The Rite Of The Black & Bloody Waters : Ritual Video

The Rite Of The Black & Bloody Waters : Ritual Video

Greetings Brothers and sisters fellow participants, before going into the actual ritual video itself I thought it would be a good to give some background into the preparation for this ritual. So in this ritual I will be evoking an isolated part of your spirit in a ritual of evocation, as there are many of you I have created a battery of sorts to conjure all of you forth simultaneously. I took a piece of parchment paper and had written all of your names, which I then had anointed with consecration oil. Actually enlivening the written name with the powers of magick, by which then I spent an hour or two, gazing into each name as if it were a sigil. Scrying into each name and vibrating the names as mantras, directing the vibrations towards the anointed consecrated names, whilst connecting to the energy of the person who the names belong to.

Once the names had been charged and consecrated they were then anointed in my blood, each name then is a sigillic gateway of sorts, when all the names are then ignited in fire the energy of all participants will distill into the ritual area by focusing on the energy that emanates outwards through intention and will, I can draw each of you forth without even uttering your name like that of a blind evocation. The parchment was then rolled up with black ribbon leaving a tube like tight opening at the bottom, I had placed several authentic clear quartz crystal chips into the scroll to add to the conductive properties to pulling and containing more of each participants energy, the bottom of that is then sealed with wax. The upper opening of the scroll I placed an anointed black candle, which had been anointed in consecration oil, placed upon my radionic box.

Combining radionics and candle magick, to usurp more energy of each participant into the scroll for about eight to nine hours upon a sigil used to conduct energy, which is also placed upon the radionic box. Once fully charged that upper part was also then sealed in wax. This was a potent energetic sympathetic link to each participant for the summoning, three red candles where then prepared in Liliths oil.

Brewing a bloody elixir of the goddess too, utilising the blood of a man and a woman, semen and menstrual blood, various oils, spell powders, snakes skin and herbs, rose petals and so forth which had also been consecrated. Four sigils had been created for each sister which I used to commune with each of them for several days leading up to the ritual, to increase the charged effects of each seal. As well as the sigillic gateway of the black and bloody waters was also prepared, my infernal cauldron was then washed and cleansed. I had also prepped my ritual spear and aligned the vibrations of the ritual tool to the shared frequency of the queen’s of hell.

The ritual goes in parts.

Part One : Is the opening of the ritual and declaration for the magickal operation.

Part Two : The Ignition Of The Infernal Cauldron Which Is A Gateway To The Infernal Realms, Containing Spiritual Hellfire Within The Actual Physical Fire.

Part Three : The Burning Of The Created Link Within The Flaming Cauldron, Releasing The Energy Into The Area Connecting To It To Quickly Summon Forth Each Participant.

Part Four : The Calling Of Lilith, Naamah, Agrat Bat Mahlat and Eishteth Zeninum, Burning Their Sigils Adding Into The Fiery Nexus The Energy Of Each Of Them, Housing Them Into The Cauldron.

Part Five : The Activation, Anointing, Burning & Opening Of The Sigillic Gateway Into The Flames, Combing All These Energies, Forces & Powers Into The Infernal Nexus.

Part Six : Gravitating Each Of The Participants Into The Infernal Cauldron, Through The Flames To Enter Into The Spiritual Gateway Manifested Therein.
Part Seven : Utilising Three Specific Elixirs, Slut Water, Apocalypse Water & Assarludu Protection Elixir Into The Cauldron Directing Those Unique Energies Into The Cauldron, Through The Flames, The Gateway And Into Each Participant To Undergo Their Alchemical Transformation Within The Furnace Before Me.

To be Honest I could go on and on, but you get the point, I have ensured that the ritual video has been cut to the minimum, ensuring there are no long pauses or irrelevant pieces in the video, so sit back and view this ritual for your own eyes.