The reason why some cannot see spirits


Yup, that’s right.

THIS is the one thing that I’ve realized is holding some people back (me including) from seeing spirits, astral projecting, and doing all that cool shit.

You could have the most powerful third eye in the world, as if it was on steroids, but it won’t do shit if your physical manifestation of it is blocked off.

So, if you have been trying and trying and trying again to establish contact with spirits, do everything you can to remove the crust off your pineal gland.

I’ve thought that calcification is just new age bullshit, but it coincides perfectly with my own symptoms. I’ve worked my ass off trying to develop my third eye and energy bodies, and didn’t get too far… because I’ve been drinking mineral and tap water my whole life.

Every single day.

The tips you can implement right now is to stop any fluoride intake and lower calcium intake.

I’m currently researching any faster ways to remove the crust, and I’ll update this thread when I find anything.

If y’all got any ideas, feel free to share.

Time to Ascend!


@anon20147451??? How do you know this???

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I know there is something that breaks the crust off but I can’t remember what

And also aluminum (that’s in deodorant) I think it is is bad for your third eye aswell

My own tedious research and, I believe, guidance from one of my mentors.

I’ve tried every single fucking little exercise I could find to open my senses, and to get to that place where some could get in just 2 weeks of work.

Then it just dawned on me - dross doesn’t mean just spiritual dross, but physical as well.

You need to have all your psychic organs in workable shape to get anywhere.

If you don’t have the crust, but your third eye is undeveloped (spiritual), you won’t be able to see shit.

If you have the crust (physical), but your third eye is developed, you won’t be able to see shit.

You’ll have heightened intuition, and some very, very rare moments of cool shit when you actually manage to connect through that dross, but nothing consistent.

So, we gotta remove the crust, AND have the third eye developed, to see anything. Those who get results so quickly, I believe, don’t have this crust as thickly as some of us do (for example me - been drinking fucking mineral and tap water my whole life).

If anything, I believe this is one more avenue to try. Already tried everything, might as well try this, lol.


No, I didn’t awaken my Kundalini.

I can feel energy, and I can feel when entities come. I believe because of how much I’ve worked on my third eye, allowing me to sense even through the crust.

And yes, I’m able to enter into a trance.

I’m not a newbie - I’ve been at this shit for basically my whole life, and I’ve worked on developing my energy for a stupidly long time.

Take what I say with a grain of salt - but I know you cannot see them either. So doesn’t hurt to try, I know I will… especially when it coincides so much with my own problems and situation in regards to seeing them.


We all need work. :grin:

I do plan on doing it, but I believe third eye comes first, because without it, I won’t feel the full effects.

Plus, it’s the one thing you absolutely need to start Ascending further and further.

Which is why it’s so annoying! :sweat_smile:

Not as fully though.

Though I haven’t tried it - pure theory on that one, lol.

Yep, you do. You can do the grimoire stuff, but if you want to do the real powerful shit, and be able to truly work in unison with spirits, then you need senses.

It’s like walking on a plank blind - you can do it, but it’s much easier if you look forward.

It’s not just about opening your third eye man. It’s about the calcification that I believe is the root cause of the more “seeing” connected abilities.

I’ve tried that approach, and while I did crazy stuff, and my third eye did develop… the calcification remained.

You can definitely do crazy shit even with a calcified gland, but I’m interested in Ascension and working closely with spirits.

It makes sense: third eye -> eye -> seeing abilities.

I ain’t disagreeing with you about using energy to do crazy shit.

Seeing is what I desire though.

Didn’t get too far with Kundalini.

Even though I’m focused on the physical manifestation of the third eye right now, why don’t you share your method?


I agree, but again, the plank metaphor comes to mind.

It’s just so much easier when you have someone to advise you and point you to the right direction.

With the right teaching, you could cut your Ascension process in half, or even more - and I ain’t planning on dying before I Ascend.

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I want to start a church. I need power for miracles and large membership. Which entity do I have to consult. Tnx

Go introduce yourself, and post shit where it’s applicable.

This thread is about the third eye calcification.



Hahahahahaha fuck me. I drank so much milk all my life. This explains so much shit, no wonder my eye is so unstable. Its powerful but calcified as hell.

Thank. You.


I don’t know how much of that I would buy into. I have drunk tap water all my life, and for most of it it was Albany tap water, which is essentially a chemical miasma. Used fluoride toothpaste my whole life, mouthwash with fluoride throughout my childhood, and to this day I consume far too much dairy.

And I have seen some shit, lol.

This is not to say that calcification does not occur; it does. Science has shown the vast majority of humans over 25 years old have partial or major calcification of the pineal gland. I cannot say, however, whether that has any great effect on the third eye’s abilities. Maybe I am just fortunate, but through personal experience I can say it has not been a problem for me, and I am the poster child for pineal calcification factors.

I also happen to know a guy who does dietary things to correct this. He is not a practitioner par se, but he is into Eastern spiritualism. He drinks his vinegar, no dairy, etc, all in an attempt to decalcify his third eye. He has been doing this`for several years now, and his pineal sight is about as clear as Stevie Wonder’s orbital vision.


You know, vodka helps too :cocktail::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Intriguing. For the next, lets say month I am going to do something to experiment. I will continue my normal habits (ungodly amounts of milk and water, normal toothpaste etc.) And do only third eye meditations for my daily meditations. I will also invoke Lucifer Daily.

Once this month is complete I will put results here. I am the forum guinea pig, after all.


Yeah, I’m taking this with a grain of salt too. But might as well try it, since it coincides so much with my symptoms. [quote=“Woodsman81, post:19, topic:18624”]
He is not a practitioner par se, but he is into Eastern spiritualism. He drinks his vinegar, no dairy, etc, all in an attempt to decalcify his third eye. He has been doing this`for several years now, and his pineal sight is about as clear as Stevie Wonder’s orbital vision.

So is he actually practicing, or is he just into it? Did he try to evoke?

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If you are trying stuff, I found this

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Absolutely. Like I said, maybe I just lucked out.

He is practicing on a spiritual-only basis; no magick. He has definitely not tried to evoke. Lol, he thinks I am looney toons regarding magick, which might be half his problem. He does do an obscene amount of meditation, though. Like 2 hours a day (which is about 1 1/2 hours too much unless there is a very specific state being attempted, IMO). This has resulted in zero insight or intuition, and he is in some ways insufferable on a level of arrogance I can’t even begin to emulate. Ironically, he claims he is near to achieving ego death. My point is, even if he was trying to evoke I doubt he would see much of anything beyond what mundane eyes would reveal.


Eh. I’m not sure his third eye is developed enough, even if it’s without the crust.

And that is a crazy amount of meditation for sure, haha.

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