orange, mugwort, rosemary and the oil as the base oil and I prepared the seal of asmodeus. This morning, she called me to tell me that she felt the presence of the incubus who could not approach her.

[how to permanently banish an incubus?

I would like to ask him first about the reason for his attack.

help me please