The Quest to Bind the 72 of the Ars Goetia


I’m glad you didn’t ask for an interpretation, because I wouldn’t know what to tell you.


I can figure it out myself tbh. While my astral sight is pretty meh at best, my intuition is top notch. This ring is gonna be absolutely mad when I’m done. Remember, this is 4 evocations in, there’s 68 to go.


I feel like by the end I’ll have to skip past the photos, looking forward to reading your progress though.


You should look at them anyways, even if it’s blinding. It will make you stronger.


Looks like I’ve got no choice then.


Another one done.

Marbas went along with it no issue. Everything is going smoothly. It’s interesting to note that these have been going incredibly smoothly considering what I’m doing. It feels like they are all just lined up and waiting their turn, almost eager to be bound to my will. I plan to do some divs on it shortly.

Here’s the ring @Nemesis @Haplo @Thinkdontdrink.


Fusion of gold and silver with similar properties. Opposite energies synergizing together


Sounds hot. Also reminds me of the trope Yin-Yang Bomb.


Today after I get off work, I gotta evoke Valefor.


For that you’ll need tons of seals on lamen,made of gold,iron etc.I suggest looking into lemegeton.


I already got what I need. I’m not going full solomonic, only partially. The first 5 evocations went smoothly, and I did some divs and it seems the Goetics want to serve me for some reason… Something about power and potential and future strength.


Well if that’s the case, good luck!
(consider leaving orobas for me:0)


Me binding them to my will doesn’t stop other people from working with them, just means when I call upon them, they serve me to their fullest capacity.


But yeah, today I got Valefor. I feel like this one might be a bit more difficult than the previous ones. In any case, I must accomplish the task before me.


Today was Valefor.

It went a lot more smoothly than I thought today. I had this feeling that something big was coming, but I didn’t have any issue with the evocation or binding. My brow is buzzing hard, and I feel like I have a slight migraine coming on, but I’ve been feeling that all day. Maybe I’m having a harder time adapting to the energies than I though I would.

Here’s the ring today.


Starting to see a yin-yang sign forming over the pentagram. Putting out a lot of energy at the center.


Re: Valefor, I saw metal, like a band over the ring. bent and creaking. :thinking:


You know what i see? That ring choking the hell out of your finger


You mean physically? Because it’s actually pretty comfortable and not really tight at all.
The energies are a bit uncomfortable at times, but I should adapt to it soon.

What I’m gonna end up doing is tomorrow’s evocation, then take a break for a day or two to acclimate to it.


Yes. It looks like it could snap it off. Hehehehehe. I have yet to look at the energy.