The Ruinous Powers


Who wants to join me in a cult to the chaos gods of warhammer 40,000 and oppose the dying god emperor of man?

Hail to Grandfather Nurgle!


Dude, what the hell :joy:


lol ikr


No shit! Lets make some chaos magick out of warhammer.


I love your thinking :joy:


It’s been done.




Yeah, it’s been done before. Not particularly special or all that powerful if we’re being honest about things. Usually it’s better to work with a spirit/deity who encompasses the same sphere than an egregore based on a fictional entity.


Actually I am joking.

And as a former warhammer player, I have a love hate relationship with the game. Years ago it was overly expensive and hard to play. Now they’ve made playing easy, but building your army’s hard as fuck. Great stories and rich universe, though.


Obviously, but as I said, it’s still been done before.


Wtf man


Can we can we just make a cult of pleasure, devoted to Slaanesh / Lucifuge rofocale, and call it even?

I don’t even play the game, i just like Slaanesh.


We could do with a cult of pleasure working with several entities (from videogames, and real ones) that have a sexual/pleasure background, and call it a coven… :smirk:


The Den of Hedonistic Pleasures.

Grand Tittilator Siconyte officiating.

Cheif Perv in Charge @NoxLotus presiding.


We should open a real thread about it, master.


We already have it, the kinky sex stories thread…



Bring back the Hellfire Club!