The ramblings of the mad man from Michigan

I accidentally let myself get scared about it this morning. My mind started wandering into the worst case scenario. I am ok now. I know everything is going to be good.


Are you okay?

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I have a growth that is piercing my septum. It is partially blocking my airway in my nose. I will have to have surgery to remove it. I’m just waiting for the biopsy results so the doctors can make a plan for the surgery.

This morning when I woke up my half awake mind went to the C word and thought about my whole nose having to be removed. It only lasted for a short moment. I am ok now. Everything is going to be good. @Brand_New

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Biopsy results are in. Not any bad. In fact it is not even as bad as the the doctor thought. Just some nasal polyps. Might not even need surgery.

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Having surgery in a week. I’ve been busy this last month. I’ve been doing the hardest manifestation work that I have ever done. I am still working on it. It is going well. I will share some details when it is finished.

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Avoid moon in scorpio for surgery Xddd
Also we need more of your "doodles"xdd

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Just an update on my life. I was fired on Friday for not returning to work when the quarantine for my job was lifted. I chose to stay home for medical reasons. I have asthma. Covid would most likely be life threatening for me. My boss owns a small business. Covid law protects him more than me. Eehh I didn’t like working there anyway. Poisoning peoples lawns for money is not as fun as it sounds.

Well tomorrow I take my pre surgery covid test. The horsemen are with me.

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Surgery went well

Have to wear this weird thing for awhile


The nose is healing nicely.

I am ready to get back to my normal.

Some spirits recently taught me a lesson when I was bitching about things in my life that I was unhappy about. To them I say" I got it and I’m sorry for being a whiny brat. Thanks for being so good to me. I will do my best to remember your lessons. "

The mad man speaks once again with nothing really to say. He craves closeness with others of his kind. Only finds simulated sympathy for his woes. His creation collects dust while he ponders the future. Will it ever be finished? Will he ever be satisfied by his life? Questions only he will ever care about. What will he be remembered for he ponders while writing in his journal. His dreams seem so unlikely to happen sometimes. He perseveres. Ever striving towards the goals that make others call him mad. Undetoured by others opinions he pushes on. Knowing he will have to struggle harder the closer he gets. Fueled by some unseen inner strength he takes a deep breath and lights the candles to start the ritual.

After the ritual is finished he feels calm and powerful at the same time. He wonders quietly why he feels so much better after conversing with demons. He smiles as a thought comes to mind. Truly those who fear and/or rebuke demons are missing out on amazing experiences or he really is mad.

With his sanity coming into question again he dusts off his creation and proceeds to bring it closer to being finished. Smiling madly the rest of the day.

The vanilla scented slime being played with next to him was definitely an unwanted distraction. As he stairs at it he thinks that he would be happy being the only human on this planet. His go to response to being annoyed by other humans. He doesn’t really want all other humans to disappear but the quiet would be amazing. He never really was able to relate to other humans. Often even wondering if he is really human. Others seem so different to him. He often doesn’t understand them. Especially their need to be social all the time. He is not completely antisocial, he does crave interactions from time to time. Far less than what is considered normal for the society he finds himself in.

He peered into the dark place and saw something looking back. It didn’t frighten him as he expected. It somehow was comforting. This whatever it was watched his every movement. Where ever he turned it was always in front of him watching. Getting quite annoyed by it he decides to interact with it to see if it will let him meditate in peace. " I am the Mad Man from Michigan. " he announced.
It remained nearly motionless. "Who are you and why are you interrupting my meditation? " he inquiries.

It started to speak in a very creepy whisper. "I am Azazemil. I have been sent by Lucifer to ade you. " " Ade me how exactly? " questioned the Mad Man. It’s face contorted with annoyance. " I am to serve you how ever you wish. Within the limits of my powers. " " And what are the limits of your power? " Mad asked. It replies angrily " You tax my patience filthy mortal. Summon me when you have a task for me otherwise leave me be. " and with that Azazemil was gone.

The abruptness of its disappearance startled him out of his meditation.

This Azazemil does not seem to enjoy being put into service of a mortal thought Mad to himself. How will his performance of tasks be? I will have to be very careful about any instructions I give him .