The second incantation in the first exercise


I’d like to know what the second incantation is in writing. When I heard E.A. speak it, I was sure that I had seen that incantation in Kingdoms of Flame, but I can’t find it anywhere in the Complete Works.
And it’s hard to tell exactly what is being said when E.A. say the incantation in the video.

PS: Both me and my gf are super excited about this video course. We haven’t seen it all yet, but so far it’s absolutely incredible! Thank you for it!


I don’t ever recall seeing it in any book that EA has put out… Hopefully it will be in the Workbook we will get after the 7 day’s are up, as it does sound like it has some power to it…


It was originally posted here in the forum before it came up in the course.

"Itz rachu mantantu vespacha kaltamu

Itz ranta matkala mantatzu belt tazu

vaskalla itz ratzu mantanu velchatza"

There are all sorts of little nuggets strewn throughout the forum by now. If you’re newer here, you should really make a point to pick through some of the older threads. I’ve got a whole folder stuffed full of glyphs, sigils, exercises, mantras, etc.


as Sultitan_Itan wrote… it can be searched for in the forum (just enter the words), but here link to it…

(its actually a slight revision to the activating of the 4th Flame OAA)-

From one of the BALG Newsletters: "It is not enough to speak out loud, the words must be spoken directly to the audience. It requires the peculiar attitude of speaking to someone who, at the beginning, is not apparently present."
Spoken in that way, a subtle affect- increasing over time- not as harsh-dramatic… I’ve found myself drawn to that since I first saw his post on the above forum posting comment… (EA sort of references “what is it aimed for” but the first “what does this incantation mean?” not sure- intranslatable? as he wrote, it was given to him by Entities…

a different quote:
Tome p524 (QAV Ch5): “Opening the Doorway- all the power and abilities of the Master rely on this ability; to turn his Attn inwards, to be silent, and to listen.” response?

(ie that last word meaning: is there a response to the incant… from what? how? -part of the meaning, but there is a re-tuning process)

-tie this with "darkness-breathing exer and the Black Sun exer… all3?


Thank you, Sultitan_Itan and taokua!

:)    -A thought I had about this, I wonder how EA received these in terms of "modality" if he Heard them spoken ~sound, or even thought the sound aspect it seems they would be in Phonetic.  

< < later Edit- Thx EA for chiming in about this, more info on these aspects.  Now I know, re the above question :)  > >

-While this phrase and others (KoF, EE and such) often use diff letters, K C ck, etc.    And spelling at time not as clear.    So then I thought I wonder if he Saw them in Written form   
 (thus like the Grand Invocation of the Pact..  was both the "alien-written-chars"and the "how it is spoken" seen in text form?  either as picture in his mind, or "they" wrote it- etc.  ?   

espec as the "alien-written-chars" (some think could be archaic Aramaic, yet may just be visually similar.. regardless- it seems to be 15 unique chars- or perhaps 14 if that ' is paired with another).. 

and since Alash.. and T sound is repeated 3 times, the 3 clusters should be repetitive if phoenetic  (even if say Ogham.. Al and Ash were chars.. then T and Ad or Odd.. which would be 4 chars..  still duplicated in the others?)

So any way- more wondering what else that reveals rather than the previous comment some have made about “why were they written phonetic”/“how is it pronounced”… if I was to try and write out a strange sounding-I’d automatically sound-spell. So the fact it doesn’t seem to be, makes me wonder-

Thus 2 things… if it was received as “spelling” then the visual aspects (shape of the chars- both those chars written in the Circle, as well as the Roman letter spelling) have a greater importance than the sound. And perhaps the writing of the 2 versions is more impacting than the saying of?

(like medieval magic systems where the key is having a “book” and reading aloud from it what you’ve written in it- not as it is notes reminding you what to say, but the see-say is the magic… having read aloud, and written into the Book becomes magically enfused. -lasts longer in time, and references a musician (not sure about other instruments, but piano and I believe those in an Orchestra, even if one knows a piece fwd and back, still reads the music as they play- to make it each time anew… idea of in eyes and join with “knowing the melody” to emerge via the fingers and result sound)

Anyway- I don’t know how the visual shape aspects might be addressed in the course (I haven’t viewed/purchased it yet), the aspects of mind-mood etc affect of looking at different shapes (beyond yantric to letters… we go beyond see A B C to know their meaning and sound… but A= triangle with bottom raised (not that the analysis is signif, but how gazing at triggers in mind a state… like Sigil or Seal Opening…

but is there a saturation level of too many (ie a page with a symbol- like a sigil, can be "opened" but if the page is filled- even a page of "text" does our Brain/System notice each indiv char in our visual-field or just "read it"
      -and yet the Chapter in QaVs  that gets impactful (were that Seal is shown EA opened found in J. Smith's ~thought to be Egyptian, that Seal has all kinds of little sigils and symbols.. how much is received all at once by the eye  (and could a Page of Text, or a paragraph, have the similar type of Gateway info if "Opened & Then Called Near" .. vs just read.. (hiding in plain sight in Grimoire "books")

<< Edit: added later, after posting above, I ended up stumbling on this video… relates to a layer “Augmented Reality” but instead of using a Computer to “Translate” and present mixed with Video on a display-screen… to have CNS-brain (vs computer) and into your perception (vs on a “TV/Computer-screen”)… actually related to some John Dee “higher-dim” viz/medieval-renaissance esoterics as a way to overlay or Augment sensory experience…
Augmented Reality

“May-Ah-Tuh _ So-Val-Ah _ Vaskallah…”


With this in particular, it was spoken to me, audibly, and those who spoke it told me to repeat it again and again, so I learned it phonetically, and then wrote it down.

This incantation, as well as others, are given in the grimoire section of the workbook!


“This incantation, as well as others, are given in the grimoire section of the workbook!”

  • E.A.

Thank the Dark Gods EA!!! I was up at 2:30am last night watching and re-watching that section, tired, sleepy, and trying to keep up with you repeating that in the vid. I contemplated writing it down…rewinding that section…then I said to myself…“Self…there has to be an easier way. SOMEONE on the Forum has this, or can direct me to where it is!!! I have ALL of Koetting’s material, so, it’s either in TCW…or hopefully in the Course Work Book”…

Yay…course work book.

Thanks again all!!!


So far…so good…OH SO GOOD! The course (if one really is paying attention) is set up to assist us far beyond what we can possibly imagine.

I’ve said it before in various posts 'round here…EVERYTHING that one could possible want or need is ALL in the TCW (or EA’s books if one does not have the TCW) and our Forum’s Video Course Material’s.

I don’t mean to keep harping on this, but, point is that some of us remember 20yrs ago…there was NOTHING on this stuff ANYWHERE. EA addresses this himself in one of the introductory sections during his own quest. Thank you for addressing that EA.

And a BIG THANK YOU to Timothy & EA for truly being “cowboys” and releasing this level of The Art to the public.



Man, I gotta say…That incantation
"Itz rachu mantantu vespacha kaltamu
Itz ranta mant kala mant atzu belt tazu
Vaskalla itz rachu kantantu velchatza"
is one sick incantation! I’m in love with it!
In general I just haven’t ever felt energy being moved so interestingly as it feels when reciting this incantation.
The two times where I cited it in just the right way, i started to get one of my old epileptic seizures. The first time, I got the seizure full blown. It was lovely! Really. Yes I know it sounds weird, but I like my seizures…they are weird and intense, and I like weird and intense.
The second time, I stopped chanting just when I felt the seizure starting, interrupting it’s course right there.
This incantation is incredible! Thank you E.A. for sharing it!