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I’m currently working on the first module of the course. Has anyone done the course and how did you deal with them saying doing results magick is bad?

Yeah, that part in the Apprentice Study Guide was pretty funny. Her system is more geared towards theurgy than thaumaturgy though, so it’s to be expected. :man_shrugging:

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In my opinion it is not, but it usually attracts shallow people who don’t really like magick at all

There’s a ton of good information, it doesn’t all fit with the usual western occultism we’re used to. Josephine McCarthy doesn’t read modern magik books, she says, so her cosmology is quite different, and I think heavily xtian oriented.

My approach to getting to grips with something like this, is to suspend disbelief and read with an empty cup, then look for the fits, parallels and mismatches with my older worldviews afterwards.

I’ll try things on for size, and keep what works - for me - and not worry about what doesn’t.

She’s entitled to her opinion? :woman_shrugging:

Her information on parasites has been verified for me through my work with Samael. The info about fae land guardians, which are sometimes humans that accepted the role, I also have experience of from my shamanic work years ago.
I don’t think what she calls ‘demons’ and what we call demons in this forum are the same thing at all. I’m still musing on interpreting her cosmology for myself.


In my opinion, the course is designed to build the foundation skills of magick. What you do with those skills, though, is always up to you.

Any theory and cosmology can be heavily biased towards those who espouse that view, so take it all with a heavy dose of salt, and verify through your own experience.

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I have no problem with anyone stating that result magick is bad. I am aware from where it comes from. Josephine McCarthy is focused on visionary magic, and as @Nyxifer said, theurgy.

From Theurgic perspective your primaly aim should be to make yourself balanced and in harmony withmicrocosmic and macrocosmic influences. Once you acomplished it and keep it “Universe” will serve you with anything that is needed to your progress.

The same was telling Crowley, calling any magick not aimed to know thyself, as a black magic. In that approach acquiring Konwledge and Conversation of HGA Is the most important thing in your life. Other things are distractions or waste of time.

And it all comes from Ancient times, from Apology of Apollonius where he want defense himself from accusation of practicing witchcraft (what was prohibited and not respected) and he made division between high and low magic and it is still alive today :slight_smile:

Quareia is IMO more interesting than Franz Bardon (though not so very much different) and is available for free.