The Quest to Bind the 72 of the Ars Goetia


You should look at the energies.


You should learn how to be a seer. But fine.


I can, but right now my energies are all over the place and I can’t get a clear picture because of it.

This ring has so much shit going on with it, and since I have yet to adjust to it, and because I wear it constantly, my energetic senses are pretty messed up. I can’t even properly bilocate right now, and I’m usually pretty good at that.


The ring itself seems to be a space beyond space. It’s own little pocket dimension, where the air is purple, blue and orange. Note to self you might want to consider how you’re biding them.


That actually sounds exactly how I want it. A vessel for the power of the spirits I’m binding, allowing me to channel their energies from it. I just have to fully adjust to the energies, which takes time.

But thanks.


Are you going the traditional route? Because there are things i know that can help you.


Not really the traditional route. Something more based on the traditional route but my own thing.

The evocations and bindings have been going smoothly, I just overestimated how quickly I could adjust to the energies.

I’ve decided to make every seventh day be a day of rest. It will make everything take longer, but it will give me time to adjust, and the parallels it draws seem fitting.


I feel like with this binding the moon on the ring has become more prominant and eye catching


There are special sigils left behind by my old mentor, Velotak, on here. One’s that subdue will and imprison souls. I can introduce them to you.

From what you said, the ring might be leaky, so you’ll want to fortify it. With what i have in mind it can be very easy.


Feels more like overflow than anything. Some invocations of Saturn with the intent to stabilize everything should suffice.


Okie dokie.


I would be very careful. My intuition says that you are swimming in a current you don’t understand. Number 32 will be your undoing. You seem to be very skilled, far above me. I merely am warning you, not trying to discourage you. Perhaps I am wrong, my intuition has served me well so far, I am rarely wrong, but I hope that I am. I wish you the best of luck my friend. Your work is extremely interesting. I will keep up with your project.


Thanks for the warning. I’ve been planning to do some meditations on the current I’m in, to gain a greater understanding of it, my intuition has been sending me some mixed signals too, mainly that I don’t fully grasp what I am doing with this operation and need to gain a firmer understanding…

But it was also my intuition that steered me to do this, so as I said, meditation is needed on this. I wonder how much of this is myself, and how much is being guided by the spirits I’m calling upon, since it seems that they want me to do this operation.


I’ve gained more understanding of this current, and how to handle it better. The evocations continue, tonight will be Amon.

It is my will that I finish this operation, so I shall grow and adapt as necessary to ensure my goal is completed. It will be interesting though in any case.


With each progressive picture of your ring I get a more intense twinge in my third eye when I look at it. I imagine with a few more it’d almost be painful. :thinking:


The ring actually radiates heat, not physically, but when I try to feel it with my other hand, it radiates a heat.


I’m new here does it radiate heat because they put their energy into it as well as the binding?


Something like that.


It seems a new avenue has opened. Look at the numbers.


The new avenue opening makes sense, but what numbers should I be looking at? Never really was good at numerology and gematria.