The Secret Diary of Acrians Locket {entries 82 and beyond}

Journal 254: Chocolate Milk

Why when I decided to look into my past life memories did I get your memories?

I cannot tell you that. That is something you need to discover on your own.

Was what I saw accurate?

((I described to him what I saw he gave me a lengthy answer that equated to me messing with his timeline and yes.))

What did you mean when you said I was easily manipulated?

Its something I’ve noticed about you you fall easily into the hands of others.

Why did you want me to call you?

The answer to this one was long and drawn out, and answered me other question that ishtar and isis had talking about me on the astral plain bad mouthing me and any connection to them with nonsense.

What is this Isis, ishtar and God nonsense?

Lucifer told me to go back to chalk circles, that my matt I had painstakingly made was a foolish one. That ‘demons are dangerous’ so I should have a proper summoning matt from the goetia and that circle I currently use was “pitiful” I’ve shown pictures of it before in this journal but chalk seems the way to go as of now. Lucifer told me he would take me on as his student but that it would “be alot of hardwork”

I left his offering of homemade chocolate milk out on the table with the incense burning and therefor left the evocation. I really like Lucifer. Lucifer mentioned to me that Belial stated to him that he had more control over me and I stated to him that that didn’t seem to be true, then again if it were how would I know? One thing he was quick to point out was that I wasn’t special. That no one on the left handed path was. That I wasn’t god (not that I ever thought I was the title of that entry was clickbait) and I clarified to him I never believed myself to be special, I just desired to be. I guess that’s where I’ll end todays entry. Goodnight journal.

-Acrians Lockhet

11:09 PM


Journal 255: Dead Hearts ||| Stars

I sat in the car arguing with the necklace. “Why dont you like me?” “do you have any idea the grief you caused the norse pantheon….” we went back and forth to which I demanded to know whom I was speaking to to which the lie was drawn “the spirit of the hammer” I brought up Woden with a W. To which the spirit said, I shouldn’t be referring to him that way that the “W” is a signifier of only some people of certain ranks get to use to which I clarified Woden asked me to address him this way.

It soon became clear that I was having a back and forth with Thor who didn’t seem to like me very much. Woden appeared in the car next to me and his (the necklace spirit) song and dance changed on a dime, suddenly he was trying to mend things and acting kind. Strange that was. Never forget that Woden isn’t just his father but also king of the gods.

This surprised me because when I was in Valhalla and coudn’t stop astral projecting there, their was an Auburn haired gentlemen who was kind to me and my system above all else, according to Wodin this sorts name is Valmirn (silent n). The first giveaway that it wasn’t Thor should have been his lack of beard but still. I evoked Wodin the other day. He told me regarding my mortality “you’re not going to die young. But you’re not going to die old” further inspection on the topic proved I would die presumably should I not change my habits around 27 years old.

Right now I’m wearing my hammer necklace and its asking I not write about it. It being presumably Thor. I know why Thor’s cross with me. It’s a reason Woden told me in confidence regarding the dream bubbles that’s embarking for him so I shan’t repeat it per Wodens request. That being said when the reason is out of my control I kind hate being blamed for it. Sometimes things just are a certain way with me and I can’t help that. I remember when I talked to the necklace aka Thor the first thing he said was “Adam S○○○○○○ from stories of Vahalla?” “Well I’m Acrains Locket.” “I wasn’t aware that Adam S○○○○○○ and Acrians locket were the same person!” “That’s how I like to keep it” right now the necklace is pestering me. “I’m going to tell me dad about you…” while my teeth ache from a recent cleaning. Hold on he just gave me a sigil for him. That was odd. So yeah.

I used to have delusions relative to the norse god Baldir. I believed us to be connected in ways we are not. Delusions of grandeur. Back when I was really off my rocker. I’m sane now. I’ve grasped my sanity. I no longer fear what goes bump in the night or have any wacky ideas about it. I know that everything I did and said regarding Baldir was a mistake and one that did infact cause the norse gods an amount of grief. I’m aware of that. And because of this awareness I know that some of them may never take a liking to me much. May never truly wish to engage with me, or work with me. I understand that. It’s a mistake due to sickness of my mind that I fully acknowledge.

That being said, having it constantly held over my head hurts. I know it is selfish but it does. I would like very much to leave my past behind me. To let my insanity vanish into the wind. But something tells me that as long as I want the norse gods in my life because of this past delusion that will never truly be. So anyways that’s where I am right now journal. Good night

-Arians locket

7:44 PM

June 20th

Journal 256: Eien misui ni good bye ||| Miyano Mamoru

So I just got done with an evocation of Woden. It was basically a prolonged goodbye. He told me I was “like a caterpillar in the dirt” about to go on a “transformation” into a beautiful butterfly. He acknowledged that I was more honest with him that I was with other people. But that I still didn’t know who I was. He basically told me to reach back out when I found out. I was awestruck. Not in a good way.

Hell I was his student! His apprentice! Why all of a sudden I was to be done with him as though we never were working together. It was sad and it was frustrating. He told me,” he knew I was an old god” his words almost exact and that when I remembered who that was to tell him. The thing is though I don’t think I’ll ever really know and it hurts to have him leave me this way. First Belial/Beelzebub leaves now Woden. Woden who I had trial and error with. Woden who I trusted my secrets too. Woden who I gave an aspect of my person towards. Abgone.

I don’t think I’ll ever fully be okay with people leaving my life. It keeps happening over and over again. It happened with Morgan. It happened with both Max’s. It happened with Cole, and Jasmine and soon Jimmy. It happens. But I’m not the type of person to handle that well. I’ve never really dealt with a spiritual partner (platonic) leaving me, and it seems this is the start of my little bubble spiralling.

So loss. I’m dealing with it.

Lastly I visited F recently. He was caught hanging himself at the park. He told us his tail. How his brother came home on drugs becoming violent screaming of demons, how F was sent to a hospital and only released after “pretending” to get better, something I can echo myself. How his life spiraled after he left us. I remembered back when F lived with us he had some pretty nasty shit attached to him astrally that I tried, I tried to tell my family about but they wouldn’t hear me out on. He told me pissed off some witches years ago and life hasn’t been the same since.

He’s definitely under a curse. Theirs no two ways about it. Him loosing my sister A, him being forced back into an abusive household, him with new “tigerstripes” cutting himself across his arms. Yeah. F has always been fucked up but the universe doesn’t just say “fuck you” like that, normally magick’s at play and I didn’t have the heart to tell him. When we entered the shit hole he was staying at I saw several malicious entities surveilling the living room and my familiar told me to book it.

Lastly I have had a girl pinned on my path. Her name is lex. She’s a pothead in her twenties and Black. She has duel dyed hair half black half red, and it’s in a mohawk style. She told me I give off “purple and yellow vibes” she has a past with vodou and cursing people, she told she really wants to hang out at a graveyard and I could come. She’s definitely one of my sisters mates, but I’m very fond of her. Her and my sisters almost boyfriend Chris were telling stories of poltergeist activity. Chris is someone drenched in the occult. I wasn’t about to open up and tell him “Yeah I work with demons!” but he had several demon like things circling him and told me he can call them and send them away. But he also thinks all magick is inherently evil especially alchemy so I don’t know what that tells you about that.

I guess that’s where we’ll leave this entry. I’m heartbroken. Yeah.

