The Rite To Remove Internal Blockages

Begin by Saying:

Itz kala kan Ken toh tal
Itz rohten long shen tu-may
Lazzu neng itzu retzu
Sheong ze lu zotso’u

Repeat this until you feel your Subtle bodies ignite and flare with the Flames of The Southern WatchTower.

(This incantation also summons Satan in a more agressive and raw form)

See the Dragon Of The Southern Flames standing there and that Watchtower firmly solidify before you and within you.

Begin calling forth the Southern Flames:

Samma’kal itz retchu Samma’kal tah felu
Indzgo tamma sel sanchu craanu’l
Samma senko etz ka tala kampal
Metsu D’toshe singra graszko e’stush
Samma’kal itz retchu Samma’kal
Samma’kal itz ranvu Samma’kal

Feel your Internal Astral Matrix on Fire and allow it to spread to your Mental Matrix. It will feel as if your mind and soul is on fire.

Let it happen.

Picture your Astral Matrix being destroyed and Rebuilt in Flame and in Power, do the same for your Mental Matrix.

You Will be a blank slate at the end of this and this is the perfect time to impress your will upon yourself and your subconscious mind.

“May the flames of the Southern Watchtower remove all form of doubt and anxiety from me and even from my genetics and cellular memory and from my mind and Soul.”

“Let the Destroying God, Satan, rise within and without in Raw Form and consume me in Total Fire and Destruction to be rebuilt in power as an Antichrist.”

“And so it begins.”

Look deep within yourself and feel the destruction rise from within. For me, this feels like a sudden shocking trance as the destruction sets in.

Keep going until it stops.

Then Meditate on your self.

“I am free of all blockages inside and out, known and unknown.”

Vizualize this and impress it upon your genetic matrix and astral/mental matrix.
This is the perfect time to impress yourself with anything else you want to change about yourself as well.

Then go about life



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Alright this helps with mental blockages but to clear actual blockages in the energy body takes a bit more delicate care and attention and if you are going to use an entity for it should be one they specializes in healing.
In fact this doesn’t even seem meant to remove blockages at all but more to just invoke the power of a demon such as Satan.
For those that wish to remove energetic blockages safely without invoking a demon or its energy you are best starting by drawing and circulating energy up through your feet and legs keeping attention to its flow through the joints especially. Pull it up the spine and down the back of the arms then down the front of the body and up the front of the arms meeting those currents and back out through the feet or into the lower dantian.
You can feel many more serious blockages by monitoring the energy flow and then apply gentle pulses of energy to break up and dissolve the blockage and ground the stagnant energy. I find it is best to pool all four elements plus vital force together into a brightly colored rainbow sphere with the purifying and healing powers of each element and apply it to spots of stagnant energy or injuries.

You should that before most invocation actually and after to get rid of unwanted lingering energy. Also I feel you have a misconception of what the astral/ physical matrix and mental matrix are. You should never apply the concept of destruction to them but focus more on transformation. You also cannot overly change yourself by influencing these but work just be internally to the mind and cultivation of power energy for the astral body. The main purpose of the two sets of matrix is to connect the three bodies together and govern their structure in response first to your own mind on the astral body and then the astral on the physical. This ritual of yours is great for autosuggestion I just recommend trying to destroy your matrices as that is generally pretty bad stuff the goal of baneful magick on enemies.


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ok I know this an old post but I have a question for it. Do you have to say everything out loud. With the pronunciation I seem to be way off as appose to saying it in my head. Wish there was a demonic dictionary out there. Knowing what your saying and saying it right would have more meaning behind it.