The Rebirth Ritual

Hello everyone,

I mentioned to RavenAscent,that I was planning this big outdoors ritual.What I didn’t know,is that this ritual would actually come to me in two parts,that resemble each other.

About a week or so,I found out that on Saturday November 7th,our school would be going on a field trip,to Bjelašnica,and I signed up.Most of my friends weren’t going,because,it was a Saturday,but I decided it would benefit me to go there,and I planned a ritual with Sarali,my fairy familiar.

However,as I learned more about what I would be doing,I realized that there was a lot more to this ritual than I thought.It would be draining,because it would be an evocation,of 8 ANCIENT GODS!As well as a whole host of fairies that were already there.

Now,I had done a lot of intense evocations,and had summoned nine demons and angels before,but these were actual gods that were worshiped,that I was summoning and commanding.Allow me to introduce you to the illustrious group that I wanted to summon.

Hecate-Ancient Greek goddess of Magic,the Triple Goddess,Maiden,Midwife and Crone,Patron of Witches,Keeper of the Crossroads,her sacred animals are the raven and the dog(something that’s gonna be important). She and I have a very special relationship.Hecate is also my mother(in spirit),as she has on several occasions called me her son and emphasized that I aught to call her by the name ‘‘Mother’’ rather than Hecate.Furthermore,she is the mother of all the Dark Fairies,which marries my pathworkings in fay magic with black magic,all through my workings with Hecate.

After coming out of my transformative stage,I am at a crossroad of my life,where Hecate seems to be beneficial,symbolically.Furthermore,this ritual was a strong communion with nature,something seen in all three of her aspects,and involved the dark fay,and black magic,thus their power was needed.

Ceridwen- an ancient witch in Welsh mythology that seems to have apotheosized after she was brought into the druidic system as a goddess of rebirth,at least,that’s what I gather from my own UPG.Nevertheless,she is a powerful sorceress,and whether or not she was a real figure,I did indeed summon Ceridwen.Now,whether she was an egregore,or a spirit of the dead,or a goddess doesn’t matter.

However,Ceridwen also has the stuff that I want.She herself was human,just as I am,and she grew out of this human shell through her witchcraft,and became what she is.Not only did I summon Ceridwen in order to become a god in my own right through magic,like she did,but as a goddess of rebirth,this is only a week after my ‘‘funeral’’,and I had finished the transformations that I was undergoing.Now,I needed her magic,to embrace this rebirth.

The Dagda- Timothy had a permanent possession with this ancient god,and admittedly,the Dagda caught my curiosity too.I researched him,seeing him in a light resembling Ceridwen,as a powerful sorcerer who was so good at what he did that he became a god…but this wasn’t the case.THe Dagda was a god,the Dagda knew a lot,had a lot of power.

Besides,obviously,the power and magic that I gained from this god,Timothy emphasized that the true power of the Dagda was that he was a real anarchist god,and thus,not only did I view him as someone who could give to me his magic,but as someone who could grant me autonomy,and self-governance,much like King Belial.

The Fairy King- This figure prefers to remain nameless.I’ve dubbed him ‘‘Oberon’’ but I KNOW that that’s NOT his real name.He represents a masculine force behind the fairies,and acts as their ruler,to some extent and a father figure.While symbolizing the masculine aspect of fairy magic,and power over Spring and Autumn,he is still obscure.

What I wanted to get from him was his kingship.The dark fairy were my brothers and sisters(we’re both Hecate’s children,you see),and the light fairy were my friends.If I can command entire demonic legions to bow before me,surely the fairies who I am so close with could be asked to aid in my life.The fay do not like to be commanded,of course,but they still have a ruler.The blessing of the Fairy King would grant me the power to use them actively in my life,to cause change.

The Fairy Queen- This is the other side of the fairy royalty coin,and she is a maternal and warm figure.She acts as a maternal figure towards the fairies,and like the King remains nameless,but I had dubbed her ‘‘Titania’’ knowing that that was NOT her real name.She presides over Winter and Summer,and is the passive force in fay magic.

I wanted to bring the Fairy Queen into this rite in order to complement Oberon’s blessing.Her blessing would do the same as his would,but rather than let me command the currents of fay magic to move in my life,in the world around me,I could command them to move within,and through meditation,I could use it to cause the alchemy within,the alterations that do bring me to godhood.

Gaia- The Earth Mother is a personification,and a protogenoi,of the Earth.She is the Earth.She is another mother-figure,and just like Hecate is the mother of all the dark fay,Gaia is the mother of all the light fay.She is the mother of many of the Titans and gods in Greek mythology,and the spouse of the sky god Ouranos.

Because this ritual had an intent to make me one with nature,and rather than assimilate my ego into the natural world,to pull the natural world into myself,and give me its peace,its power,and make me into a godlike entity,I figured Gaia would benefit.As the Earth Mother,she acts as the passive and effeminate force behind the earthly aspect,and would bring the Earth closer to me.

