The Ritual Of Infernal Majesty

This is going to be the most intensely demonic working I have ever done, more than being in the lake of fire.

Azazel told me of this ritual, in that it’s supposed to make the practitioner a demonic king.

Conversation between me and Azazel

Azazel spoke : This ritual will place you in front of the infernal council, those who sit and rule and govern the hellish planes of the infernal empire.

Me : who is in the council ?

Azazel : the infernal gatekeepers, the priminster lucifuge will be seated next to the emperor lucifer, around him will be the nine demonic kings, there they shall bestow the majesty of demonic royalty on to you.

Me : What will this do Azazel ?

Azazel : You will become a king of the hellish planes, you shall gain more power and control many legions, the congregation of hell will scream your name.

Whats gonna happen.

Lucifer, Lucifuge, The gatekeepers, and the nine demonic kings will all be there together, damn that’s intense.

I have been given the instructions of each spirit, the ritual shall be performed this Halloween.

Some of the instructions of the ritual involve blood sacrifice and semen usage, grave dirt, possession, multiple energetic changes within the self and temple and many other types of insane shit.

I’ll let you all know how this goes.


I’m waiting patiently to hear your results.

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@Sheogorath Me too.

I’ll let you all know how it goes.


This is most intriguing as I had random visions appear as I read. I’ll be waiting patiently to hear from you.


Oh man, I’d love to do this ritual eventually.

Do keep us updated.

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Will do.

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What questions were they asking you. I saw them positioned like this,
except the chairs and background had different texture and color.

Yeah they appeared like that, with rocky thrones and obsidian, below them was pure lava and brimstone.


That’s how i saw it yeah. I didn’t see obsidian though. How’d it go? What questions were they asking you?

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I haven’t done the ritual yet but when I spoke to them, they basically gave me all the instructions.


Impatiently waiting for the results of this ritual


Can you disclose the instructions?

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A need for…speed?

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Oh, Baal you… (΄◉◞౪◟◉`)




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Just realised that my emoji looks like bullocks…



It looks like awesomeness incarnate, let’s be honest now.


The imagery I got from reading this ! I can’t wait to hear the results. You’re doing amazing!