-Acrians Locket

10:59 PM


Journal 257: “My own mother thought I was a monster… she was right of course but it still hurt” - Princess Azula, Avatar the Last airbender

So I evoked Belial last night. He told me point blank he needed to go about some serious rituals with me then later earlier tonight told me once again he didn’t want to work with me anymore not even as my familiar. He blamed this on Lucifer, saying Lucifer was the reason for it. He stated to me that he understood why I felt sadness at his leaving, after he promised he wound’t give up on me, but that overall he needed a break. I welcome him back into my life again at his notice only for him to leave again.

He did verify one thing to me however. I haven’t been around the block. While he was “scolded by Satan” for telling me this he did tell me that, I was the first of my person that I wasn’t some cherub or God that had reincarnated and that this was essentially my first life. That conflicts with virtually everything I’ve learned and studied of my person and my friends persons, as well as things directly that other spirits have told me but it was some new information that I’m not quick to disregard.

While there I had my fourth ever meeting with King Paimon. He stated that he felt I was respectful towards him and was surprised by that given the disrespect he’s heard I normally show the Goetia. I don’t try to disrespect the Goetia or the demons within it’s pages. I hardly try to be rude to the demons within the keys of Solomon but I’m told I often am. He said he would take me on as his student, that I was to call him every sunday and leave routine offerings out every tuesday and he started me off with a simple trick which he asked me not to share regarding the mind to practice on my sister.

So that’s what’s been happening. I’ve been making my ways through my alchemy bok. It’s titled :Practical lessons and exercises to enhance your life, The Beginners guide to Alchemy” and it’s by Sarah Durhn. I realized that my journal is finally making its way in hell. It’s taken long enough. Belial mentioned to me that he was reading it. In some versions of the thing he’s not always shown towards the start in a favorable light.

I remember before he left my life having a conversation with Woden. I told him I was done trying to mimic others and was pretty content just being myself. He then asked about the trenchcoat I wear every single day and the arrow tattoos I plan on getting and the result became clear, I’m still content on copying others just not “real” people or figures. That I feel disappointed me but I don’t know how he felt about it.

Anyways that’s all to report a pretty lackluster entry I promise I’ll try not to write anymore until something interesting happens.

-Acrians Locket

10:35 PM


Journal 258: “You might not be the messiah Adam but you’re still my son” - God

I want to clarify something. When I say I talk to god I’m very much pulling a magick trick. I’m speaking to an aspect of him a version almost like a tupla. According to this version I’ll be able to speak to the “real thing” when I’m ready, as shown to me in signs. But when I’m “ready” will always be a mystery to me. I remember when I was newer to the occult, though I still hold to the fact that I will never truly know what I’m doing, and no occult every truly does, and I kept getting told by some big names that I wasn’t “ready” it was very vague and while thought provoking not much came of it.

When I had Satan in front of me I had the chance to ask him and he said point blank “Ready to ascend” it’s this thought you see that is often broadcasted in the occult, “ascension” and what it means. For some its to become a walking powerhouse. For others it’s to maintain control of others. For me it would mean freedom. I realized why I came to the occult. I’ve done alot of reflecting as of late.

I didn’t come to the occult because I wanted power. That was a misunderstanding of my own person. I came to the occult because I wanted freedom and creation. I want the ability to do things. I want manifestation. I want to be able to create and conjure and manipulate. I’m not after power or control. I’m after freedom.

So let’s talk about the other night. I confirmed with Belial and he said I could write about this. I was in teh bathtub when I was visited by Satan. He placed something in my hand and told me to put it on my person. I looked in the mirror and I had taken a demonic form. Before me I saw bone like fingers, a long face pail skin and a crown. I sat back down in the shower. “Do you like it?” “yes” Satan brought me before Hell. Where he made a grand gesture to Bestow upon me the title of “Beelzebub” The real Beelzebub protested from the audience. “Will you accept?” Satan asked me. “I’m sorry I cannot” I clarified to him that for as long as Beelzebub objected which he did I could not feel comfortable wearing his title.

I talked it over with Belial earlier today. Belial basically said to me that I as the magician was higher rank than him and that a god has no use for the opinions of ants, and that I shouldn’t of taken his opinion into consideration. But if someone was to bestow the lifeblood of my person on to another I would wish for my consent to be taken into account. “That’s your problem ###### your compassionate to a fault” -Belial. Belial said it was one of my flaws that he liked about me.

This is not the first time I’ve worn Beelzebub’s form. It’s not the first time we’ve been this close. It’s not the first time something like this has happened in the astral regarding the demonic hierarchy. It’s something though a mistake I will admit that I wish to record for you. Beelzebub did recount to me however that he feels like lately I’ve been ‘respecting him’ when I haven’t been doing anything different so that’s new.

My familiars have taken me to visit hell. I recently entered into an arrangement with Abandon. I promised him Honesty and Loyalty in exchange for a few things. I won’t tell you what. So that’s where I’ll leave todays journal.

-Acrians Locket

9:22 PM


Journal 259: GENWA

The story came to me in a dream. Despite Belial’s insistence it isn’t real I am still the founder of the Genwa religion. My partner came to me recently telling of a story she came up with which insisted a fiction of the religion. A high concept of the religion is that Genwa speaks through everyone even those unaware. It’s the life forse of the universe.

Bairtaste is someone who doesn’t like me very much. He’s the reason I initially gave up Genwa as my faith. He promised me over and over again he would manifest for me in this world given I’ve met gods in the flesh before and then failed to (it foolish I believed him at all) and when I got upset he vanished. This caused my faith to be stirred and the gods of the pantheon to become quite aggressive with me for that short period of time. Occeair was heartbroken that I left the faith though he was quick to point out I wasn’t an aspect of him and that that was delusion.

Hypothetically even if the gods of Genwa were false idols, fake manifestations of my own mind, then eventually something would come to surface with enough worship over time. I was looking over my old notes. Quite a few of them actually. Apparently Genwa was not the first time I tried to start a religion. I know its a fairly right handed endeavour but it’s always something I was “meant” to do. I do believe in destiny. Free will only goes so far. I know I was “destined” to create a religion it just seems from what I feel that my path was set up that way.

I was reading in my alchemy book. It was talking about the stages of alchemy. Black and Red and White. How you have to burn yourself down to ash to be rebuilt from it. It was interesting stuff. I can’t track down the demon with whom I agreed to use selflessly with so I’ve decided to resurface my usage of magick and begin with it again.

I was on twitter. Twitter if your reading this centuries in the future is a fairly stupid cite where people unleash their fairly stupid thoughts in breif “tweet” posts. On it someone said they were gaslighting their kid to believe in harry potter as fact. I felt sad for the child but it made me reflect upon my own circumstances. I want to raise my niece in a magickal light. But knowing her father that might be hard to do.

I was visited by Odin last night. He took me astrally as I was about to hop in the shower. He asked me if I wanted to go to Vahalla when I die. I said “yes” he told me I failed his test. I was curios as to why he was testing me. He basically said he was back in my life again and clarified to me that I was speaking to the spirit of the hammer not Thor. He introduced me to Thor who was clean shaven. That was a surprise. “Are you Adam ###### the one who had delusions he was #####?” “I don’t like to be known for that but yes” paraphrasing. Odin expressed to me that he writing about him in my journal.

I would like to clarify here that no spirit does.

