The Red Dot and Demonic Focus

Demons are some of the creatures humans seem to be most easily fascinated and obsessed by.The love of horror and the macabre,the attraction to the dark and creepy,the forbidden and the occult,is an incredible force.

Demons are the entities people get obsessed with the most easily.This is because they are the darker aspects of nature,the forbidden elements of reality.Some UPG posted a while back,that has to some extent been proven to me,was that demons are incarnations of love.

However,that their love is focused on a single thing which they will pursue with maximum fervor.The most easy way to sadden a demon is not to use the full potential of what they’re giving you,you’ll see it.

As such demons are creatures made of obsession,and working with them merges you with their essence,with their obsession,which inevitably has a positive effect in your life.

When you are a demon,all things correlate to that thing you are focusing on.When your focus is on that thing,everything also relates to it.This is the focus of a demon,attained and maintain.

We as gods are not demons,which means we may shift our demonic perception,and focus from one element to another,and perceive a myriad of different elements.

The Red Dot

A simple meditation I found to help me focus at times is the focus in the way that a demon would.A part of this idea was actually inspired on Castaneda’s work with Jimson Weed,where he perceives a red dot,and that was a sign for him that the Datura plant had liked him.

Now,I do not consume hallucinogenic drugs,nor do I work with allies or with Castaneda’s system,but the idea of a red dot just popped into my head,and when I read that some of the demons urged me to experiment with visualizing a red dot,and later on as I tried sleeping I actually saw a red dot in front of me.

Still yourself and breathe,engage a theta-gamma sync.The room should be completely dark when doing this.BReathe until you can see the swirling little orbs in the darkness,until you can see that there’s something in the dark.

Ignore all of that,and look towards the center of your field of vision,and notice a small red dot.When you see it,make sure all your focus is on it.Push all your will into it,all your thoughts.

As you do,notice the world around you shifting.Notice it,but don’t have any reaction to it.Don’t think,’‘this is cool,’’ or anything,just become aware that the red dot is important,and everything else is adapting to it.

As you feed the red dot,see it pulsing,and as it does,it parts.The red dot will grow,still pulsing,and see from it energy oozing out.Continue this until your entire field of vision is made of red and black,as the red energy mixes in the darkness.

All other exercises are expansions on this,.

You may choose to communicate with this thing you’ve created.

You may choose to imbue it with a specific desire,when you first start focusing on the red dot.

You may choose to invoke it into yourself.

Repeat the red dot exercise in any variations,and see yourself growing more focused on it.

Try doing it before doing something you need to focus on,focusing on the thing as the dot.

Upon invoking the essence of the red dot,imbue it with will and push it back where it came from,through a candle’s flame.Or you may choose to apply it into any ritual.This works especially with sexualized ritualwork,where your focus is charged as the sole focus and explodes out into the world,exhausting all of your desires.

Communicate with demons,and see about how this may be expanded and how it may help you become more like a demon.


Cool post.

I recently merged my own energy with a demon inside of my body and I know what you mean, taking on their characteristics, having their cravings, wanting to indulge in the skills which they possess the best.