The Sesame Street Entity

I recently stumbled upon this interesting YouTube video about an alleged paranormal experience that intrigued the shit out of me (the comments even more so):

Here are some questions I have about the supposed encounter described in the above video:

-What the hell was that thing? A pinkish grey being with pitch black eyes that disguised itself as Fozzie Bear. What kind of entity do you think (s)he had witnessed as a child? Was it a demon, an alien, a ghost, a thoughtform, etc. One thing is most certainly true though:It was a very nice, playful entity. It never once tried to harm him/her or his/her friend and had a very loving and gentle personality.

-Why Fozzie Bear of all characters? If the creature naturally had black eyes then why didn’t it disguise itself was a character that already has similar eyes so it doesn’t matter (Barney Rubble from The Flintstones for example).

-Why did it quickly rush out the window as soon as the little boy/girl’s mom starting coming towards the room. If it happily played with two little human children, it clearly doesn’t have a fear of human beings. Why is it specifically afraid of the mom in that story?

I would also like to discuss and proceed to ask questions about some of the even more intriguing comments that I discovered down below:

-One person claimed that she vividly remembers playing with an entity that looked like Donald Duck. Donald randomly appeared in her room but unlike the Fozzie creature, it didn’t remain playful for long. Eventually the being just randomly turned on her for no reason whatsoever and it scared her half to death. She claims that it was by far the most traumatic experience she ever had as a kid.

-One man said that when he and his brother were still toddlers a creature appeared at the end of his bed disguised as The Count from Sesame Street. The creature proceeded to tell him information about his future, all of which eventually came true. But when the boy got scared and rushed to tell his parents the being transformed into a black mass of ooze that slimed out the window. He stated that he doesn’t believe the being itself was evil, it just naturally startled him to see a fucking Muppet pop up in his room in real life lol.

-One person claims that they saw an episode of America’s Funniest Home Videos with their parents and a clip came on about a little boy’s birthday party. In the clip, they vividly remember seeing a brown alien-like creature with balloon-like skin stretching out of the cake and staring at the camera. It didn’t scare them and they were actually intrigued by what they saw but here’s where it gets weird:They were the only person who saw the creature. The parents didn’t see anything weird and just laughed along with the clip, none of the people in the video itself saw anything either. They dismiss the idea of it being a dream because a couple weeks later they watched the same Funniest Videos episode again and the alien was still there.

-One person said that an entity disguised as Guy Smiley, the game show host puppet from Sesame Street appeared out of nowhere one day and tortured him. It would randomly bully him and scare him for no reason other than to get morbid enjoyment out of seeing him get frightened.

Question time!

-Regarding the Donald Duck story, how did such an event even occur, in regards to summoning and such? I’ve researched egregores and know that it’s possible to evoke “fictional” characters in the real world. But all of those evocations are deliberate, people willfully bringing those “fictional” characters to life. Donald just showed up out of nowhere in this girl’s room which is very bizarre. Also the fact that the Donald Duck creature randomly attacked her for no reason seems odd as well. I’ve heard that entities will only attack if you make them angry. The woman claims that she never did anything wrong and the being’s betrayal of her just came right out of the blue.

-The Count one is the most intriguing one to me. Why did it randomly melt into black ooze? Do beings made out of nothing but black slime exist? I’ve always thought the Black Puddings from Dungeons and Dragons were cool. Do similar slimey creatures exist in real life?

-The AFV one also made me curious. Is it possible for demons and other such entities to possess a TV screen? If so, then things like Samara from The Ring and Candle Cove may have been inspired by true events.

-Why Muppets? I’ve read about 50 different stories where the entities disguise themselves as Muppets or Muppet-y creatures. That is just bizarre to me because of how specific of a form that is. Whatever the entities are, why are they so obsessed with Muppets of all things? I’ve read stories about other fictional characters manifesting into reality such as Donald Duck, Spider-Man, Darth Vader, and even the silly android chicken from [adult swim]'s Robot Chicken but most of those were just one instance. I’ve read a bizarre amount of encounters pertaining to Muppets in particular from many different people around the globe. What is the significance of Muppet and Sesame Street character? Why are these creatures so seemingly fascinated by the creations of Jim Henson?