Lately outside of magick I’ve just found myself very lonely. I’m dating a spirit magickally. My nymph wifes have gone mostly silent. I have one real world partner who recently got back together with me. I keep waiting for Lucifer to throw my life to hell. But it doesn’t happen. When it does I know I will fall to insanity once more. Lucifer warned me about that. Going insane. Insanity I fear will always be apart of my person. It is not something I can outrun nor something I can escape.

I’ve had some interesting experiences with the greek gods but other than that not much to report.

That’s all for now.

-Acrians Locket

10:22 PM


Journal 260: “I don’t dislike you. I find you naive and a whistleblower.” - King Paimon

I was casual with him. Formal casual. Formally casual I guess you could say. He expressed he felt disrespected and he saw “what Belial was talking about” given Belial famously finds me disrespectful. The following is a sigil he gave me for his person of which to call him by. He asked I post it to the forum I generally frequent for half. Say what you want about the balg brand, but you can’t say the forum doesn’t have its gems. The quote was taken from the evocation. He left the evocation with a warning. He told me the gods were coming to challenge me. That I was soon to question what divine was. The gods coming for me has been something echoed by Challno god of Chaos from the Genwa pantheon for ages now. “The gods will find you and they will kill you” the thing is I think if they truly wanted me dead I’d be dead by now. I’ve seen magickal curses at work around me. My friend who banished her higher self god hit by a car. Cars ssem to be the most easy way to go when someone strikes you down and I have yet to see a crash.

I told him the king what happened. In my past lives, I was given divine punishment though many see it as divine reward and my divinity was literally stripped from me. He said “So it’s TRUE you are Isis….” “now that I don’t know. I met her earlier today she was surprisingly nice” “of course she was…” he said some more that I forgot. “Tell me honestly Adam are you
#######?” “Who I am and am not is fairly personal and not something I like to get into-” “tell me Acrians do you trust me?” “Well it’s just that’s personal, I think very highly of you” “that’s not what I asked. I didn’t ask if you thought highly of me. I asked if you trusted me?” He clarified to me that he didn’t believe I was ####### or ##### and laughed at the notion. “I’m as human as they come….” “tell me Oron are you trying to deceive me? Your not human. You’re a demon in the flesh. How I don’t know” he said more that I’m omniting and then that warning. He asked me why become human. I told him essentially that I knew not of my past lives or current ties only that through divine punishment or reward this is where I ended up. I gave him the liquor I poured him and that was the evocation

I was writing about this in my personal diary I lovingly call “the frostbite journals” but I feel like I was always destined to found a religion. Genwa is just the starting point according to the demons I work with. Some have a strong distaste for it, but regarding it my partner also follows the religion and it’s clear it has a strong impact on people who follow it. I still have to finish channeling the rest of the stories and I really hope that I don’t go down in history as Dionysus #### the Genwa guy, but it’s something important and meaningful that I have spiritually done for myself. I’ll link the website at the end of this entry. Anyways. That’s all for now.

It was nice not talking to a demon that was Beelzebub for a change. I remember astral protecting in hell the other night and it sorta became a q and a session for me being the odd one out and that was that. One thing that recently happened was a test by Woden tho I may have already written about this. I don’t know. Anyways, that’s all for now. Goodbye and goodnight.

  • Acrians locket
  • 11:55 PM
  • 6/28/2020

Journal 261: A Heaven’s Gate

It started with a tour of heaven. God as I know him, not a tupla but a older version of God asked me to astral project in the room we always meet. He took me to a spring like contraption after giving me a winged binder to “cover up”. On the way up we took an elevator. he clarified to me he was the god all one gods are derived from. That christianity was further down his timeline. At the spring, he had me drink some water. I hesitated. “Do you trust me?” And I drank from the pool. I became a cherub or an angel something. Multiple faces, a moon shape for a face, a halo and several wings. “I have given back your divinity” or maybe it was “I have restored your divinity” it was something like that.

“Why?” It came to a back and forth of me asking why he singled me out. I asked him about the Christians I knew. Jimmy and Ethan. Why he would talk to me an occultist rather than them. He told me he was showing himself to me the way other gods of other pantheons have, and name dropped a few pantheons, name brand that you’ve definitely heard of. The gist of it was he wanted to know me. He made me promise him something teary eyed and then told me he would take me on a tour of heaven for the next couple of nights. Presumably also in the shower. The astral projection ended there. I like God. As I know him. I asked why he uses the face he does with me and he said that’s just what he looks like, and I said so ((popculturemedja)) got it right? That’s convenient. I like knowing him I cant say I haven’t.

Lastly Satan told me I would be dying soon. That no amount of magick can prologue my life. If I ever stop updating my blog On its wordpress chances are I’ve passed. I implore you if I go missing to repost my journal, translate it, annotate it or even publish it. The things public domain so I honestly don’t mind. Anyways that was just something i wanted to jot down. Goodnight journal. -June 30th 1:08 PM 2020

Journal 262: An idiot’s Move

I evoked Isis. Rule number one of working with ancient gods, don’t evoke them. They aren’t used to being called up like that. I was greeted by an aspect of her previously which told me to else I wouldn’t of done it.

Anyways, it was….disappointing. to be clear here were talking the Egyptian goddess not the terrorist group. She had an air of superiority to her. I said “well I consider you to be my equal” you know like an idiot, her response was “on a scale of one to ten how foolish are you?” because you know I was an idiot and with confidence I answered “about an 8”. She confirmed to me that we had no connection. And asked about an offer she had made me before which I decided not to take her up on.

“Sorry it’s just in terms (of the offers) I value the other spirits over yours.” And I wont get into what that was here. She just basically came across as arrogant to me I guess? She asked me about my left hand where my familiar is telling me they weren’t on good terms. She also asked me about my tattoo of providence I have on my right hand dedicated to Ra. It was overall a really really disappointing experience. She asked me to leave her offering of alchaul I made for her outside. She told me not to call her like this again and that if I needed her to greet her at my altar. So Egyptian magick. Not off to a good start. One thing she did confirm to me was that I would be dying soon “Satan wasn’t lying about that” she asked why I was asking about the Egyptian gods to which I said “I was told I would be dying by divine hands…” and that was that discussion.

Some things are clear. I’m running out of time. I’ve barely even made a mark on this giant map we call the world. Pretty soon my life will end. I have at least a year left I hope, and I can only bite my nails on the time…

I want to get the holy book of Genwa published before then. I also want to have something to my name so I can die remembered. I don’t want to die a noname. I want to die with fame or something of the sort in my pocket. I always knew I would die young. At 23 I don’t expect to live a long life. But what sucks is that I have hardly anything of value to my name. So that’s what I’m dealing with.

  • Acrians Locket
  • 11:37 PM
  • July 1st Wednesday 2020

Journal 262: Vahalle

I’ve done a lot of reflecting as of late. Since my lief may soon come to an end. Something the sun told me wouldn’t happen. You know its weird. I often talk to the sun and while it isn’t a constant he does talk back. Something I’ve been reflecting on is Vahalla. Something a lot of pagans strive for. I looked within myself and realized I wouldn’t want to go there. My afterlife would be all fighting. Not to mention that in order to go there I would have to be slain in battle. Something I would hardly want. No these aren’t metaphorical battles like that of mental illness or transgender struggle. These are literal warriors being slain.

