The result of my curse removal with Legba

@Donaldf973 it’s your first time scything anything? I’m wondering if anyone else sees what you see. I have to tell you it seems accurate. I have a post in another forum “centipede symbolism” where I talk about a near death experience. No need to apologize, I appreciate it.

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I’ve been able to do it since I was a small kid. This is the first time I’ve attempted to actually read something. It just happens randomly day to day. Extreme premonitions/ deja vu 100% accurate, sensing eventual death and sometimes I can feel someone dying and/or their death manifests in me physically and mentally while their dying, animals too. I can feel/read true intent in someone when I touch them and know when someone’s lying or telling the truth from the energy they give off emotionally and through the pitch/vibrations in their voice which I’m 97-99% accurate.


I see the Grim Reaper with his claws dug in deep trying to suck the life out of you. Also you need help to rid this seek out a Elder with a lot of experience.

My visions always happen exactly as I see them and I’ve seen this virus for years same dream awake and asleep I hate the feeling I have in my stomach and chest I haven’t felt this feeling since a month leading up to hurricane Ivan and Katrina. I’ve had this since early childhood as well. My senses grew a lot stronger in my late twenties.

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Its lovely that u care to be just acklowleding about things to someone u dont even know and al it remind me of my character but for a fact i dont know what i am capable of in some majick other than this tarot and palm part money reading that i learned to perfect tbh almost perfecting it is odd but how canu possible me some more brother like and help me unsterdand what is going on in my life cause rn itts baddd