Cernunnos- This is a god we’ve all talked about on here before.Cernunnos is a god of the Earth,of nature,of fairies and animals,and can teach one many things about the natural world,even how to talk to animals.He believes that the true way to learn the secrets of Earth,is to become one with it,and thus can teach grounding meditations that can bring you closer to the Earth.

Cernunnos complements Gaia,in the sense that he grants me connection to the Earth,and brings me in a very active manner,closer to the Earth.He is the Guaridan of the Woods,and made sure all its creatures came to me,to listen to me.He also made sure that the ritual wasn’t interrupted.

Veles- This is a spirit I’ve been attracted to for quite some time.Veles was a god worshiped by the ancient Slavic people,who are my distant ancestors.There’s a mountain in Herzegovina named Velež,in his honor,and despite so many years of Christian,and Ottoman rule,the mountain was never renamed.It stands in honor of the mighty spirit.

And Veles is very demonic.He had horns,he opposed Perun,the Slavic sky god,and he was associated with dragons.He was also the god of the underworld,of waters,of death,of life,of music,of magic,of trickery and of wealth.I will be working much more closely with this god on some later occasion,safe to say that it’s more than apparent why I wanted his influence in this ritual!

Now,what you’ll notice here is a strong connection between the gods.Let me illustrate.

Veles and Hecate,are both Cthonic deities,who had power over the Underworld,the dead,and the Earth.Veles embodies the boy,the father,and the shepherd.Hecate embodies the maiden,the mother,and the crone.They show all the essence of humanity,the life.

They both have powers over crossroads and magic,as they both open doors to opportunities.Furthermore,they both have good connections with me!Hecate,being my mother,and Veles,being bound to me by blood.They embodied,respectively,the feminine and masculine sides of nature,magic,and more specifically,the darker side of both,that borders on dark magic,but isn’t.

That is what they granted to me,the power of the darkest aspects of the forest,the Earth,the Cthonic,the forbidden,the occult.

The Fairy King and Fairy Queen are obvious.The two embody the currents of Fay magic,and the fairies themselves,and grant onto me their kingship,through which I can direct change in the world around me,and the world within me.

They both have power over two kinds of magic,two seasons,so this ritual that comes at the crossroads from Autumn to Winter,means it is in the dominion of both their powers.The two represent the active and passive sides of fairy magic,and yet another duality of feminine and masculine energy being balanced.

That is what they granted me,the marriage of Autumn and Spring,Winter and Summer,the active and passive,the kingship and queenship of the fairy kingdom.

Gaia and Cerunnos are both spirits of the Earth,and represent another male-female duality,the active and passive side of embracing the Earth,and becoming one with it.They both the same thing,with two entirely different approaches.

Gaia and Cerunnos are both known to have good ties to the fairies,and to be the very essence of the Earth.The Earth that shelters and nourishes us,from who we benefit so much,that helps us,and has been helping our ancestors from the moment we discovered agriculture and before.

THat is what they granted me.Oneness with the Earth,a power over its lighter side as opposed to what I was given by Veles and Hecate.

Finally,we have Ceridwen and the Dagda.It is ambiguous to me,whether these two are gods or mortals.I mean,the Dagda almost certainly was a god,but he wasn’t really as worshiped,or served,by the anarchists that worked with him.He was their shepherd,their friend,their protector.

And Ceridwen almost certainly wasn’t a goddess in Welsh mythology.At least,I don’t remember reading about it,yet,Wiccans,druids,and various neopagans all talk about Ceridwen as though she is indeed a goddess of rebirth.The shade of Ceridwen may even have achived this apotheosis,and become a goddess through magic in her own right.

That’s what I wanted from these two.Their power,to navigate between the world of god and men.To be a mortal-like god(The Dagda) and a godlike mortal(Ceridwen). That position of power,is what they granted me.

In short,through this ritual that I performed,I have become one with the Earth,and made a strong connection with nature,I have balanced the dark magic side of myself with a natural and lighter side,I have the power to command fairies and their magics,to see the dark side of all these spells,and in the long-run,achieve a level of godhood in the natural world.

I will try to perform these rituals,every Autumn and every Spring,knowing that the momentum will build,to reach that state that I want to reach.And this all factors into Theogenesis,mind you,and not just some crazy guy’s ramblings.

Last week,I was possessed by Paimon,and the very essence of darkness,and after diving so deep into it,I performed a ritual,on Samhain through which I had laid to rest the old self,thinking that rebirth just comes.

A ritual was needed for that too.I beheld at some point a vision,that told me I would need to balance the darkness I had absorbed,with something that was more right-handed.

Sarali and I began to plot our ritual.She’s a dark fairy,ergo she perfectly understands the Left Hand Path philosophy,that I wanted to apply to this ritual,which would manipulate lighter forces.

When I put forth my request into the world,it all came together.First,our teacher tells us about a field trip,to Bjelašnica,a natural place where I could perform a ritual.Then,many of my friends decide they can’t come,thus no distractions,no one following me,and no one to interrupt the ritual.

I decide to summon some gods,and they all come to me,through various means,either as voices in the wind,or popping up online.Sarali aligns all thins.Autumn Magic reaches its peak,I can feel it every time I walk anywhere.At any time.

