The Quest to Bind the 72 of the Ars Goetia


I realized that I don’t need my consecrated crystal that basically is the moon, or a solar counterpart to it.

It starts tonight after I get off work, with Bael.

@Lady_Eva, I bet you haven’t done anything as crazy as this.


How dare you challenge a living goddess like me? Like, I can’t even!


You’re not crazy at all, you just do boring rituals with boring manifestations. Get on my level😈


Yeah right, I heard from spirits what your level is, eating beans and then convincing yourself that the portals of hell are opened and you can smell the sulphur. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s funny, because the spirits told me that your evocations just pull up a pile of dicks from your own subconscious, not actual spirits.


Yeah, it’s the bag of dicks you sucked to death, they needed resurrecting just to make it into the afterlife!


This fight would have been more entertaining if I didn’t know the premise


Hey now, Shiva only dicked my third eye once. I bet you wouldn’t know an evocation if it bit you in the clitoris.


Do I come to your place of work and slap the sailor’s cocks out of your mouth? NO? Well then. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well maybe you should, assuming you can find any sailor dicks to bring in the first place. You couldn’t find dick at a glory holes.


That’s the spirit, forget “magick” and talk about the kind of ring you really do know best. :smiling_imp:


I love you Lady Eva…

Platonically, it would never work between us, having to carry enough of your slack to keep a relationship together isn’t something I’m willing to do.


:laughing: fair point, but once I get that surgery it’ll all be nice and tight again. :kiss:


But yeah tonight after work, Bael will be the first.


What is the ring made from specifically? Depending on the material you might want to take a few extra precautions and measures because I know a few react very oddly if enough charge is put through them.

Also how familiar are you with Bardon’s work especially in regards to the electric and magnetic fluids? If you are familiar enough I can share a method of combining to infuse objects which could refine things even further if you want to give that a try or test it on a scrap ring for a random enchantment first.


The ring is pewter I’m pretty sure. In any case, I consecrated it so much that it doesn’t really matter what it’s made of at this point.

I’m a little bit familiar with bardon’s stuff, but I also work intuitively, so I kinda automatically do the whole electric/magnetic thing.


Well there is a way to collide the two fluids so they react and consume each other and if you contain that with a catalyst in the middle such as a strong enough pearl of vital energy and intent preferably within a physical vessel such as a crystal it forms an energetic substance that is far more powerful and useful than the normal volts. Far as I understand it that substance is astral Prima Materia and while it is a bit intensive to create the effects once you bind it into something are quite exceptional.

There is a runic version of the process where you collide the energies from Fehu and Isa together effectively recreating the creation of the universe on a small contained scale and then shift that resulting spiritual matter to the purpose you want.

I don’t have much experience with pewter so I am not sure how that will react I just know I have had some things behave weirdly, mainly stainless steal, silver with certain forces, and I once had a crystal explode on me from too much energy.

If you do try for the Prima Materia whether directly through the fluids or with runic bases be careful when applying it to weather magick and temporal stuff… It can get a tad out of hand a lot faster than you would expect.


Basically what I’m expecting of this whole operation I’m doing. I’m playing as if shit already hit the fan the moment I do the first evocation, but I’m also hoping that it doesn’t have to be full damage control immediately with the first evocation.


Way I’m seeing it you are not binding the spirits themselves so much as their mantle of power if that makes any sense. Bit of a strange concept there though but much more amicable in some ways then the actual being but has the power and archetypes contained within.


Seems about right actually. You are a lot more perceptive than some people.