The Rat Guard

Behold, the Rat Guard, a personal protection egeregore.

The intent is to provide protection from magical attacks or meddling, track it back to it’s source, chew up the attack, and swarm the initiator.

The imagery started with a need to protect from a specific curse based on a Rat King. Rat guard works as a rat King’s royal guard as well as a personal guardian. It draws upon the rat’s ability to travel dark hard to access places and it’s natural tendency to swarm. Swarms are perfect for overwhelming your opponent’s attention.

You folks know how to work with sigils and entities, I’m sure you can figure out some clever uses and implementations of the Rat Guard.

That Rat King thing completely grossed me out, but this looks adorable!

Well, as adorable as a swarming attack-egregore gets, anyway… :wink:

While it can turn ugly fast, it’s neutral state seems to be rather animalistic.

With no knowledge other than the sigil, I asked for impressions on it. The very first reply was Pink and the Brain (rather fitting). There were a few more directly related to rats and other core imagery, and the rest were about animals, a lot of deer. (I suppose a rat man would look sort of deer-ish)

If it’s going to be creeping around the corners and cracks watching over me, it might as well not be completely hideous.

I hesitate to say I made this Rat Guard. Nor sure if I did or if it was already there. It sure achieved cohesion unbelievably fast.

I can track it’s origin to reading of an account of a recurring dream about a pyramid of rats that came apart when observed too closely. That reminded me of the Rat king, started a couple thread on it, came up with the idea of a curse, and the Rat Guard evolved out of that.

The way the sigil evolved was pretty slick too.

I’ve folded in my House of Cards curse into the structure of the Rat Guard to make it a little more “fuck you”-ish.

Hmmm… image isn’t showing anymore.