The rise of a new demon

Long post alert.
I ran into a lady whos dad or grandad was being killed by a demon. I spoke with this demon, and he told me his name was ishmael. I know what youre thinking, oh thats the son of abraham. And indeed he is. However allow me to relay to you what he relayed to me.
I asked, what is it that you seek?
His reply, total destruction
I asked why he said for i was cursed to live this way.
I then asked, are you under your own rule or the rule of another?
He replied, i am of my own, for i refuse to answer to another.
I then asked him to tell me about himself.

He said this.
I am thousands of years old, i have walked the earth and loathed all. And all loathed me.
I was hated. I then renounced he who would claim to be above all.
I wandered for years until i found that I myself can be god.
I found that which is true which was within myself the entire time.
And i have lived as i please since then.

And so with that i closed the ritual.
But it did not stop him from telling me to introduce you all to him.
And he awaits to speak with you.


Holy Shit man!


Lord Ishmael sounds a bit like he’s going through the same ascension we all are striving for. In our case, destruction would be breaking through the blinds of Abrahamic religion and rising above blind consumerism.

I for one like his style.

As you evoke him, try to get his sigil. Wouldn’t it be curious to see what all the seasoned Evokers would come up with as sigil?

Would they match?

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No wonder his descendants are so angry with the rest of the world.


Could Ishmael share his sigil with us? Also what are the powers of his domain?


He told me create a sigil for him as he doesn’t give much of a shit. When I consult him with one and I figure out how to post it here I’ll make sure to share it with you



Look at this. Fascinating.

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I’d love to find out if you came up with Ishmael’s sigil. :slightly_smiling_face:
Hope you’ll come back on here at some point @steven

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I am very interested in this too.

I googled “ishmael demon”, and saw some interesting results, and one of them is “Call Me Ishmael | Dragon Age Wiki”. I could not find any other searches, about Sigils, and other info, about him. I have not met any demons myself.

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