The result of my curse removal with Legba

Tell me what you think of the lemons. They look somewhat deteriorated to me but lets hear thoughts from someone who has an eye for this


There was something there. Can’t go into detail quite yet but there was a hex.

Drained. Like all the nurtrients was sucked out of them, and replaced with something you definitely don’t want in your system.

I dropped the lemons in a strong creek current if you feel the need to speak with me. Please pm me

Please pm me about your thoughts on this hex

Interesting you said drained. The juices of the lemon were pouring out while the salt solidified to one side of each lemon. And all areas were covered from the start of the working

Excellent. They will fade into the world and begin their journey into becoming something else.

Excellent indeed. I did feel like there was some weight lifted once i dumped the lemons and the current sped up as they fell into the flowing water

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Looked at that, and i was shivering, i don’t know if the work was effective, but something is definitely there!

I see a face, the skeleton of a 6 legged scorpian like think… there is a set of eyes haunting eyes in the corner where the 3 lemons touch. I was told once to rub a lemon around you and burn it in the oven- then burry the lemon in a field to remove any additional shit. I am going to do limpia on myself today.

Well. I saw what you meant with the face. A little bit. But this is a voudan curse removal. There was something draining me for sure the salt almost became solid on one side of each lemon. I may do this ritual again given these results

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I have curanderas in my linage who did this.

  • I have been successful with burning of the lemon - I call it the fiery hell to pay for fucking with me… and then I throw it in a graveyard.

I may eventually ask the lwa. To be my parent figures its a heavy thought for sure but i never found humans to be good family.

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right- my living family have all walked away from me.

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Hi what exactly do you do. I believe I need to do this as well.

this was the egg from my cleansing… any thoughts?

@magpie57 Do it for 7 days what was your method? I see an attack still in process

@damia2hell what do you suggest I do for 7 days? What kind of attack do you see?

Do your egg clense often doing it several days will remove the tendrals of the attacker


I see death missed his target and something his holding his scythe towards the ground and he’s fighting back to regain his weapon. Like something stopped him and bought you more time. Not saying death’s after you just what ever is happening isn’t good.

Sorry for butting in. This is the first time scrying/reading but it’s what I saw so had to say something.