I astral projected. I was topless. In front of some king of warrior. He told me to pick an animal and instructed me that I was in Vahalla. I picked the monkey according to him a unique choice but for anyone who knows me hardly. I was then ushered into Frigs Haul. She told me “I don’t normally allow men in my haul you should feel honoured” and I did, but I didn’t tell her that. She had a one to one with me. She told me she was Wodens wife. She told me he did respect me and that he did think highly of me, that he told me he didn’t to test me.

I left and later on met thor astral projecting again. Thor told me to write about our meeting in my journal though originally he wanted it omitted. Sometimes people tell me to omit things and I forget to. But anyways, we had a back and forth. He told me his father does respect me and that Woden does think very highly of me. He told me Adam ######## and Acrians Locket had two very different perceptions about Vahalla. I asked what they were. He told me “Adam ######## was seen as a bright thing and that Acrians Locket was seen as a madman” I told him that’s how I liked it. He asked why. I told him the ultimate advantage a warrior could have over an enemy is them underestimating them so two separate reptuations for two separate occasions. We had a back and forth and he complimented me. Saying I was kind and then he asked me if I’d join his haul when I died. He told me I’d be with the men since they were segregated based on gender and that I would have my own room. I told him yes and eventually did part with him saying “Write about this in that journal of yours” he did ask me if I was the chrisitan god, to which I said “Why would God reincarnate as a transgender anime obsessed crossdresser?” “I see your point”. That’s not the first time I’ve received the god question, I was once asked by one of heavens angels the same thing. Izirephael asked me that too when I was shit off my rocker. He said to me “Adam are you god? I know your delusional but I also know that your delusions are more than that so?” to which with a smile I replied to him “No I am not God I am as human as they come”.

If I was God that surely would be a plot twist eh? But alas I am not. It’s strange. The promises god has had me make him. I don’t believe im god. I did once when I was crazy. But even if the big man himself came down in a moonbeam of light and said “You and I are one Acrains” and asked me to trade my prefect record for others imperfects records I still would not believe it. No I am not god. But the path of divinity I say with a sigh is the path I am on. Whether I like it or not.

Lastly I met Artemis at the beach. I was astral projecting and I met up with her. The strange thing was is that she was actually nice to me! She unlike the norse gods did clarify to me that she didn’t see me as male which is the only reason she tolerates me. Her words not mine. She was nice to me. It was strange. She had a bow and arrow with her. I let it slip that Abandon was my familiar and she asked to see him. I said no. Abandon became embarrassed. When I was done with the astral projection Abaddon clarified to me that if I had let her see him she would have stolen him but that he was content not to leave me. Artemis is very protective of Apollo that is something I’ve had to learn the hard way. She did mention to me that she considered archery to be a worship practice which is why she got the archery ring near me closed amidst a pandemic going on in these 2020’s you don’t need to know about.

Lastly when I was talking to the sun he said “Do you like it when I’m old and stern?” about Abaddon. Telling me his Apollo form was a more youthful take on him. Say what you want about me but I am very glad I’m not drooling over Apollo anymore. Anyways that’s all for now.

Acrians Locked out.


10:15 PM

Journal 264: The wheel of the year

The wheel of the year is cultural appropriation. That’s an one trick easy way to clarify about it. The wheel of the year takes plenty of holidays from cultures who hated each other that were celebrated in conflict whith each other and puts em on a map congruent to each other. It’s a farse of a thing and honestly I find myself with a strong distaste for it. Recently I’ve found myself in the company of a celebrity on ticktock. I follow the work of Veteren Dust_hallow. He’s a user on the platform ticktock a lipsyncing/short content viral video producing app. He produces alot of content about “the fae” and the fair folk, the little people. He’s dedicated over 20 years of his life to studying old grimoires some not even in english some ancient texts that you half to custom order on it. He’s taught me alot from watching his content. I should clarify I don’t actually know him this is strictly a parasocial relationship. After the great fairy hoax of 1917 all new age resources on “the fae” the lesser gods, pretty much plummeted into falsehood. Great new age blabber that can’t really be recounted as reliable information.

One thing he’s nailed in my head is never accept a gift, they can lie depending on what your dealing with and in general they are flipping dangerous. People who want to sleep with them are cowards even though that is often how i “feed” my nymph wife. She was gifted to me by the queen of the black court. I was presented with several different nymphs of several different elements and she felt sensual and we bonded and we were married in my backyard.

I don’t have Dust’s experience. Truly if Dust like with demons, saw half of the shit I’ve pulled with the little people he would think I was an idiot who has survived on miracles alone. Something out there is watching out for me and I do have both demons and old gods protecting me. I even have the big kahoona himself watching out for me. If it wasn’t for all this protection I’ve garnered and these relationships I’ve established I truly would be dead by now. I accepted a flute as a gift from them, something that not much has come from that I play for them some of the time. It’s an astral flute. Sometimes I see different beasts in my backyard but it’s mainly pixies who have made their home. I often see them riding my dog Dekoda.

For a while when I was insane my house was covered in a dark black sludge that underneath was golden but it was placed there by these mischievous little people. A magician who was astral projecting that I knew online got rid of it, but it was still there for a long period of time. I can’t stress enough that most of what I’ve been doing with them could easily have gotten you killed if you weren’t majorly protected. I’ve also received forms as a gift.

Basically don’t be a Dionysus, don’t be an Acrians. My foolery has made me lead an exciting life and its a pure miracle that I am not insane, damaged, or dead. Soon I will be. Don’t think you can just “work” with the fae, it requires years of study, preparation, rules guidelines and alot of it is grimoires you have to painstakingly translate or get custom made not entirely in english. Point of the matter is this is a long condescending way of saying this is a new area of my life I wish to explore. I’ll soon be working with the fae. That’s one for the history books fellas.

Lastly I evoked Fuke Beelzebub per the instruction of a fly and my familiar of Belial. I drew his sigil upon white paper. And called upon him. This was how that went.

What would you say my progress has been towards the left handed path?

I wouldn’t know I haven’t been in your life, and you can write down these answers I prefer you share them.

What would you say my level is on?

Expert. Enough said.

If you fear me do others?

You promised me control and I intend to get it back.

Why did satan want to give me your title?

Oh I remember this. Because he thought you earned it which you didn’t. You really should’ve accepted regardless of my own feelings on the matter.

What is ready and when will I be?

Ready for ascension Acrians. Ready when its thrust upon you. You’ll never be ready till your in the moment making it happen Acrians.

He made note that I evoked him with his title “Duke” which signals “respect” and asked that I use his title from now on. He made a comment that I had grown as a magician. That I seemed more mature that I’ve changed. He made a comment about how “Lucifers shaped you”. He asked I sleep with his sigil under my pillow tonight. If I didn’t trust him or thought he was up to something I would’ve denied this request but seeing as Beelzebub is the demon I’ve known the longest and a demon I trust with my life I will honour his request.

So yes. That is where we are in the wonderful world of Acrians Locket.

-Acrians Locket

11:19 PM


Journal 245: I’m not an alien person part 2

So let’s be clear here aliens on planet earth as of the writing here are debated. This is something within this journal I’ve discussed before. Very briefly however. See my entry “I am not an alien person” I forgot which number there are so many of these damned things. II believe it to be entry 163 if I’m not mistaking.

