The Secret Evocation Ritual

I’ve spent some time on here with a couple topics related to experiences, methods, etc. however I wanted to hop on and share a powerful ritual of evocation that works for me every single time. My first successful evocation of Lucifer was using this ritual method and my intention wasn’t to fully evoke him either.

Step 1:
Prepare the site. Prepare candles or sigils or whatever it is you may WANT.

Step 2: meditate for 2-5 minutes focusing on your third eye (perform my “Azazels Secret to Infinite Power) if you so wish. If not just meditate on your third eye. Until you feel the blood pulse or the tingle or buzz.

Step 3: hold your breath! Literally hold your breathe for 20-30 seconds while pushing the air down into your stomach REALLY HARD.This should ignite and tingle feeling in your body and environment. Imagine the entity now bursting from your third eye as you breathe out. AS YOU BREATHE OUT VIBRATE THEIR NAME, and shoot their energy from the third eye. You should really feel that scary tingly like feeling that most people run from.

Step 4: stand up and hold your two hands in front of you in the form of a triangle (index fingers and thumbs should be touching). With the spirits sigil in front of you, you will see it through the triangle you have put in front of your face.

Step 5: take a deep breathe in. When you take this deep breathe in, imagine the name and energy sucking through that sigil, through the triangle, and into your body. Now PUSH THAT AIR DOWN HARD AND HOLD FOR 20-30 seconds.

Step 6: repeat step 5

Step 7: step your left foot forward, and repeat their name, losing yourself in the chaos of the ritual. The spirit WILL COME. At this point you should feel total buzzing and heart racing. They are with you!


Just a note of caution and please correct me if I am wrong, I believe this is similar to vagal breathing which can cause lightheadedness and fainting in some individuals, so a seated position and a brief practice of the technique might be best.