The red dragon book of saint Germain

Does any of you have the English version of The red dragon book of saint Germain i only have a copy of the original which i cannot translate and it seems like a good knowledge.
The full translation is about 3/4 of the way down. I’ve searched around for other copies and PDFs, and the translations differ slightly, but this is mainly what I used for the working this past blood moon, and it worked

Is there any irrefutable evidence that he actually lived for centuries?

As you will find…

there is honestly more documented proof that aliens exist, as at least there is picture and video of such things.

if you want to talk about scientifically documenting what he, or anyone else did with the occult in any fashion…

We have just as much documented proof that Isac Newton licked toads at crazy rave parties, and that’s how he came up with the theory of gravity.

You know such things are true because you read them on the internet of course. God, didn’t Ellison teach you people anything about unsubstantiated claims about majix?