The sacred magic of Abramelin the mage

Hi everyone,

I’m busy reading “The sacred magic of Abramelin the mage” translated by SL MacGregor-Mathers in 1897 and wondered if anyone else had read it? If so, what were your thoughts on the book/teachings? And have you worked with the magic squares at all?

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Yes, i have read it.

I have not done the Operation though, and the only square I have used is the SEQOR square for money. It’s probably the most popular lol

How well did it work? I usually use sigil magick - is there much of a difference in results?

Have you evoked abramelin the mage?

The main difference in using the squares as compared to a spirit seal is that the square calls upon multiple spirits at once rather than a singular one.

I’ve posted about my experience with the square elsewhere but, basically, for the longest while it never worked for me, but when I really needed rent money, it suddenly did and brought me what I needed within 3 days.

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Good to know, I’m still only on book one so I’ve obviously got a long way to go still, but I see that he warns against the use of sigils in favour of the squares. I’ve always used sigils and had decent results - so I’m curious to understand the difference in methods.

Do you recall what the other thread was called, I’d love to read further.

No, I’m just busy reading the book

If you click on his profile and scroll down by a little bit, you should see “Top Topics” and under that, is a blue highlighted …see more, fr there, you can browse your required thread about the topic you’re searching for.

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I’m new to the squares and I’m worried about messing up, I’m after the become a girl one, I wouldn’t mind seqor for money either

@luxfero maybe you have some information

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Yeah, I use it a lot. And as many believed that the square calls upon multiple Spirits because of its names, it isn’t always like that. It also depends on the art you use the square for.

I also find out that if you use one of the square that has like 4 to 5 names, at times only 2 entities will show up, the others won’t answer. One time I summoned those that didn’t turn up, and they said the two that came are sufficient for what I want.