The Renunciation

This post is an attempt to promote a discussion about the cultural appropriateness of the left hand path renunciation of the Judeo Christian tradition in 21st century secular western culture.

Traditionally, the left hand path has defined itself as an inconoclastic response against prevailing cultural orthodoxies; in the case of the west; it has classically defined itself over and against a prevailing Christian cultural matrix and world view, whilst still operating within the same.

Now that western society has become overtly secular and post Christian , how appropriate is it for the left hand path to continue to define itself against a dying Christian world view. The analogy of “kicking a dead horse” comes to mind.

One of the first steps leading to initiaiation in classical witchcraft was a renunciation of the Christian god, the church and the concomitant ethical system that went with the above. This was both neccessary and appropriate wthin an overtly Christian culture. But now that times and cultural conditions have changed; it seems that the left hand path, to continue its tradition of protest and antinomianism needs to find a new cultural orthodoxy to rebel against, if it is to reamin a living system.

The only current cultural orthodoxy that comes to mind is the increasing emphasis on political correctness and the limitations of personal freedom and freedom of speech that political correctness engenders.

Any thoughts?

I don’t see why we need to shape our identity around being anti anything. We oppose the JCI because it is anti LHP but I don’t think that should be a significant part of our identity. Also being what seems to be (almost) the only left leaning sorcerer on this forum I don’t think political correctness unless taken to ridiculous extremes is a problem

I agree pretty highly. I find shaping our identity around that is extremely limiting to us. Why should we condemn ourselves to just being “anti-Catholics”?

This however I disagree with. As magicians we know that words only have the power we will them to have, correct? I’m left leaning as well but I find political correctness to be a boundary we must overcome as it is limiting in and of itself.

This is just my opinion though, I respect everyone’s right to have one and to speak as they like, even if I don’t like what they say.

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Their are ideas that need to be crushed though. Theoretically if people started calling for a new inquisition to wipe all of us out, then would you still stand there defending freedom of speech? Remember PR culture protects us too. It’s because of the left that the LHP can practice in peace.

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I’d stand by their right to say what they please. I may find it completely disgusting and oppose it (much as I do the KKK and similar groups/ideologies) but I still think they have the right to speak their mind.

That being said I’d do everything in my power to quell the movement before it got any momentum.

Very fair point to bring up though.

@KingOfHearts616 If that comes to pass I would see it as my duty to destroy the enemies of the Path. I would curse, summon demons and do everything in my power to confront and destroy them. No enemy of the Path (as in people who wish to cause genuine harm to us) can be tolerated. Those who actively work against us must be purged.

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That is something I can fully get behind, and would in fact join in doing myself. Any who would harm myself or those I love (my partner and this Forum Family I have found) shall be put to death, as I’m sure you gathered from our brief interactions :joy:

@KingOfHearts616 If the day comes. I will know I can rely on you then.

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