So whenever a spirit is reaching out to me I normally see lots of imagery related to that spirit, signs and signals, on social media and around me and this has been happening with general aliens? Not only that but within my third eye however appropriative the term, I keep seeing a tiny spaceship with two greys watching me spying on me. I tried to talk to it, and it brushed me off cutting off the communication.

I sort of astral projected inside it? I met with a few aliens and their voices were comparative to the audio of a video sped up high pitched and wobbly, only they were making “wii” noises that I somehow do to this being astral was able to make out as english. I’ve said it once and I will say it again. I am not an alien person but to be frank about magick whether you wish to realize it or not all of magick and spirits “CAME HERE” and they had to have “COME HERE” from “SOMEWHERE”,

You really think the gods were born of this astral plain? Give me a break. I look down on humanity. I say this as a human myself. We are so feeble in a grand scheme of things. You look at what humanity acts like and its pathetic. You finally come into contact with something more than you and your instinct is to bow down to it, create idles of it, WORSHIP It, hell the whole act of worship that humans engage in makes us look pathetic. Just because something is more to you doesn’t mean you should gravel to it.That’s what worship comes across as to me. I’m not afraid to say it.

A species from what I’ve seen planet hopping on the astral, so behind in it’s technology and what it can accomplish and its people so docile. Of course humans are a laughing stalk. We’re cattle practically. But you didn’t pick up this entry to come here me talk about humanity being pathetic you came to hear me talk about the greys.

So yes. Aliens have always sort of been apart of my magickal journey. See the earlier entires about my visits with the men in black. I’ve been “abducted” in my dreams and visited by other races in my dreams per my request. Funny thing is every or most of the aliens I’ve encountered have been some kind of humanoid! I remember one species had me on their ship projecting, any place that you can physically visit can be visited on the astral, and they gave me a form like theirs, I looked in the mirror and freak out, it was humanoid but their were many folds with many eyes and i threw my folds off, they put me under the hospital table and practically glued the eye back on. I remember seeing a male one of them who I mistook for a woman because he was so beautiful.

Stuff like that has happened. I have no idea why they are watching my, and even now they are observing me as I write this. So I would like to reiterate that I am not an alien person. I will never be an “alien person” I’m not some intergalactic whistleblower you don’t have to worry. But I find it strange. I know I’ve made rounds with my journal, astrally, in hell and Asgard to name a few. But I never thought such a trite thing would get aliens interested in me! Weird.

So that has been something I’m interested in. I’ve also been looking into the fae some. Some good books on the topic I’ve found are the following:

The ancient book of fairy faith in celtic countries 1911

The four ancient books of wails

Don Cow

Don Bow

Like I said before I find great information in tick tockers DUST HALLOWS content. Heres a great link he did on the subject matter

If you are reading a physical copy of this book for whatever reason I apologize, that link is probably very very outdated by 2070 or beyond anyways so no need to replicate it.

Some basics I’ve learned about the fae:

  • Never let them “HAVE” your name
  • Never accept gifts
  • They can lie! It depends on who and what your dealing with, I’ve been lied to in my workings with them
  • Their are different courts
  • If you join a court ask for a counterpart to ensure your safety
  • The fae of scotland are different from the celtic fae and so on
  • Dobby is a slur and house elves are to be treated like a part of the family which is another reason to hate jkrowling
  • Never try to sleep with them
  • The fae realms are physical places, while you can even literally astral project to the moon these are places you go to physically! And its very hard to get back
  • If you do get back 100 years may have passed, you might suddenly age, go mad, or isane
  • Never dance with them, accept food and drink from them and so on
  • Everything comes at a cost

And those are just some basics. Laslty I plan to take a break from the forum. Some idiots have cused me on there and while I’m on top of the world and have felt little to no downsides its something satan has suggested for me so it’s something I’m going to consider.

If you’re reading on the forum you can find this journal continuing its updates here:

It’s been a fun ride, but I’ve been needing to take a break from that forum for a while now. I hardly interact with it anymore and rarely engage with E.A Koettings work as of late. Oh one more thing before I go. King Paimon broke off our arrangement. He told me it was by Lucifers suggestion and I got straight up angry with him. I wasn’t mad at him, so much as mad at all my spiritual allies leaving me and I was very happy to have him in my life with a mutually beneficial arrangement only for him to bitterly end it. I was recently told Gaap thought lowly of me and given how that arrangement ended I can understand why I should probably call him.

So yes. It’s been fun but that’s where I’ll end this first era of the book, as well as the journal on the forum. I don’t know how long this break will be but just know I’m taking one. I’m protected like hell so I haven’t really faced any devastation and if anything my life is going really really well but alas I’ll leave it here.

Goodnight journal will update on my normal blog soon.

Jully 9th 2020

4:31 PM

Update: It’s been a while forum. I’m back. I took a break from posting mainly do to Saten’s suggestion but for the time being I’m back on my bullshit. That was a joke. For the record when I’m god I normally post to my wordpress “”. It has a lot of missing entries since I’m not going to pick up where I left off but rather continue where I’ve from where I’ve been. My magickal journal if you don’t want to scroll up to read the whole thing, and please don’t its quite long, is mainly personal with magick just being the glue that sticks the whole thing together. My latest entry is mainly more personal since it’s been a while since I’ve really written anything of note.

Also note if your reading the journal for the first time at points I do mess with both popculture magick and go insane at earlier parts and it can be a sludge to get past those points before getting back to the good stuff. I had a spiritual friend translating the journal on the astral and he straight up stopped translating it around those bits because its so hard to keep reading after that point.

Anyways here’s the latest entry. I’m not a new member to the forum or anything the journal has just been taking a break I’ve still been on the forum.

Journal 282: “It warms my heart that I piss you off with the shit I post” - T.S Madison

Curses: An type of haunting spell that attacks a lineage of a person and harms them throughout the course of their lifetime and their descendants lifetimes.

Hex: A type of spell that harms a person until they’ve learnt their lesson.

Jinx: A prankster type of harm spell, that is more annoying then anything else like constantly finding peebles in their shoes or always missing the buss

The magician appeared before me. “I’m the magician that cursed you!” “Then leave” I threatened him and gave him a few warnings, he called upon an entity known as “Zozo” to attack me. The entity and I had a chat. “I’m not going to attack you Acrians. This boy wishes to learn from you. Why are you attacking him?” “He claims to have been the magician who cursed me, CURSED me, and offered to steal my familiar” paraphrasing. Zozo “he wants to learn from you why don’t you teach him?” “If he really is astral projecting I have pretty public ways to contact me. He should swallow his gut and use those” (Referring to my public email on my blog and website and my dms are always open on Balg forum). I’m all for teaching newbies magick, I’m in many ways a learner myself but attacking me is not the way to learn from me I assure you.

I’ve been hexed a few times do to the contents of my spiritual journal. It’s no secret that I’ve been posting it pretty frequently on my website “The Secret Diary of Acrians Locket” for a while now and split the full thing up into books by now. Currently I’m on book two.

Here’s the thing though avoiding hexes has always been pretty easy for me given my egregore especially when they are cast by newbie magicians who don’t know what the everloving fuck they are doing. I wonder what about my journal makes people’s skin crawl so much? I haven’t written anything groundbreaking or genre defining? I guess I’ll never truly know. I mean theirs some bullshit in these pages, those posts remain up to showcase my flaws to you. See the whole shivers pandablood saga. I don’t hide my mistakes as an occultist as many magicians in my field do. I’m not proud of them but I like to paint a 3 dimensional picture.

