The seal of the bulgarian

Hello everyone
Once a time ago my grandmother come to visit us and she gave me something like a coin with various religious and occult symbols on it.
She told me that was dropped from Russians on the place where she works.
When I saw it I instantly remember for a novel wrote from bulgarian Mason which fron cover of the book has the exact same symbol(by symbol I mean the coin).
The novel is called The seal(or the symbol) of the bulgarian(Знакът на Българина)
So here is a photo that I took from Internet when I write the name of the noveltheseal I can’t take a photo of the coin because my mom one day watch a video where some guy talked about how the symbols of other religions musn’t be in on house or something like that kind of shit, so she called my dad to take all other symbols from anything else that isn’t Christian and to throw it away out of our home.
And she told him several times for the coin.
She somehow just hated it( the coin not my dad)
She told that she was always feeling “BAD” or negative energy since I received.
I was very angry about that not only for the coin but because we were on vacation to Egypt and bought a lot of things from there and were thrown in the trash the next day we came back home.
So my question is:
Did anyone know what that symbol(the coin) mean.
Also it looks like my nation also has our own runes and many of them aren’t deciphered(here are the deciphered)

I was a little bit surprised when I saw the pentagram and that it has a numerical value of 101.
Also did anyone also what means the symbol IYI.

Thanks in advance

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That’s a beautiful coin. The Christian fanaticism is terrible. By her own account then every dollar bill and coin currency should be tossed out of the house as well. All store icons, the computer, and just about everything. Tis a pity some people are like that and so terrified of a religion bent on only subjugation and conquest. That is just how the hierarchy likes it… bowing, subjects that never look up to see or question the “truth.”

Sorry for the loss of memories that the object tossed into the trash could bring up. I’ve lost a lot of stuff in my life and objects for me are a past, nostalgia, and can bring back surface memories of “back when.”

Some say, its never truly lost and those that search will find it again in some form. I’ve had that happen as well. I actually haven’t looked at Bulgarian currency so I’m only going by USA currency and its just loaded with symbology.

sign of bulgarin


The sign
The sign

A forgotten secret intertwines, causing a war of supremacy and deadly battles between America, Russia and the Vatican …
A mystery that can only be read by a Bulgarian, a mystery that can only be unveiled in a specific place in Bulgaria…

What will all this lead to? How far will the battle for supremacy between the secret societies, the aspirations of the politicians, the behind-the-scenes games of the oligarchs come from, and whether a nation, a nation, a country will be taken out of an economic and spiritual crisis unprecedented and unprecedented? Will the dust collecting legend in the archives of the Masons and the Illuminati save Bulgaria?
Find out in December on TV7! A joint production of Story Studio - Story Studio, TV7 and News 7.

Author: Ninka Georgieva

got that off a blog.

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I then tell my mom Some day I will find the coin and will be mine again but it’s not a currency.
And yes this is the novel.

A website you might be able to read:

I’ll try the translator program for the rest of us:


To exchange information with the surrounding field, one has seven windows to the world. Only through them is it communicated to reality. Each of us is an incredible laboratory to which the environment constantly supplies the presence, condition and change of the five subtle elements - light, heat, sound, smell and taste, which in India are called the five tattvas. To compare them with their own values ​​and to respond to possible dangers. But we are all different, and we perceive and evaluate environmental information differently. A person who even has one of the windows closed could not cope without the help of others.

While the sensation of warmth, the perception of sound and light is through the skin, ears and eyes, the question of the intensity of the field and movement, or in other words the sense of the presence and change of the field - of electromagnetism, is related to the sixth sense, which is developed. to varying degrees both in humans and in animals, with the proviso that animals are in some cases favored, as evidenced by their massive migration and excellent sense of orientation.

With these four senses, nature has made us aware of what is happening on the largest scale in the universe. We focus on the three physical qualities of the environment, the value and change in the intensity of the field and its direction. We need them for our existence, accepting them from the outside and letting them out, using only one part in ourselves, seeking to maintain the necessary balance both within us and between us and our environment. These senses are physical quantities.

The other two senses, taste and sense of smell, serve to orient ourselves to the external environment, to receive food and to breathe, which are perceived externally and used inside our bodies as they are processed. In this case, too, animals are more favored than humans. These senses report chemical quantities.

During the various stages of evolution in the animal world, a different number of windows - the senses, are opened in sequence. If we have to say briefly what a man is today, we will not be wrong to say, Man, this is his mind.

The mind is the seventh window that brings us to the ultimate goal of our existence - knowledge. Only he can store the information coming from other windows, make sense of them and build a picture of reality. Therefore, it is important not only how open the other six windows will be to bring credible information to mind, but also how open the seventh window is to the world and how much of it is visible in our mind.

The symbol of fate is the dice for play, and at conception, fate illuminates, enriches the mind with it - how many windows to open and how many to open. Therefore, the mind, the seventh window, is open to reality to varying degrees for the six senses.

