The seal of sorcerer from the Kingdoms of Flames

I was wondering how I can use the seal of the sorcerer in my workings.

I am planning to draw it on a computer paper and use my blood on it to consecrate it

Should I do it that way or some other way?. I wanna intensify my rituals for better results. Anybody worked with that seal before?


Using your blood will create a very strong connection and in some ways bond you to the Spirit or ritual. (Please correct me if I’m wrong, thanks).

Where in New York are you? I’m on Staten Island.


The Seal of the Sorcerer is only for use with the spirits from Kingdoms of Flame. It is a sign of the magician’s authority to call upon those spirits. It is similar in use to the lamen used in Kabbalah work, and I am not aware of any application for it outside of the workings of that particular grimoire.

Nor do you need to use blood on it.