The root of my HATE!

So I posted another thread about how I am filled with hate. I meditated on this matter and felt it pertinate to tell the truth As a child I grew up with an alcoholic mother who was hell bent in her own destruction. For 15 years I watched her die completley powersless to helping her. I saw her on life support twice and in the emergency room at least 30 times in critical care. I begged her to stop with all my heart but she would not listen. And the worst part is my own father was the one supplying her the booze. It made me cold. Since then I have kept the world at an arms lenth. My brother is in prison because he cant menatally deal with what has happened in our lives. He chooses to escape and I choose to hate. I hope by telling this story it is the first step to setting myself free. Until now I have suppressed this tale with caloness and hate. This is the truth on why I am filled with hate. If anyone is reading this and has the same mind state I encourage you to tell your story. Let the slate be washed clean. It feels so much better than holding it in!

I see where your comming from, I watched my mom die from the same thing a little over 8 years ago. You just need to know that when someone is hell bent on their own destruction, there’s not much you can do, they won’t change unless they want to. Mine didn’t want to.

In my life my father was the one to seek his own destruction and his family’s.

He let a lot of trouble after passing away. And worse thing is some family members are following his path

As andreeje says one sometimes only can get out of the way and save himself

Thanks bro that was just what I needed to hear. It’s time for me to move onwards and upwards.