The Seven Headed Dragon Seal

Before I begin i must warn you that this seal can cause many issues. I will not be held responsible for anything if you use it and regret it. This seal is used to seal off the 7 deadly sins.

Many people are plagued with one or many and i devised this seal to help myself seal off these emotions. This could have two results. One the person becomes void and loses all emotions much like a robot. Second the person could become a well balanced human.

So anyway this is the seal:

And this is it with candles in it that represent each of the deadly sins:

How to use:
You place a candle on each circle, each of different color, and light them and view the flame as pushing the sins down into the “eye” and locking them behind a multi layer lock system or door or gate.


Wow this is really complex and looks amazing. M not sure if I’d try this, but it is definitely worth some notoriety.

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Thank you! I am trying to push seals and sigils beyond what they are currently. Feel free to show it to people if you want just make sure to give Nimosdomus the credit lol.