The Quest to Bind the 72 of the Ars Goetia






Okay. I’ll look into it.


Isn’t it possible to bind demons into a sword?


I have been doing research. It seems as though when you bind a demon into an object, the object will radiate heat. The more powerful the demon, the more heat. So every time you put a demon into the ring, it will get hotter.


I wish you the best of luck tonight my friend.



I’m not really concerned too much until I start getting up to 20 or so bound. At that point, it’s gonna get weird as far as what the ring will start to do energetically. I mean, it already appeared blinding to the one guy, I’m both curious and concerned as to what it would be like as this gets further along.


Just finished my evocation today.

Went smoothly, I think the improved understanding of the current that the Goetics reside within helped a bit with that.

Amon didn’t say much, but he also didn’t seem quite as eager as some of the previous evocations did.

Here’s the ring again.


Hard to see the ring now. Seems to be phasing out of normal reality.


Odd, but interesting.


Looking good so far and I’ll be tuning in as you progress.

When tightening up lug nuts on a tire it’s always recommended to work in a star pattern to keep the tire balanced. Do you think it matters what order you bind the spirits to your ring? Does it matter? Idk


If the ring is feeling hot perhaps there’s a lot of fire bound to the ring already. Maybe add a water element next like Leviathan or another elemental spirit of water?


The whole thing is, with 72 spirits, is that there are too many to keep track of by elemental correspondence. It’s easier to just go down the list because it’ll balance itself out in the end.


Random question
So you just summoned them and asked them to bind themselves to the ring? Did you have have to ask them for something specific the binding does or is does it just make it easier to call upon them? Sorry i’m still learning


Honestly, it’s basically commanding them to bind themselves, but there’s a lot more to it than that.

This is not something someone inexperienced should even think about attempting.


Damn would they do it if you asked nicely?


Not without you having the authority to command them.

General rule of thumb, if you have to ask if you have authority over a spirit, you don’t.


They do still have free will right? They don’t have to do what you ask of them


They do, but that can be superseded but having authority.


Sorry for all the questions @Aquas_Veritem but how can one gain authority? Does it just depend on how strong of a magician you are?


There are many ways. And not all authority is permanent. The Headless Rite for example, temporarily grants you the authority of the All, but only for a short period where you have to hold the right mindset.