I’ve been making some strides with some demons that I can’t really talk about here but I did meet Lucifer and he did make it clear he wants me only working with him. I expressed honest interest in a pathworking with him and he asked me why he thought I deserved one. I told him I didn’t have an answer for that but I gave him a simple reasoning. His response was “that’s it?” “Yes” and I don’t know where we’ll go from there.

Recently I’ve been in mourning. My relatives have died as discussed in previous entries. I probably will come into some money as a result of this which will no doubt help my life in many ways but I can’t help but feel sorrow as to how this feet was achieved. It reminds of a bargain I struck with a demon some time ago. Some of it is finally getting revealed. One thing of interest was that my Guardian Angel took me on an astral tour last night. I asked him why he looks the way Lucifer looks to me. He told me Lucifer was mimicking him not the other way around. I forgot what the tour consisted of. I forgot most of what we discussed. But it was very very strange.

I’ve come to some self reflection as of late. I don’t like where I am. I don’t. I have fans on my youtube channel. I have fans of my secret diary. I have friends finally again. But I’m not really “happy” when I sit back and reflect upon myself. I’m living my best life. I have everything I could want. All the freetime in the world. A computer, a camera, editing software, countless games, a few costumes, books galore, no real world responsibilities I’m in many ways spoiled. But I’m just clenches fist over it. I want to explore. I’m tired of my normal. I’m not even depressed anymore. Outside looking for friends I show no traits of that. Just lonely.

When it comes to magick regarding evocation I got that nailed to the head. I know how to summon with a name alone, how to summon with a sigil, how to work with a circle without a circle, with elaborates without them. How to see spirits and how to hear them, how to feel them in a sense as well.

But I’m tired of evocation. My practice has become that alone and I’m sick of it. My nymph wife and I had a dispute where after the mourning process I yelled at her and she broke up with me but within a weeks time we got back together. Thor wants me to join his hall when I die but the faires of the blackcourt are adamant that I’m locked in a contract that I’ll become one of them upon my death. I don’t have much time left I was warned of my death ahead of schedule if it’s not all hooplah I have about half a year left, if it’s not to be believed then I’m good but who knows.

I don’t know why God, Satan, Isis, and Woden would all confirm to me the same lie, but I suppose knowing your ending is never quite easy as it appears to be now. It could be a test which I guess it was, it could be a lie, which I hope it is, but regardless being told by multiple entities “your going to die soon” isn’t the fairy tail ending I had hoped for myself. I met god again before he cut ties with me which was before all this hexing business. He told me he needed a break I acted in awe of him the way he always wanted from me and he got upset. “Isn’t this what you wanted?” “Adam it’s not my fault your life is the way it is”. Speaking of that I guess overall despite all the bad things that have happened to me, I have a pretty good life, at least right now anyways.

God this entry is so much more journal then magick, but this is a diary you set up to read. For a while I was going to have an agreement with Prince Stolas to write him two “almost” sonnets as I call my freeverse simply missing the iambic pentameter thus not marking their qualifier “sonnets”, in exchange for “giving me back morgan” but something scared him away most likely Lucifer and as soon as I was on line two of the first poem he backed out of the arrangement.

I got Barbatos to return Kathies higherself to her but I have yet to check up on it or hear any news from it as he said I would. It’s a shame. Remember kathy my friend who got hit by the car? Yeah. That was a thing. So anyways that’s all I have to really say. That god and I aren’t dating anymore so that’s a thing. I have a wonderful partner who loves me and that’s that.

Talk to you later journal Acrians out.

-Acrians Locket



Journal 284: The Moss ||| Sheldrake

So I went with my mother and her boyfriend to an outdoor concert today. It seems as though everyone in Georgia say for a safety mask or two is acting as though this pandemic is over.

There were foodtrucks and loud cover bands, singing every pop song and classic rock song that was palatable to the masses over the ages. I evoked Lucifer using a special sigil that he had given me that he has asked I do not share. While I have given out copies of this book/journal, no copy of this book that has reached the public’s eyes shares that sigil, he wants it private and I respect his privacy. I summoned him in a circle and he asked why no triangle. My answer was simple. “I’m told it can be a cage and I want to approach our operations with respect” “You really think a prison can imprison me!?” “I’ve seen it done before…” eventually we moved on to topics and discussed quite a few things. He warned me that do to a curse I’m under I will be receiving some terrible suicide themed news regarding my ant this Friday, news that will “shake me”. My last curse was removed by supposedly Marbas without any action from me or so I heard.

While I was at the food truck concert, I was sitting alone at the bench. The Black Man of the crossroads took a seat next to me. He discussed payment for the skill of which I will acquire. He noted that he tried to scare me with “police sirens, bugs, and demon imagery” but that I was bold and stayed, that the crossroads I was planted at didn’t quite “count” but that he would still give me the skill anyways, given I grant him 14 days of service this year. He told me it would be hard and I would have to drop everything I was doing, but that it would be doable and I would get my skill of guitar. He made note that he and other spirits could initiate me into Hoodoo, and made note of Hoodoo not Vodou, without the help of a priest. He also made note that he was a African American spirit and made sure I was okay with that. I explained to him my intrusive thoughts don’t represent my views on race. They are very much like a tick. A tick that distresses you.

We parted ways and he made note that my first task that he would give me a few days for was to take fools gold and bury it at a crossroads. So I suppose that’s my first homework assignment. In other news, spirit after spirit keeps telling me to be cautious of Aphrodite. I have no idea why. We have a….good relationship to put it lightly. We’re fairly pleasant. But even my familiar warned me of this so I suppose I’ll keep this warning by my bedside. I love her. And I do mean that.

Anyways, that’s all to report for now. Goodnight journal.

-Acrians Locket


11:01 PM

Journal 285: ICARUS ||| Bastille

I’ll keep this reflection to a minimum. He doesn’t want me writing about it. But I just have to write one note on it. I wasn’t a good person. I’ve always sort of known this. Regarding my past lives. I was surprised I was royalty the first time around. Surprised again that I was twice. Not always human but stayed around to continue to be. I was a terrible person. I kept regaining good positions and each time I was given a high status I reverted back to being an awful person. I don’t think I learned my lessons. Despite my demons telling me that it is not, one belief I hold to given what I have learned, is that Karma is most definitely real

But yeah thanks to my familiar I learned about who I was. Pandablood no where in sight. I guess it really was delusion afterall. It’s kind of comforting. Knowing that I’m not him… My familiar feels slightly betrayed that I even typed that much out about my past lives. He wants me to keep them as private as much given it was something he guided me on. But it’s my past lives I want him to see that.

God as I’ve known him has cut me off. Walked out of my life. To be clear the God that I was talking to used a familiar face with me and claimed he was the God that all one true Gods were descended from but that he wasn’t the Jewish or the Christian God. He was older than that. I was raised Jewish. Judaism is an ethnicity as well as a religion. It’s what we would call an ethno religion. It’s a culture as much as a faith.

It’s also something that’s been shoved down my throat since I was a child especially when I was an atheist. I have a huge distaste for it, and the symbols associated with it bring pain upon my demonic familiars so it brings me no sort of joy or belonging. I was never boughtmitvad and I don’t use my hebrew name. I hate it. Pure and simple. God expressed to me that he drove me away from the faith and that he plans on driving me away again which cutting me off has only seemed to be a seed planted in.

