The Quest to Bind the 72 of the Ars Goetia


I am quite perceptive maybe a bit too much so in some cases and end up blinded by all I see.

But yeah… deal with enough stuff and you eventually learn about mantles and such. A few books have the concept as well… such as the Dresden Files. For supposed fiction they sure have a lot of useful information hidden inside.


Yeah. I mean, I don’t really refer to it by that term; I usually use Sphere of Influence or Source of Influence depending on the context.


I think of it kind of like a crown would be the mantle and whoever wears the crown is king a x country and the country that is controlled is the sphere of influence, but our definitions are close enough to each other.


Yeah, something like that. I do like the term Mantle, so I’m gonna steal it.


Feel free to do so, we magicians gotta have style in our works and speech.


The first evocation is done.

Was pretty straightforward. Before anything, I affixed my ‘sword’ to my belt in case I needed it for anything.

Started by cleansing and banishing the space. Set up 3 candles in a triangle to serve as a medium for manifestation/offering in payment.

Initiated by invoking the 5 elements and 7 classical planetary forces, then an abbreviated headless rite, followed by declaring the candles a medium for manifestation.

After that, I called him up, declaring his name, then vibrating his enn 3 times, before commanding him to appear before me. After I felt his energies and ‘saw’ his manifestation, I stated what I expected of him. Then I had him place a hand/appendage on the open page of the book, then had him kiss my ring, filling both with his power and influence.

After the contract was made, I bid him depart in peace, and declared the candles to remain lit as offering in thanks for his submission.

Went a lot more smoothly than I expected, but I also didn’t know what to expect.

Here’s a picture of the Ring.

That Moment When 3

Thats hot.


Gods damn it @Dragon_Crow, I expected a reply about the first evocation, not the fake argument with @Lady_Eva from earlier.


Bitch you know you liked it lol


Just read the above post about the first evocation in the list.


Can also maybe show a picture of the ring after each evocation too for those of us who want to scan it step by step? It will also help document any physical changes that might occur as it is charged up.


I’ll add it to the post. Added @Nemesis


Thank you. To me it seems like it is reflecting a different kind of liquid light than before the charging.


That’s interesting to note.

My finger that the ring sits on feels a bit more tense than normal.

Remember my body reacts to energies flowing through it by clenching muscles as the energies flow, so the sudden increase in muscle tension in my finger (and my whole hand actually a bit) makes sense.


If it gets too intense might want to put in some buffers or you could end up with an useless arm when you wear the ring lol.


I always wear the ring, so it’s more about adapting to the greater flow of energies than anything. Give it a few hours and my body will have fully adjusted.


Alright cool. Keep an eye on it in the dark. I know magick sometimes literally glows in the dark at least to our perception.


I already read it a long time ago, hun.


The post with the pictures that I made right before you brought up something from the fake fight with Lady Eva? Not talking about the original post.


I feel like you want me to see those.