The Ritual of Three Breaths

Shared because that’s how I roll.

This working uses things at my desk, ready to grab, but you obviously can amend it to what works best for you. I will tell it how I tell things. If something is vague, there are reasons, and it is for you to divine how to interpret things for your own makings.

My target is one of many that I view as dangerous for interests. I’ve been slowly “building” to these days and tonight things have come about. When I saw this target, I knew it was time.

This required I start by drawing a circle after a more than usually serious for me fashion. A cigarette was my athame, a match with sulfur was my flame. Standing in the place I am the most, I turned four directions and cast myself to the winds, drawing the circle.

By the time I had made to the 2nd point, I was not just standing on the planet but also in The Council on High space (it has many names) where my Peers were gathered. They wore white robes with their faces hid. They calmly watched me.

I revelled a moment that I stood there and had their attention. It has been years, and it felt good - like going home or just being vindicated. But I could not bask long in the lack of loneliness, for I had a job to do. I took another circling step.

As I came around to the final point, I cast protection; a glossy dome of soap bubble colors. The fact that I was seeing colors and clear imagery meant that things were indeed working very well.

I locked sight to my target and lit the match. The cigarette was my straw, and I used the tube to reach out and grab hold of what I needed. I took away the ill-gotten gain and pulled it into myself. This was the price, and I was calling the bill due. Around me, my Peers sent me waves of white energy that I also took into myself. It was intended for the target.

Exhale slowly, send the energy forth.

With the second breath in, I took the last of the good that had not been harvested. The last of the undeserved things. My Peers sent me black smokey tribulations. This was the harm from hundreds, even thousands, that had been caused. I took it into myself and with the second slow exhale, sent it to the target.

The third breath in was to gather what I must do. Exhale out, and I coated the target with a seal to keep the working bound. I had no form in mind - that tends to limit the power for me - and it naturally took a golden honey color. It coated the target like super thick honey and then it hardened into amber.

Then I wrote down the deed to seal the deal. And now I share it with you, because that is what one must do. And that’s how I roll.