The Seeker

Become The Seeker.

The seeker is he/she who doesn’t just look at everything with face value, to further explain this here’s what I want you to do. Find any object near you and hold it in your hand, when you observe the object at a mundane vantage your mind merely may only process the appearance, the weight, texture and basic stuff like that. However the seeker is vastly different, let’s say the seeker holds something like a phone in their hand. They will gaze upon it with wonder and curiosity, they begin looking deeper than most people would and asking questions like.

Where does the glass come from, they begin analysing it deeply, visualising the making process of it. The chemically strengthened glass being made, the small amounts of sodium ions, the deeper layers of the glass and so on. Then they look past it into the circuit board, they question what materials and intricate process went into making it.

Where did the materials come from, what minuscule ingredients are made up in these materials. Once all the intricate smallness and largeness of the phone is thought on, they begin focusing on the aura of the object. The energy of it, it’s unique energetic impressions and then they begin to question where that energy come from.

This can then lead to questioning how far can the energy be traced back, further and further through existence until they reach the source of all things. Just from observing a mobile phone the seeker, truly does seek and it is with this outlook that a soul can journey through the labyrinth of true discovery. Uncovering all things and continuing to do so, in the yogic sciences gurus and yogis are known to do exactly this. Yet I had always been this way my entire life, yet the important thing to remember is the more questions you have answered, the more questions you are left with, thus the eternal journey begins. Don’t only journey outwards, but also inwards, downwards, upwards and all around you. As within so without, as above, so below.

A seeker is not just a over analytical mind, do not enforce your own mathematical, logical inclined ways of thinking to the unfathomable. All things exist and all things are permitted, just be in the moment, be like a soulful sponge absorbing everything you come into contact with. Do not be afraid of what you absorb, learn the methods to deal with them, to be able to drink poison and as it touches your lips it transmutes into nectar, the elixir of the gods.

The internal alchemy, this is the path of every black magician whether they know it or not yet is of no consequence. It is with such a unique outlook on existence that I am able to be grateful for not only all the pleasure and blessings in my life, but also all the pain, the chaos and suffering too.

Once such a state of being is achieved, you become impervious to all that comes your way. We aren’t only magicians remember, we aren’t only becoming kings and queens, we are also the warrior, the sorcerer/sorceress, the priest/priestess, the adversary and the saviour, order and chaos, light and darkness, the seeker and the eternal. We are god experiencing ourselves differently, we are not separate you and I, we are one, we are merely god experiencing itself and it’s creation which is also us, at every possible angle and vantage point. Be the seeker and seek it all my friends, the pain and pleasure, lust and love, passion and rage, power and knowledge, the good, the bad and the ugly. For that is life and if I am alive then fuck it, I am going to be a connoisseur of life and all it’s drops and peaks.

So I’ll say it once again brothers and sisters, live your life, use your time or you’re time will use you, become a seeker.




I really liked this post.

Did you know that in narrative “the seeker” is an actual trope? An archetype, to be precise. You made me remember I used to think about where every atom came in an object, back when I was a little boy. Then I stopped doing it, I guess.

But it sound like a nice exercise.


I was and am the exact same way, once I open my true eyes, the atoms, quarks, particles and different building blocks of this physical realm all blend eventually as the essence of the fiery ocean of eternity that has emanated from the source and formed and continues to form all existence until all the grand illusion is shattered.

All things are like a supernatural, spiritual quantum soup of everything, just a free flowing and vibrant essence of existence. Shining and shimmering in every colour of the light spectrum and once I reach my hand out, I can make it tangible, mouldable, I can create, manipulate, destroy, re-create etc.

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Demiurgic power, eh? I know how to do that… but only with words in fictional worlds.

But I’ve been trying my hand at spellcrafting using writing magick. I’m still in the preparations step, but it is the same general idea. I know it sounds like a lot for a guy with not that much experience, as I am, but fuck it if I’m not going to try!

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Go big or go home buddy, but we all gotta start from somewhere, some of the greatest individuals started much lower than us, if they can achieve greatness imagine what you could achieve.

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Thanks, man.

I’ll try my best. In any event, I have a working thread about it (in the lounge), in case you want to take a look.

Back on topic and on the general idea of seeking, I was thinking about inner alchemy, do you use any specific method to achieve it?