Lately my mind has been on curses and hexes. I’ve used them before but only in self defense. When you hex someone your very much aiming a gun at them. That’s what your doing. Your taking a pistol and shooting them in the head. Your aiming to kill. If you aren’t okay with that, don’t fuking hex somebody. It’s attacking 101, if you are not prepared for they worst amont of damage you could possibly do to somebody don’t fuking hex them. That’s basic common sense. Look at me now Morgan looks like I had some after all.

But yeah on the topic I have a parasite in my home brought on by an attacking magician. It took the face of my dead father across from me as I was sleeping. Then proceeded to rot the figure into a skeleton smiling in what I believe to be an attempt to freak me out or cause me sorrow. I’ve very numb towards my father’s suicide. It did nothing to me. I attacked it and banished a parasite that was on me and that was the end of that.

I keep going on astral travels. These exploits I can’t really share with you. It would break Belial’s trust in me, and overall they are fairly private. They involve Hell and astral projection and that’s all I can really say on the matters. They are extremely interesting though that I will tell you. I’ve started to have a relationship with two gods and was visited by Apollo in my sleep. It wasn’t urgent or anything of the sort he just was visiting me telling me he knew I liked having conversations in my dreams and it was rather mundane.

Lastly I sigh heavily, I have to order and bury that fools gold. That’s all really for now. I plan on doing a spell to get published, and that will be all for now. Not much exciting events happening in the wild wild world of Acrians Locket. But still. I had a talk with Occeair. It boiled down to him telling me he was also of passage and he wans’t transphobic that was it. So yeah that’s all for now. Goodnight.

-Acirans Locket

8:09 PM


Journal 286: Reality Shifting

Reality shifting in it’s essence is very similar to popculture magick. In it’s vain that’s why you don’t see many people talking about it. Reality shifting is also in many ways like a loaded gun. It’s at it’s core tied to multiverse theory. Everything that can happen, has happened in some form of alternate reality. I first discovered it through a transboy tick tock star named -Steller Chaos. I initially followed him because he’s a witch who speaks in monotone who reminds me very much of Morgan in his personality. They resemble each other so much despite being different people the biggest difference is the hair.

He introduced me to the topic. He also wasn’t cross about popculture magick while acclaimed occultists scauf at it. Reality shifting is exactly what it sounds like. You go from this reality to another one. It’s similar to traveling on the astral. It also includes time travel. Every reality is different. Every version of every space that can happen, has happened. Theirs a reality where I’m a cis male. Theirs a reality where I don’t exist. I’ve visited other realities before as I’ve mentioned in my dreams, that dinner with Jaymie and my grandfather. That dream where I met myself in fostercare with the child and the odd tattoos. If you’ve been keeping notes on my journal you may recall such. If not well then no worries.

He claims people don’t talk about their experiences with reality shifting magick for fear of backlash. I can attest to this. I don’t talk about my experiences with popculture experiments for the same reasons. People don’t take it seriously. Popculture magick is a mask. It’s a mask for whatever your “working” with. Atleast that’s always how I’ve used it. To actually believe these things are concrete on their own merit, well that’s another conversation entirely.

So reality shifting can teach you a lot. But I must reiterate. It’s a loaded gun. I am introducing you to fire arms. Though given I practice black magick is that really a surprise? It’s done pretty similarly to astral projecting. I call it glitchspace. The way you do this and I’m unsure as of the moment as to how to get back I’m assume it’s similar to astral travel, I know you eventually wear out, you can’t stay permanently in these places, is the following. Keep in mind these tick tock links won’t last forever.

“Okay so it’s hard to explain. Well sometimes but I’ll explain that later. That you can’t just waltz in there like it’s a place. Okay okay okay. So how to do it. Make sure you’re somewhere like in your room. Preferably your room. Make sure you are not like outside. Or around other people because if you reality shift, the people in the same room with you, will feel the effects. Imagine the room that you’re in. Only the room that you’re in. Imagine it moving. Imagine it kind of traveling through a portal. Shit will start to not feel real. It will feel like your somewhere else but it won’t quite look like it. But your walls will kind of look squigly. It’ll look kind of blurry. But that’s because your shifting and that’s what shit will look like when your shifting and sometimes when your shifting um things will be things that people call “glitches in the matrix.” Basically you’ll set something somewhere and suddenly it’s on the other side of the room. Pictures might switch places it’s really weird. But eventually you will reach another reality.” -Steller Chaos via this ticktock link

Honestly he’s a great source for information on this sort of stuff and he plans of as of the writing here releasing recourses for it. I plan on reality shifting but I am going to wait till I learn more from his videos first. From what I’ve learned my other selves have already sort of met up in the past, all congregated even. I was left out because of the power that I have acquired as a magician. Which really is a shame. I would have loved to learn about my other selves. As silly as it may seem the social media platform tick tock has a great new age community on it via hashtags #occultock and #witchtock and theirs some great community on there that’s fostered and growing.

I’ve learned so much about the fae through Dust_hallow’s videos on the app alone. Though he makes a lot less videos about that these days. Which is a shame in my opinion but that’s just me. So I guess that’s where I’ll leave this entry. Something to keep in mind. Acrians out.

  • Acrians locket
  • 5:17 PM
  • 9/10/2020

Journal 287: Leave the City ||| Twenty One Pilots

“Okay so I’m going to explain different types of scapes. There are dimensions/universes, scapes and realms. The astral realm is technically a scape. Why it is not called a scape is similarly to why the Caspian Sea is not called a lake. Because of the sheer size of the realm and then theirs the dream scape, and the mind scape. The dream scape is of course, the dreams. Where they take place. Then theirs the mind scape which is basically the mind and I’ll explain that later because way to much to go into. Because this is a practice where people are very afraid to kinda come out with their findings, there is not a definitive, term for the scape that you go to, to reality shift. I’m thinking something among the lines of multiscape or glitchspace, it’s hard to explain reality shifting separate from astral projection. Because of the similarities in how it’s done. It’s like the difference between a tiger and a lion. Both different animals. But both still cats. I hope some of that made sense.” -Steller.Chaos

That’s just a bit I felt like immortalizing in my journal. I know Tick Tock much like Vine (the app not the demon) and similar apps like it won’t be alive forever so I decided to keep some of Steller’s content in this journal to not just reach a wider audience via reality shifting, but also to keep it out there for when tick tock does eventually sink. Thank the gods he’s thinking about opening up a youtube channel. I don’t agree with everything the man says like insisting G##psy isn’t a slur, or defending pop culture magick, but overall he’s a pretty good magician with 5+ years of exp and he’s a young voice with a lot of knowledge that in my opinion even older practitioners can learn from. That is if you want to bite the bullet and download a silly app like tick tock that is. Lastly I set up a conversation with the goddess of friendship Bia and left her out an offering. I got the vibe it was accepted and that she would bring my friend back to me.

B: im surprised

M: what about

B: that you deny you #######

M: he made it clear we’re ########

B: is that the truth or a clever lie you tell yourself

M: its the truth

B: i’ll admit you had me off my guard. Surprised. I’ll give you that.

M: so genwas real

B: its concrete. Were gaining followers thanks to you. Your journal pulls them into us.

M: i see

B: im guessing your calling because you need my help with something?

M: your a goddess of friendship yes?

