The rites of Lucifer

Hello- just wondering how many versions- excluding the BALG chronicles of lucifer compendium rerelease are out there- my research I can only find one softcover- was there a hardcover edition or any other “limited” editions of Rites of Lucifer originally released? Thanks

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Hi there, so I am a proud owner of the limited edition leather copy of the compendium called “the Lucifer chronicles” I saved up and bought the full package, they combined 2 grimiores written by Asenath Mason ( and a few essays from members of the Temple of Ascending flame), and the newest edition is written in collaboration with Bill Duvendak.
It was very expensive but I can’t stress how valuable it is to me…
So American $ it’s like 350$, but you get 2 best selling books and a dope Lucifer silver polished sigil, ( my alter looks dope , black red a d silver, slight blues too).
You can’t buy rites of Lucifer individually on balg or in fact anywhere, it’s super hard to find and rare.
Awakening Lucifer has guided meditations to help kickstart beginners in meditation /visualization etc…
And b4 u try…
There are no pirated PDF VERSIONS on the net…trust me I tried…got major viruses in attempts to aquire copies before I could buy them…
My advice, save up and purchase the full Lucifer chronicles package or if u broke as fuck, I think the newest edition awakening Lucifer is available in
leather for 99$ U.S.:smiling_imp::wink:


If you like Masons work you can find her two books on Lucifer on Amazon (if the edition on BALG is out of your range).
I noticed for the Belial book, having Chants of Belial was basically having half the book already so sometimes you can find the books individually.


You’ll find the links to hardcover and softcover editions on ToAF website:
And there’s also the collector’s edition of The Lucifer Chronicles released by BALG.
On Amazon you’ll also find a French edition and Spanish is in preparation.


Is it ok to start with Rites of Lucifer first?

Is it mandatory to begin with Draconian ritual magic?

Mandatory? No. But it is highly recommended.

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