I realized I needed a lamp for all of these spirits,and I bought some candy,the change containing several pennies.Pennies were something I used in fay magic a long time ago,and still do,but in this case,I knew that these four pennies would be the items by which I would ground the gods here.

I needed a wand or dagger,and was told I would find one when I got there.I was also told I would be guarded,that my rituals wouldn’t be interrupted,and that I would find the perfect spots.

I meditated daily,connecting myself to the world around me.I sang the fairy summoning song as often as I could.And I researched the gods I was summoning,on top of my regular schoolwork,which was exhausting.

The day came,and I realized I’d need salt,to set the scene,to cast the circle,to absorb the energy,salt MAY come in handy.I bought a kilo of it,no more than would be needed and had it in my bag.I needed a ceremonial beverage,and a juice was given to me by my mom.I even brought my tarot deck to a school field trip with the thought that it may come in handy!

We arrived there,and I thought about how I could pull this off.Teachers didn’t like us wandering away in grade school.When we got there,though,our classmistress was very laissez-faire,and told us that we should all gather at a specific place,at a specific time,but that we could go anywhere.

At that point I walked,with no other thought in my head.I engaged a TGS.People started following me,but over time when they saw me climbing up a hill they backed off.A dog,a stray,was following me.At first,I thought this would be problematic.Nevertheless,I didn’t shoo the dog away.The dog came with me,as I climbed up.

I climbed the hill,to a point where no one could see me,and I could see everyting.Everyone was away,and stuff was alright.A small plateau lay there,with several ant colonies around it.I thought it was perfect.

And as was stated by the spirits,there was a very long stick there.I could hear ravens crowing,and then realized that the dog that was watching me do the ritual WAS my guardian!Dogs were agents of Hecate,as were ravens,so these animals had all come in honor the spirits to protect me.

I had already engaged the trance.I meditated,sinking into the Earth,and assimilating to it.Then,I sang the fairy summoning song,watching all the fairies light and dark gathering around me.

I then blessed the sacred area,in the name of (my Godname),before finally moving to the next part.I summoned the elements,in their respective cardinal points,and placed the coins there.

I summoned the gods one by one.

Westward,Veles and the Dagda appeared.

In the East,Cerunnos and the Fairy King appeared.

Northwards,Gaia and the Fairy Queen came.

And in the South,Ceridwen and Hecate.

I summoned these figures,vibrating each of their names.The world went dark around me,not ignoring the woods that stood at my left and right,but the world,was grey around me.Literally,it all had this novelty to it,this power to it,this energy.

I summoned them,and they materialized.I beheld them within my magickal sight,which had externalized itself,and I am proud to say,no manifestation base was used!

I then put forth to them all of my demands,all that I wanted.I made my demands,and at that point,I began to contort,as though i was being filled by some odd energy.

What’s even more odd,is that the dog that had come with me began to contort too!This dog,also behaved weirdly by staring at me,and seemed incapable of crossing the circle of salt I had made.

I lay there,embracing the power that ran through me,and I felt a pressure in my root chakra.As I breathed,it cleared,and moved one by one,up my spine,until all of my chakras were activated powerhouses.

I commanded the energies of nature,and then said I was accepting possession by my Godself.That’s right,I decided to be possessed by my Godself,and so I embraced his power and the rest of the experience involved me spinning,singing,talking.

It was really interesting,and by the end of it,I had gathered by things,and I had used all of the tools.

Later that day,I went into the forest,and performed the same ritual,where more bizarre things happened.For starters,there were many small blades of grass(ordinary grass)that had appeared all over the ritual area,that I knew were not there before.MAybe they were hidden by the autumn leaves.I ate them.

No seriously,I plucked grass and ate it,commanding the essence of the ritual,of magic,of nature to fill me.I meditated several times,and achived unity with the Earth,and pulled it all back to this world.I achieved a degree of respect over my fairy kin and kith.I achieved the mastery that I wanted,and I achieved the desired outcome.

I performed the ritual again,before leaving,and I said:’‘By my will,it is done.I command the wind to blow,sending this ritual into the aether,as a testament to my power.’’

And at that point,not only did I feel a wind,but I actually saw a wind,as the trees began to move,and I was thoroughly impressed,as voices were distilled into the wind.

OK,so this all sounds crackpot crazy,but I guarantee to you,I am not exaggerating anywhere.All of these happy consequences of the ritual did happen,and all the crazy stuff I did,I really did do.I ate grass.

I spinned around like a dervish to conclude it.

THe aftermath,the ritual is a blur to the point that I could hardly find the areas where I performed it,though I know sort of where they are.I feel great,and the natural world seems to feel like a home.

I think I have embraced the natural and the lightly,and I have embraced the material,and the shadowy.At this point,I have achieved the apotheosis that I was intent on achieving,that I have parted with my old self,and embraced a new shell.My death and rebirth have happened.

On Samhain,I celebrated my funeral.Yesterday,I celebrated my christening.Now,I’m ready to embrace the powers of my own magic,and my own godhood,and work upon the world with it.

And of course,the journey has only just begun…

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