The same demon to incite love on 2 targets?

I have a conundrum, so I thought I 'd might ask around before I do anything stupid. I 've been opening the sigil of a demon to incite love/lust for a certain guy. Suppose I now open the sigil of the same demon for another guy. Would this mean an anullment of the previous request, for the previous guy? The reason I am asking is because I ve read somewhere that once u open up a sigil to incite love, the demon will do anything it takes to make it happen.

as you open the demon sigil?

I would burn or bury the sigil you’ve been using - bring the previous operation to an end. Then make a new sigil for the new ritual. The exception would be if you want to induce lust in two different targets simultaneously, in which case I would recommend using two different spirits.

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Thank you! that makes sense!

you might want to work with beleth. beleth can bring love from more than one person until you are satisfied, if that is what you are looking for.

Fool,i git a qestion, beleth,is a goetic. Spirt,or velet,demonic? I tnk im Confucius,ir misspelled?

ja alkjrewo arekcis li vmzsi.

because unintelligible questions deserve unintelligible answers.


Beleth is a Goetic. RO says she will fill your life with so much love you will want to undo it.


@The Fool; he meant:
I have a question; I understand that Beleth is a goetic Spirit,; but is Veleth a different demonic one?
Then he said he thought he was confused. Are those both the same Spirit or did he actually misspell the name (for the first name or the second one) if they are different. He simply wants you to enlighten him here.
Now reading it again, it is bloody ridiculous question, isn’t it?

i honestly didn’t understand the question, but this is the internet and snark rules everything around me, so i had to give 'tude.

i love beleth

Mind sharing your experienced with Beleth, Andre?

are many experiences, I’ll tell you, I evoked beleth, and the same day I had sex with two girls, was not penetrative sex but it was sex you understand? one morning and another
the night I had other experiences too, this spirit is very strong, he fires people in sex

he also told me what I needed to do, how it should behave so that he could act

another great spirit is frimost, I use a strategy, use a spirit to attract love in general, okay,when there is the right person I use Dantalion and Paimon to manipulate her mind

another good spirit is erzulie, very powerful, I had an incredible experience with voodoon, erzulie is very strong also


JKS says Frimost is very powerful. For death magick also. Not one to be messed with. He compares him to a dark Dionysus.

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