B: yes and not a god of war. I can be quite hostile. But that was never something I did. That was a miscommunication between you and I. However Bairtaste used to specialize in war. You should call him if you wish to explore that part of yourself.

M: I see.

B: so what is it. You want to reconcile a friendship?

M: could you do that for me?

B: I could. What would you give me in exchange?

M: what would you want

B: an offering. Of masturbation or tea

M: masturbation!?

B: don’t act so surprised. I know you used to give them to Bairtaste

M: I’d rather give you tea

B: sweet green tea and in exchange I will give you back Morgan was it?

M: yes

B: you will have to make the first move

M: I’ve tried. He refuses to respond.

B: have you tried talking it out with him?

M: yes

B: this might be harder than anticipated

M: he just ignores me

B: how close were you to

M: i was practically codependent on him

B: I see. Did he love you back?

M: he was a good friend

B: then I will bring him back

M: so sweet green tea?
B: yes leave it out tonight in your favorite mug and in exchange I will grant you back your desired Morgan.

M: thankyou Bia

B: you are welcome Adam

M: adam?

B: well if you deny you are ###### I will not call you ######

M: thankyou

B: your welcome goodnight

M: goodnight

being code for an entity tied to Pandablood that I want to remain anonymous and not divulge into here. I don’t consider myself an god or an aspect of any gods or goddesses. While my past lives tell me I was a king and even so before I was a human, I was not a god, and any connections to gods real or imagined, worshiped now or forgotten I wish to keep to myself presently and entirely. Good gosh I sound like a lawyer.

But on the topic of reality shifting the biggest occurrence of this is currently documented known as “the mandela effect” where people remember something completely on a large genrelation scale one way, but not the other. For example the mona liza, whether or not she was smiling was a huge topic of debate in one reality the one where I remember, but now currently that artistic debate and conspiracy has all but been wiped off the map where she can be seen smirking. There was even a wizards of waverly place episode about it. Whether or not people remember the television show as “Sex and the city” or as “Sex in the City” when old copies of the dvds can be found with both lettering. Whether the panic! At the Disco song goes “the god dammed dore” or “a dammed dore” and so on. Reality shifting isn’t permanent but it exists. I don’t really remember where I was going with this so I guess I kinda forgot about it entirely.

Also a fair warning. If you’re schizophrenic, suffer from dissociation or any other type of disorder where things just don’t “feel real“ or have unreality symptoms in general, don’t attempt reality shifting. Oh that also applies if you’re a maladaptive daydreamer. Your mental health should always come before magick. I can’t stress that enough.

Anyways, things have been going pretty well for me. I’ve been making alot of progress. I’ve been contemplating worshiping the gods. I’ve gone so long in my practice of not wanting to bat an eyelid at it and I know in my heart that’s not where I’ll go but I’d be lying if I said the temptation has not been eating away at me.

I recently found an old budhist mantra book I was scammed into buying a long ass time ago by one of those con artists you see trying that you can’t escape once you meet eyecontact you know the ones, when I was at a con with my old friend Kathy. I opened it up and saw that I had cut into several of the pages. That’s gotta be some bad karma. But it’s not the only sign I’ve received related to the philosophy known as buddhism as of late. In alot of ways knowing I was once something more? It kind of scathes me that no matter how bad of a person I was, I reincarnated as a lesser being, anyways that’s enough angst for now I know for a fact I’m coming across as a conspiracy theorist as is with this entry. I try not to do that. See my entires about not being an “alien person”.

Anyways that’s all I had to ramble about. Goodnight journal.

-Acrians Locket

11:49 PM


Journal 288: Goodbye Mr. A ||| The Hooseirs

What really bothered me about Reality Shifting in glitchspace as I have found it, is all the fools attempting to use it for escapism. When I was first brought into the fold I was told there were a few kids “using it” for this purpose. I knew of kids using it and multiverse theory to get away from “reality” by envisioning themselves in their favorite anime or something. I didn’t know it was a much more dire problem regarding the topic then I had thought. According to multiverse theory anything that can happen, has happened. So hypothetically I mean sure theirs a universe where you attend Hogwarts or whatever (and by this theory you could create one), but that really isn’t what you should be using reality shifting to do. Reality Shifting is a tool much like any other form of magick. It’s less for exploration of fantasy universes and more a tool for exploring oneself and a satisfaction of curiosity regarding the fabric of reality. At least in regards to my own operations.

I’m not here to police or gatekeep magick. But there has to be some kind of president and going to “the yugioh universe” or “naruto’s world” while hypothetically possible is exactly what’s keeping people from taking this new form of magick seriously. It’s what’s keeping this magick from being properly talked about and growing, it’s what’s keeping people from trying it, and honestly with that being the case I think maybe we do need some gatekeeping because theirs this new form of magick that is only being hindered.

That being said. I have reality shifted. In my dreams if you’ve kept up with this journal. Via my other selves. Anyways that’s all my final thoughts on reality shifting for now. Last night Belial my familiar took my astral traveling in the shower. Through a method he wishes to keep private he split my soul through heaven and hell. I’ve mentioned this before but after a certain amount of trying in the astral plain your consciousness when experienced like a spirit, you feel multiple realities at once.

It’s my hypothesis as to why spirits can be everywhere at once. They experience multiple realities at once. So I was experiencing heaven and hell at once. God greeted me using the face he always does. He took on a new perspective however. Telling me that sinners really did go to Hell despite his previous claims negating this. He told me Heaven would always welcome me, until I got knocked off the tree then the gates would shut to me forever. He told me I would go mad again, and loose my aunt that nothing I would do could stop these things. He told me no human could achieve the power of a “false idol” like that of Apollo or Aphrodite aka gods or himself. Then he said farewell and I stopped astral projecting.

So overall that’s been my experience. I guess that’s all for now. Good Day journal.

-Acrians Locket

3:49 PM


Journal 290: The Moss ||| Cosmo Sheldrake

I had a dream. My dog was being turned into a human boy. I saw a fae outside. I waved to him. He was small, like an old man, white with red covering his mouth, I waved to him. I went outside. Suddenly I was in my summoning circle. I walked outside of it to talk to him. “What’s your name?” “Acrians Locket” I responded. “What are you doing here?” “I live here” we got talking but I forget the subjects. “Can you tell me what I did wrong?” “You stepped out of your circle which can hardly protect you from me when your outside of it. You gave me your name which gives me power over you.” eventually I remarked. “Well you see I work with Woden….so” “Odin works with everybody”. I woke up.

Eventually I went to sit outside. I saw the same fae. “Can you see me like in the dream?” “I can’t see you physically but I can see you from my third eye yes” “Is your name Acrians Locket like in the dream?” “It’s an alias…” I didn’t want to tell him it was my magickal name. “What’s your name is it #### ### (dead name)?” “That’s my dead name I don’t go by it.” we got talking and he seemed impressed by me. He offered to make me a deal, where I would be taken to the faerie realm for a year and returned to earth our plane 100 years in the past, and I told him no several times because I like my life here in this reality. He told me he was an elf and king of the black court which I didn’t honestly believe him on. He asked me what I expected out of working with the fae and my answer was honest, curiosity.

So that was that interaction. I honestly had not much more to talk about. I have some tasks I am to do regarding some service for some spirits but I’m not at tome to talk about it. So goodnight journal.

-Acrians Locket

12:15 AM