The ritual is done

I’d done a working with Belial, it will work.
Out of curiosity, does anyone who happens to look notice any different energy in the photo?


I just got a sense of power from it.

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The picture feels “full” if that makes any sense.


Jesus fucking Christ what ritual did you do? I looked at it and Belial himself immediately took a partial possession just to have me tell you “do not worry his shadows are already moving.”
I don’t know why he said this but he confirmed to me that you would understand.


Requested a resolvement of something above my abilities. Moving a mountain for me, EZ for He.

Hm. I think I get what you mean.

well good luck I have never had a possession while looking at a picture of someone else work… thats new for me.

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Very nice brother. Your use of cuneiform is inspiring.

The air seems to buzz with a different quality and particularly gives off the sounds of bees and wasps. I would say that Belial intends to work tirelessly and mercilessly towards your goal. It comes off as a red-brown-gold fog with a purpleish hue. Particularly of a lavender shade.


Thank you. I’m branching out lately. Trying new things, modifying old.

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Thank you. It’s actually the first legitimate ritual / altar I’ve ever done.

I think the reward for the task being completed is something He’s never been offered. I’m not sure how it even came to me.