The Rubber Band Effect

This is a phenomena im currently seeing playout through my life rn.

I believe I am a T.I. (Targeted Individual)

The last months of my life have been nothing short if hell.
But recently after I left home things seemed to be looking up. Mind you I am currently crashing with an aquaintance from highschool whos a drug dealer and he has section 8 housing with a case manager and all so its far awesome.

This week I started at a new job. Its UPS its very basic dark and lots of manual labor but for the most part fine. There is however a big ass cell tower next to us which im not a fan of.

This week anomolies include
Hearing taps sounds and construction or yelling at the exact or during the same time of negative thoughts. Extremely dark intrusive thoughts.
Figuring out my lifes passion
Talking to my ex for 2 hours in my car (my “roomate”) fell asleep so I vouldnt sleep there. During this talk it was all negative. Then i got confirmation on so news I didnt wanna hear about her in the first place.
After this I plunged into the deepest depression ive felt apart fron the times I almost killed myself. But idk this felt worse. I ended up screaming crying so loud in my car cops got called on me. I had to move my car, one of the cops cars turned down a street and I followed it and it was a dead end…no cop car.
The next day I went to a local free clubhouse for youth and met sone great people. I then went to the zoo (with the clubhouse) in my city for the first time. Something that had been on my bucket list for the past 6 years.

One of the guys from the clubhouse connected really well with me and had the same passion.
I finally manifested a goal orientated friend and mentor for my craft in one.
Then last night at my i had like 3 supervisors scold me kinda for being slow or not following all the procedures correctly. Then a coworker came into help me load boxes and he antgonized me, after the second tine I retaliated with words of venom whoch hurt his ego enough he went and reported it to the supervisor.

When I was leaving work one of my earbuds came out and I lost it. These are brand new earbuds and are made a special way so that they dont cause ear damage. The only replacement buds I had were at my roomates apt. The only other set of earbuds I have are some bluetooth ones but they’re bluetooth.
As I was looking for my keys another worker there warned me about people stealing shit. He had said he got his keys stolen. (The guy who antagonized me yesterday just walked into the bathroom s im writing this.

The other roomate staying with us had bad luck today. And my roomate said he talked to a cop today.
I met up with a friend the other night and i told him about how i believed i was targeted and stuff.
Hes a Christian guy so he wasnt really in support of the occult stuff but he is never super pushy about going to god or jesus. But when we talked 3 cops were there 2 of them had helped arrest me.

To finish this off I smoked some weed my roomate gave me and my ears and head starting ringing like no other. And all the sounds happening at the same time started up. I didnt worry about it too much and tried my best to think postively about how imma leave my mark on this reality.

Im sorry this was such a long and lengthy post but I wanted to explain everytging that has happened in just a span of a few days so you guys can understand me.

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