The Quest to Bind the 72 of the Ars Goetia


Now the thing seems more like gold or rose gold in feel.


Just finished the evocation of Gamigin.

I actually had more trouble with the prep work than the actual evocation. The app that I use with all the info on the different spirits (Goetia Guide) kept freezing. I eventually found the information I needed, but it was frustrating a little. Anyways, Gamigin was pleasant, didn’t make things difficult. It was a bit interesting because I feel like he was trying to make me work for it before I could actually do the ritual.

EDIT: Just confirmed, he was trying to make me work for it. Something about making sure I was willing to stick out any inconveniences.

In any case, here’s the ring now.


He definitely was making you work for it. Glad its going smoothly so far


@Nemesis How’s the ring today?


Ring feels a lot more balanced to me now. No reaction at all besides sensing a build of power. I guess Id say it has a deeper and even resonance


In any case, I’ve got enough candles to last me for a good few of these evocations, but with 3 candles per evocation, I will need to get more very soon.


Form seems to be blurring. Starting to get a lot of charge in there and it is syncing up with itself.


Guess this means Im getting a lot better at reading energy


Why 3 per evocation? Any specific reason? Or is that just what you decided on. I know in the intro you said “pseudo solomanic” methods and dont know those so Im not gonna assume its part of it and be wrong


Awesome. I did have the damnedest time trying to get a good photo of the page as well, took 3 attempts to get it right…

You are getting pretty good at it.

I’m using the flames of the candles as a vehicle for manifestation, with them arranged in a triangle, which is one of the better shapes for a thing to manifest through.

As far as the ‘pseudo-solomonic’ bit, it’s more the ritualistic calling them up and binding them to my will, with the sword and such as tools to facilitate the manifestation of my will (let me bind you or I’ll cut a bitch basically). I’m not being particularly rude about my calling them up and whatnot, think like working at a mom-and-pop restaurant and it gets bought out - the new boss comes around and tells you how it’s gonna be - Basically like that.


Makes sense. I always used to use two candles with one being spelled but now I just use one. I will look into using a triangle a bit more though. Seems highly useful


Triangles are useful. If you’re just doing a basic candle ritual, one candle is usually fine.

I generally use 3 for evocations and consecrations. Things that require something manifest into being in a particular space, that space being the space between the candles.


@Lady_Eva I’d love to hear what you get from the ring and the pages, if you’d care to share.


So tonight after I get off work, I gotta call up Marbas. From what I know of him, this evocation should go smoothly.


That ring is blinding me. Also, is it getting…smaller? It looks like it’s tightening.


The ring hasn’t shrunk or gotten tighter or anything, it fits the same, but I think I am wearing it in a bit so it might form with my finger better than it did when I first got it.

But it blinds you? That’s wild. My astral sight isn’t that great tbh, but last night when I was in bed, I looked at in in the darkness and it was glowing faintly (I didn’t use my astral sight), physically glowing and shimmering slightly.


I’m working on reawakening my abilities currently, but yes just from looking with my regular sight it’s very, very bright.


Can you see a particular color to the brightness, or is it too bright to discern?


Pale yet eletric blue, a bit of violet right in the absolute center.