• When open to the knowledge of light, man is an artist.
• When open to sound, is a good musician.
• There are extremely sensitive people about the aroma and taste. They are excellent tasters.
• Those with the sixth sense are clairvoyants, psychics.
• And those with an even, heightened sense of more senses are good analyzers.

“Please let my son live with me.”

"He will come with me." I will temporarily call him the Devavrat and after a while when he is ready for it, I will return it to you.

Indeed, over time, Ganga returned King Shantanu’s son and life in the kingdom and narrative in the Mahabharata continued. And in honor of the beautiful Ganga, they named the big river by its name.

“The breath becomes the stone, the stone - the plant, the plant - the animal, the animal - the man, the man - the spirit, and the spirit - the god.” This is how the ancients described evolution - Dharma, Dhao, the Way. Man is a passenger and travels this way. He has reached the fifth time (race) - man. But as I wrote above, we are all different, and some of us are still closer to the fourth race - to the animals, while others are ahead of the crowd and closer to the sixth - to the spirits.

We must now put our heads together proudly. Let’s not look low in the earth - to think and fight only for the intimate, and to be our supreme god. Let’s look ahead and up. Let’s see that we are children of an infinite mysterious universe, not just our beautiful mother - the Earth … that we kill.

The symbolism in the number seven is at two levels:

• Esoteric - for the seven directions of the lower water cycle. For the seven directions of radial motion. In the second period, the direction is one - from all sides to the center, and in the fourth direction there are six - from the center outwards, to all directions - left and right, back and forth, up and down.

• Occult - for the seven human windows. This is also the symbolism in the passage from the Mahabharata. The seven “drowned” children are the connections of man with the Universe - the seven paths to the seven windows of man, and the eighth son, is the body in which are the seven windows or the seven doors or the seven seals - the senses and the mind. It takes nine months to build it in the womb.

But there are other, character symbols with the number seven that are known but still not understood in my opinion.

In the next Egyptian drawing, we see a large, arched female body hugging the other four like an arch. It is the goddess Nut - a symbol of the Upper Water, the astral, the interstellar vacuum. Therefore, the body is painted with stars. The recumbent body, lower in the middle, is the god Geb. It is a symbol of the earth’s core. So his body is black. From it stands the god Shu, a symbol of the earth’s field. Leaving the nucleus, it splits into two poles - both arms raised upwards. On both sides there is one god - the two aspirations - gravity and levitation that support both his hands - the two poles of the field.

God Shu, with his hands raised, and the two gods around him, form the esoteric mark RASA LILA - IYI, from the symbolic RUR system. This sign was found everywhere where there were Bulgarians. The free edges of the features in TIME LILA are seven.

Archaeologists have discovered a bronze rosette during excavations in Pliska. On the seven and the beam there are signs from the symbolic systems RUR and KHA.

Recently, from a TV series and other shows, we learned about the Bulgarian Sign. And it is an ancient Bulgarian sign from the esoteric sign system RUR, for the fourth period of the cycle of our planet and, more precisely, for the time in which we live today. The Christians only added the rainbow to it, at the top right of the vertical line, and declared it a Christian sign. The two slashes are the letter X and the vertical, with the rainbow - the letter R. The first two letters of the name Christ.

But the RUR signs and the whole system are converted to another sign system - KHA, as follows. “Bulgarian Sign” is transformed into a six-pointed star - Khala or Zamar, Samar. It symbolizes the same thing as the Bulgarian Sign - the fourth period on our planet - the time we live in today.

72b81d_f4ea4d06a2cd440697eb512610d6d1ea 72b81d_fae5b0b5cfde43249262a954bfc87466
And to make it a symbol of the whole circle, a small circle or a dot is placed in the middle of the KHALA sign. Thus, the directions in it become seven - one inward, in the second period and six outwards - in the fourth.


Until now, the seven-fold signs were esoteric, referring to the circulation of the lower water - to the construction of our planet - the Earth. But there are also dual purposes: esoteric and occult - for humans. Such is the dice for the game, a symbol of the seven directions in the circle, but also a symbol of fate, when used for predictions and for drawing. At conception, fate illuminates, enriches the mind - how many windows to open and how many to open. Therefore, the mind, the seventh window, is open to reality to varying degrees for the six senses.

The middle of the dice, as well as the middle of the hexagon with a point in the middle, is our mind, in which the knowledge of our six senses - from the six sides of the dice or the six rays of the hexagon - is collected, and in the opposite way, from our mind, it should to bring out wisdom - our knowledge of the world.

In addition, the number of points on opposite sides of the dice must always be seven: six and one, five and two, four and three.

Another occult symbol, the symbol, is the seven-fold menorah. The middle flame in it is a symbol of our mind and the other six are our senses.


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I Have no idea why the site translator wasn’t working. Doing it manually kind of sucks.

Our mind + 6 senses… who wants to take a stab at the 6?

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10Q for the information I really appreciate it.

NP. It was a casual search based on the picture you provided. I’m sure there are more in depth explanations and perhaps more accurate. Its good to have a lot of works to compare and contrast via different sources. It is pretty fascinating.

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