The Quest to Bind the 72 of the Ars Goetia


Absolutely, and I do, but I want the whole deal. Not gonna live the rest of my life like this.


Ring has an outer layer of blurring vibrating energy and a solid core now.

I think this might be up to interpretation but my experience is if you reach certain heights you start creating ripple effects in the collective unconscious of psychic energy and you literally become both a glowing beacon in the astral as well as your own gravitational field that pulls stuff in. Might help if you cloak your presence and add extra shielding layers. I got a good new shield design that might help but it is damn hard to communicate in words. If your scanning and telepathy is good enough I can try putting the blueprints into a sigil and you scan them off that and try to make it. See if that helps not draw unwanted attention.


Then the rest will follow. You just gotta step out to your own path, find a way and reach for it.


leans over its because of his wife. She doesn’t like that stuff.


Honestly Nemesis, I kinda want to have the ripples flow outward and take control of it all. Lock it down with my influence and make The All my bitch, since it’s been trying to make me it’s bitch my entire life.


It is a bit more selective. You can send out what you want but you aren’t going to attract to as much negative stuff. So your influence will still be there but far more selective in choosing good things to have and not random destructive blobs. You used the immune system metaphor well think of it like plague inc. You don’t want your virus to be detected too early and yet you still want it to spread its influence as far as possible for the timed take over.

Might help to tune the ring to have a bit of early warning at the very least though. Get ahead of anything else that might happen and with those powers already in it with some practice it might be very easy to make back all you lost. Just have to be cunning enough to find the weak points.


I mean, I have been considering shoring up my defenses since it’s been a long time since I implemented them, I’ll have to do something to help focus and control the distortion.

But the whole thing today with the All backlashing, that happens to me every year or so, whenever I start to find a place where I’m content and relatively at peace. Although I understand it better today than I did yesterday.


As I said in another post here, car trouble is the main reason I was considering giving up on the goetia for good. As in, soon or later, you want to do them all, someone is not gonna like you. I feel like if we could just pin point exactly what causes this, we would know so much more about the universe and goetia spirits.
Mostly it has happened to me in cases where the operation was unsuccessful, with the exception of Cimejes who works real quick (just from tracing out an sleeping on the sigil), but the car repair costs are more than the value of the found items.


The car situation isn’t that it broke down, it’s that I flipped the damned thing when I hit a slick patch of mud on the road in a turn. Spun and went into a ditch, front of the car slammed into a concrete drain thing and it flipped ass-end over. The front of my car was pointing the way I had come from.


Well, one time I got the bright idea to ask Orobas for a job for my husband. Someone rear ended my car while I was stopped to make a turn. It was totaled, the rear was totally smashed up. (yeah and it took him over a year and a half to even get a job.) So, no it doesn’t necessarily have to be like the car broke down, but it could get in an accident, stop working, suddenly stop working and then get totaled, there are lots of possibilities here. Anyone not paying any attention to the working would just assume it is all coincidence, and that yeah, sometimes that stuff happens even if you don’t try to summon demons, but there defiantly seems to be some kind of correlation.


While I am heavily opposed to the idea of finding any Spirit to any Talisman for the expressed intent of making them do your will, instead of forming a relationship, and doing it that way, I must say that it is a very intriguing proposition. Even though it’s one that I cannot support, I look forward to seeing how these things go for you. No hate, best of luck.


Not to be rude ,but As a magician ,i would say ,Well apart from solomon i dont see anyone else realistically achieving this , maybe pacts with spirits but not actual binding .
The idea of binding is dangerous but suffice it can be done .
The specific ring are diamond ring or a gold ring with a blue stone (oceanic) -the specific name of the stone i cant remember as of now .
Though different systems work different ways but as it stands this is suicidal .
For one lucifer , satan , beelzebub ,leviathan , belphagor ,beelberith are a few example of unbindable spirits using LHP or RHP not sure if they are all goetic .
Just be sure you know what youre embarking on binding these spirits .formulate pacts and theyll help without putting a suicidal mark on your head .
Once again not to be rude


Why are they unbindable?

He’s just done a bunch of them already why can’t he do the rest like King Solomon did?


@SonSet @Mikan

Realistically, I’m just binding a portion of their power and making it so they won’t do any action against me. I’m not forcing them to be will-less servitors, just making it so they work for me when I need them to, and preventing them from working against me.


Just out of curiosity: Why do you think they would work against you in the first place? I get the impression that this whole operation is a very important learning experience for you.


What would be the energy difference if you binded them to your spirit body rather than an exterior vessel? Where would the energy flow to in your opinion or would there not be any difference on which of the bodies the vessel is on?

How would one go about controlling the energies? Is there any benefit to doing that rather than lettin git do its own thing? I have a couple of bindings I bought a while ago and i’m curious


The whole work against me thing is more of a just-in-case clause. I don’t think they would work against me tbh, but if someone were to try to send them after me, it wouldn’t do anything. Basically more to prevent other people from interfering moreso than the goetics themselves.


Really, it’s more a personal quirk. Having a physical thing to contain the energies makes the whole thing more stable, which is good.

Sheer force of will mainly. And having control over the energies means you can use it to it’s full capacity, with precision.


Ok, but in that case wouldn’t some sort of shielding spell do the job, too? I‘m thinking for reasons of practicality and time-saving.


What’s more effective? Designing a brace to keep an engine from cracking, or making the engine out of stronger materials so it won’t try to crack to begin with?