-Do these beings disguise themselves into characters you like just to make you feel less frightened? For example, I’m a huge Family Guy fan so if I were to encounter such an entity would it choose the form of Brian or Stewie to approach me because of my affinity for th eshow?

If you can, please help answer my questions. As an intense fanatic of everything paranormal related, I’d love to hear your thoughts/theories about those incredibly fascinating stories.


Fascinating, I’d never heard of this! :smiley:

I’m guessing egregores from so many children watching, but confess I’ve not watched the video yet. Btw check your messages shortly, just going to send you a welcome PM and also, info on how to do an intro. :+1:


What if these type of creatures/entitities are just created by thought, focus, care and attention…?


Well, it is said that different paranormal beings are using this trick. Some people believe they’re Demons, ghosts or aliens etc They all seem to have similar abilities. Reading minds, predicting the future, controlling thoughts and projecting images and more.

In my personal paranormal investigations I communicated with different types of beings including Demons, ghosts and aliens. But aliens never appeared personally. Only communicated thorough a medium, spirit box and visions. And I witnessed UFOs several times.

Maybe there are different types of beings out there. Or they’re all projections from the same source. We don’t know. What we know is that they use the same tactics. For example, it’s reported that spirits - usually thought of as demons - take the form of little children when they contact adults. Similar to the mentioned cases of aliens taking the form of cartoon/puppets characters to communicate with children. Other times when they try to contact young people they may use sexually attractive form.

So it depends on who they’re trying to communicate with. They take the shape or form that allows them to bypass the subconscious defense mechanism that guarantees we stay away from danger or a life threatening event. That shows they’re fully aware of how our mind works and how to “hack” it.


And what you don’t know, you don’t know, so why worry…? :slight_smile: #lovethatphrase


Thought-forms and egregores… that’s possible. But doesn’t explain the cases where there is no such focused thought, care or attention. And those are the majority of cases.

Most of the time, people state that they don’t even believe in such beings. Ghosts, aliens, demons etc To them, the whole experience doesn’t make sense and challenges everything they believed in all their lives.

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:grinning: Yeah that maybe how it works for some people.

But for something like aliens, ghosts and spirits, the paranormal in general… it should be the other way around. You should worry until you know :slight_smile:


ok but believing in such things is something different than having a focus on that particular kind of energy that creates such beings… let’s say, I don’t believe in coincidences but somehow I’m having a delicate perception and am hyper sensitive to anothers energy without knowing that I am…, and I sense that you’re home and I pick up the phone and I call you… And you pick up and say; hey… I’m just coming into the house… get what I mean? I mean do we know where someone’s subconscious focus is…? I don’t think so…


haha well obviously you’ve never heard of the hermetic laws…? so above so below…? meaning to say; we’re infinitely big and we’re infinitely small… or perhaps h’oponopono…? or the law of one…? stating all is connected and one, as one is all so all is one…?

I never worry about something I can’t change or haven’t control over…, and you know why? because … it doesn’t matter… it only matters if you do… ( read it again!) <3

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Very good point. The attention of the subconscious is different than that of the conscious mind. True :slight_smile: In this case you would be right. The subconscious attention may cause such manifestations. But only by attraction, in my opinion, not manifestation.

The attention of the subconscious attracts, but it doesn’t create. If my subconscious attention for example is on… pizza ! I would attract an event that brings me some pizza. But it won’t manifest it from thin air.

So even if the attention of the subconscious got something to do with it, it would only attract the experience, in my opinion. It won’t create those aliens or spirits if they do not exist. If this is the case, and the focus of attention is on something that doesn’t exist in realty, the mind would manifest the experience in dreams, instead of the physical world.

