The Quest to Bind the 72 of the Ars Goetia


I see, even though someone might bind all 72 they would’t able to exercise the power if they don’t have that authority at that moment. Thanks for the info @Aquas_Veritem!


With a binding, they are giving authority over them, it’s all very odd and a little complicated. Earned authority, given authority, and taken authority are all things you must understand fully. Especially the differences between the three.


Looks interesting. Agree about the ring being blurry, but im burnt so I cant give you more than that


Honestly, the concept of burnout is kinda nebulous in most cases.

Channeling a lot of energies doesn’t hurt you, but channeling a lot of energies can have physical side-effects that manifest as fatigue in most cases. It doesn’t stop you from being able to channel energies so much, but it makes it odd to feel them as you channel them, and the mental fatigue can make it harder to focus too.

And then there’s doing the same thing for so long you just can’t emotionally get into it, which is the type of burnout I’m concerned about moreso than any other kind.


Having the emotional and mental kind from too much of life right now lol


Ah, that makes sense.


Yeah currently I cant focus on it because I cant be fucked to be fucked about it, know what I mean? Ill give it a shot on your next one though


Yeah, I see the ring as blurry too.


Finished today’s evocation.

The evocation of Barbatos went smoothly, nothing really noteworthy compared to some of the previous evocations. My energetic senses are a mess right now because of the maelstrom of energies around me, but my intuition is still going strong.

Here’s the ring again.


Ring isnt as “blurry” now, but it still is shifting. Feels a bit more… Settled? Feel like Barbatos was the perfect one to do now


The ring was blurry because it wasn’t in focus. Simple as that

Last pic ring was in focus, so no longer blurry.


Energy is still blurring the ring to my sight but more across the band. The engraving seems far deeper and charged as well.


Talking about due to energy, not photo quality


Okay, so I finished my Evocation of Paimon.

Paimon came as called, and went along with it as agreed upon when he told me that it was time so many moons ago.

Might be slightly related to this operation, but I think it was more because of other stuff, The All backlashed at me because I was happy and relatively at peace, as it does, and now I don’t have a car anymore. The divs I did led me to understand that when I am happy and at peace, my power over The All increases, which causes it to backlash at me because it doesn’t seem to like (for lack of a better term, think like an autoimmune reaction) me having more power over it than the average uninitiate person.

Also, the ring.


Not gonna wait for the photos to load. Got sick to my stomach when opening the thread and seeing the name. Will update you on next binding. I stay away from him


Honestly, I’m so whiplashed right now, and my knee is so twitchy and painful, that I’m not sure how I was able to stand up long enough to do the full evocation, but pain is something to acknowledge then work through…

It felt like my shoulders we’re gonna fall off when I did the preliminary invocations…


Man, you might new a few days of rest


I got work tomorrow, my boss changed the schedule so I’ll be working at the location within walking distance until I have a new mode of transportation.

And as @Micah would say, there ain’t no rest for the wicked.


The fact that you have the opportunity to practice the way you want (do a degree I’m sure) is really awesome. I envy you. Here I can’t vocalize, burn anything, wear anything, decorate, nothin. I’m a grown man, like seriously grown. Fawk. LOL ! Envy! :+1:


You are only limited by your creativity. Learn meditation, energywork, and bilocation, and you can do a lot with very little.