The Sea Of Glass & Crystal Fire: Ritual

So I did the Lake of Fire ritual a few times already in the past, and i chose to do it again tonight.
At the End, Belial distinctly said,
“Go through The Sea of Crystal Fire.”

I knew it had to do with Angels.

I also It was something I had to do because it made me uncomfortable as fuck.

At any rate, I just did it.

Here is the Ritual:

The Inverse

If you already know the procedure for the Gatekeeper Ritual, simply invert everything.

You will banish using a standard latin banishing, then you will make the tablets of the 4 Demonic Gatekeepers (OR VIZUALIZE THEM) and you will say,
“Before the Kingdom of Heaven can rise, the infernal empire must fall.”

Smash the tablets at the 4 cardinal points.

This is the part that made me uncomfortable:
Feel All Demonic Power Leave the Room

Afterwards, call The 4 Angelic Gatekeepers, Raphael, Gabriel, Michael, and Uriel.

Thank them for coming and ask them to open the Door to the Sea made of Fire & Glass.

You thought the trance in the Gatekeeper Ritual was deep? Well you’re in for a suprise.

Proceed as usual and when you wake up, you will find that you are more Divinely Powerful and somewhat Inhibited. I was hesitant to say the word “fuck”.

You see what i mean.

This ritual serves to mainly empower you with DIVINE power and destroy preconceptions that you have of Angels. I came back realizing that angels may display themselves and feel as though they are soft, but in reality are FAR from it.

You will not lose any denonic power youve gained. It just sets you in a realm of Blinding Light and Godhood.

Think suddenly being transported to Kether, unprepared :joy::joy::joy:

Try out the ritual, comment on results.
Im excited to see where this is headed


Sounds magnificent!!! :sun_with_face:

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