The Rapture

Hey Mage Fam. I hope all of you are doing well today. I have a question.

I’m in E.A. Koetting’s divination course right now. I can get in the Theta Gamma Sync with ease.

Unfortunately I’ve been trying to get past that, into what he calls “the rapture.” I haven’t had any success and it’s been about 4 months of trying.

The way he explains it, “the rapture” is where all the magick happens…where one can communicate with the other plains, where one can Astral travel, where things manifest, pretty much.

I’m frustrated!! Any suggestions?

Thank you in, advance.


I have not taken E.A’s course so I don’t know how it works in that system.

Personally I just found that trance state on my own with a years of hard work and practice and an after effect of studying Buddhism. Realising the self and letting go.

The rapture state comes to me awhile after the trance I masterbate and focus on a goal, sigil etc. I get that “magical” feeling that’s hard to describe where almost all limitation dissolves away. This is where my desire manifests.

However I can’t leave my body and travel or reach full possession at the moment.


I dunno about his system but the meditations I’ve had the best results with those of cyclical or expansive nature and those that cycle energy through the body.

The well known versions of these kinds of meditations are the The Qabalistic Cross which is usually presented with the Lbrp but can be done on its own. The middle pillar exercise which facilitates the other 2.

My current work with black magick of ahriman does this through similar rituals ignition of the black sun, peering into drugaskan and the work with kunda yoga.


It’s sort of like a deep trance. You can get there by meditation or even dancing or driving. You’ve probably experienced it before and you just didn’t know it.


Accurate :grin: had it happen with my long drives at work. Also martial training can trigger it as well, I’ve fallin into some strange trances with my staff workouts.


Thank you, everyone… @Dinmiatus, @FraterMagni, and @Sophia444. I’ll just keep working at it. I’ve been calling to Deggal for help with this. Something different has been happening. I get pretty deep, then feel a pop in my head. Then I get a cold rush come over me, but from within. Then I end up with sleep paralysis. It’s weird. But, hey. At least something different is happening. Don’t know if it’s good, bad or nothing yet.

What do all of you think would be the right thing to ask Deggal? I feel maybe I’m not asking for the right thing, or not asking in the right way. I ask Him to remove my blockages so I can fully open my senses. I’ve also asked Him to start up my Kundalini and get it flowing.


From my experience this is more work you have to do yourself. Spirits can help remove blockages so the process smoother but its an energy you have to awaken and circulate in yourself, if force it could cause the spirtual equivalent of an electrical short. Except the short manifests in very unpleasant ways in the body.

Pranayama or breath control is one way to start working with this. You can find some info on it in the links below.

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Thank you for this information. I will definitely look into it. I appreciate this help. Thank you again, @Dinmiatus.

Hmm I get to the point in relaxation where my breath sorta “goes away” as EA explains, or breath disappears. Now I’m not sure what would be the next step. I feel your “pain” @ShannonS101
Anyone else feeling similar things?

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You go into a deep meditative state and in this state you go from experiencing normal reality to a dream like state. This is the state where all this happens. Ancient shamans would listen to repetitive rhythmic drumming to enter this state so try binaural beats set to a rhythmic drumming music. See if that doesn’t help. Cheers!