The ritual of the four gates into the nothingness and darkness

"so here and now you shall become and enter our 4 gates to outer darkness and infernal empire

See from your inner vision 4 gates those who are the gates of the darkness our gates
See first gate as a black gate the sourding shall be obsidian and the insides must be shadow

This my gate, belial

Gaze silently and say this powerful litany for opening great potential, limitless and infernal
Sah’kah ilu kak’lu itz sachu itz za sachol
Enter enter
Here I am as nothing, as the abyss dissolve in me and become me

Enter deeper Christopher
A inhale shall be a step and an exhale shall be solidification
Once you are at my abyss say
Itz sahklol itz meesh ent’gal kilol
Inhale took me exhale become me
And say “itz ra cha belial”
And now go back your world
Now you got to become me now you shall solidify
Visualise my sigil upon your heart
And say
Itz ra cha belial inhale shall be intense exhale solidification "

"now child you shall become me rise in me
See again a obsidian gate in the center there’s is forces of light and darkness see the sun but inside see its black core go there
See the infernal darkness
Gaze and say
Sah ‘kal’ kalol itz sa cha’kalol
See darkness and glory become it with the exact method that belial told you
Feel your root to crown pulsing visualise a black sun in the middle of your fore head see the dragons eye in you say
“eyeyeesh kal lazu”
Connect it with your roots of darkness deeply vibrate and breath that connection saying SAH
Once you do put me in your 3 eye and become it
Visualise on your root my sigil
Coming back into your round and say
“itz zee’mish et calu ent sachu amaymon
Go back and see a gate of chaos and dark infernal mixtures see legions of the infernal empire now its abaddon turn”

"cleanse and cleanse my child destroy and become let my forced destroy all weakness
Our hands bring destruction and chaos
And our bring bring power and glory

See my gate as a black gate if chaos see energies moving now go into it
Gaze and say

Itz al’kalu itz za sachak et 'melu kalu
See all those particles moving in you destroy weakness and obsestucles as you shall be in glory of the infernal empire be blessed of the infernal kinghood harness my essence which is not harming in your solar plexus chakra and lower abdiment
See my sigil on that point
And become me while saying
Itz Sah al’kalu itz zamna el eeshtu abaddon
Now you have becomed me at a deegre deeper that communion now shall connect to your roots


" See me in my gate of brimstone and obsidian the planes of nothingness the void of infenite and limitless potencial
Gaze at my portal of dark nothingness
Atta’zar Atta’zar kamu kalu itz seckz
Go deeply in my portal
Itz rel itz rel azazel say when you are at my nothingness allow the void to dissolve you and become powerful and us meditate at that state and become power and us in your return "


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