That’s how I understand it :slight_smile:

OP asked some specific questions, anyone got anything to say on those? :smiley:


Never heard of that… what is hermetic ?! I will research and study those, thank you :slight_smile:

You’re lucky :+1:

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Two completely different points of views to explain the phenomena, worth considering in my opinion :

1st idea or theory, is that we create those experiences with those beings. For that to happen, we enter altered state of consciousness. This video explains that idea :

2nd theory is that those experiences happen as a physical reality, our beliefs got nothing to do with it. For example, the famous case of alien encounter at kids school in Zimbabwe 1994 :

My understanding is that there’s no contradiction between them. The only problem is that some people insist that it must be one way or the other. They’re “in our heads” or they truly “exist and real”. Maybe they’re both. They do exist physically and they choose sometimes to communicate with us spiritually or mentally.


No it’s not like you waive your wand and say shazam and it appears, but you attract what you manifest; everything you desire (or not desire) is already around you… it’s like looking at an ahorn or a wallnut… what is inside…? many will answer; a tree… but the reality of things is; there’s a blue print of the tree inside that gets activated when it’s in the right soil under the right circumstances, in the right time… (law of gestation)

the attention of your subconscious is in your hidden beliefs and paradigms that you have <3 but you won’t know them consciously…, unless you’ll find a way to get into your deeper levels of your subconscious…

reality lies to the mind… :wink: there is no such thing as ‘a reality’ you see…? neither are we fully sure if we’re living in a dream or a matrix or perhaps what we consider ‘reality’ is the dream? we tend to act like we know, but we don’t… we might will sometime,but not today <3

every time I think I understand, I seem to know nothing at all <3

I’ll look at the video’s later, gotta go… my gymclass is calling - cu all later aligators xoxo

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Ive experienced the muppets. Scared the living shit out of me, my mum did alot of magic and our house was infested with all kinds of spirits dead ppl and paracitic crap. I ould often get night terrors and walk oob round the house
There was a spate of muppet creatures trying to get in the house tapping at the windows. I can still see them clearly now 35 years on and at night i still cant look out of one particular window (right at the back of the house) they were kinda kermit-y but more leathery…

Yes i saw the muppetes on telly, was never afraid of them.


That’s very interesting experience, can’t say it was a pleasant one of course. How old you were when you saw them? Did they talk to you ?

How similar you would say they were, compared to the ones from the tv show ?

Thanks :slight_smile:


So, the thing is the house was literally packed out with different entities - there was still the prior owner wandering about & his dog, there was local spirits from the nearby monastery alomg with all the nasties my mum picked up - parasites, demonic types and god knows what that followed her back from her astral travels, so being out in the house at night (particularly tho day time was just about bare able), my default setting was always barely contained terror (even as a teen if i had to go to the loo even i would get the dog amd make him come with, and if i was home alone i wpuld not leave the upstairs bedroom after dark) … of course as a kid i had no idea that other houses weren’t like that, and it wasnt untill mum died that i realised most of ot was attached to her…

So point being i would have already been scared wandering about in the house - oob or with body. So when confrunted by a bunch of weird looking things tapping frantically on the windows to get in communicating would have been the last thing on my mind :joy:

I would say about 8/9 years old.

They had muppet sticks on their hands :joy:
Ive had a google and cant find anything similar… but best description is pointy face like kermit but made of nasty dried flesh same stringy arms with puppet sticks to their hands. One had a superman tshirt on :joy::joy:


Thank you that was really amazing !

I’m not sure that my experience counts but in my early 20s I had a visit from a being. He ( or a she ! ) had human-like shape, but was fully covered with long dark hair, but it’s not like human hair. He had huge head, and hands of an animal. And he was wearing my own jacket, one that I had and really loved.

I woke up from sleep and he was standing next to my bed, wearing my jacket. Didn’t talk. Was waving his hands to me, as if he was asking me to move quick and get up to see something.

I wasn’t scared from how he appeared, I was annoyed because I didn’t understand what he wanted. After a minute or two I decided to listen and I moved out of the bedroom to see if there was anything unusual happening. And he was right.

When I came back to my bedroom I was puzzled. I had no idea who he/she/it was or why it appeared to warn me about what was going on. But glad he did. :smile: